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Kinda cute, nice read.

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Lucky underwear working at its best

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nice read!
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Nice ~ Love the idea Lucky Underwear's Story ^^~

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I like Kodama's Cocytus Manga better, nothing can replace it! (´ω`★)

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As I thought, I can't concentrate on eating while reading this sigh

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OKAY I HATE BEING THAT PERSON BUT IT'S BEEN KEEPING ME AWAKE AT NIGHT FOR SOME TIME ALREADY - Which is, could I suggest a tiny little title change? It's nothing grave, just saw the 'ヘビロテ' in the original title (I own the tankobon) and I'm pretty sure it stands for 'Heavy Rotation', not 'Everyday'.
That aside, though, I quite liked this story! Short and sweet, the casual naughties one can enjoy without it being pure erotica. :) <3 Thank you for sharing it!

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That's not a mistake, just a translation choice. "Hebirote" is one of those wasei-eigo phrases that don't mean quite what the English words themselves do. "Everyday" gets the point across better here.

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Also, what does Heavy rotation lingerie even mean ? ^^;

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Heavy Rotation lingerie....? Makes me think of the AKB48 song... where the opening scene was... well, girls in lingerie... (It almost made me run away from AKB48 as a whole because, dang, was not expecting that)

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Also, what does Heavy rotation lingerie even mean ? ^^;

It's when a girl has two sets of lucky lingerie so there's no downtime while a pair is being washed.

I may have made this up immediately after reading your post.

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Hmm.... When she said "F"... was it the cup size or as would make me enjoy more that "press F" meme?

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Super lucky underwear!! ^_^

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