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Very cute.

This has made me happy.
joined Apr 19, 2012

the title made me think this was gonna be some comedy, but it was a really sweet and cute wholesome doujin

sobs in cuteness

joined Jan 10, 2022

This was amazing and very in line with how I think their relationship would go

joined Nov 13, 2022

Those bras were tiny...! But this was very cute. It somehow struck a chord with me; it was like the perfect level of wholesomeness and romance. Going on my favorites list I think.

joined Aug 29, 2023

Ah, this was cute and romantic... Fluffy ChisaTaki is the best...

joined Aug 18, 2015

This is 100% canon. Probably.

joined Aug 2, 2023

Why is this titled "LOL LOL"? I did not expect a such an open-hearted couple thing.

(Also, I can't tell why, but I like Chisato's hair here more than usually.)

joined Sep 19, 2021

Cute. I love this.

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Her smiling into the kiss is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

I apologize for linking the entire page, I don't know how to just show the panel I wanted.

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