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What the fuck did I just read

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Uh... Okay I guess that's a thing to read.

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Looks like scans were incomplete. Can’t understand anything about what’s going on with half missing pages.

It’s gibberish for now.

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I can't tell if the scans failed or if it's a weird form of censorship...

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some of thr pages look incomplete...

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yeah this exists

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Is aya a sadist??

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Ain't no way she just microwaved that

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I can't tell if the scans failed or if it's a weird form of censorship...

Dynasty adds a white box behind the displayed image. It has a minimum height, so some of the pages that are short may look like they're not finished loading.

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I need that.

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Some context: This artist was popular for drawing a lot of "Hata-tan", which was the name for an emo/depressed version of Hatate

The author's storyline regarding these two is that Hatate looks up to/likes Aya, but the latter wont give her the time of day, and verbally berates her. There was also some stuff with Momiji? But I dont remember haha

I used to read their stuff a lot maany years back surprised this arrived here just now!

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I forgot this isn't guro half way through

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What the fuck is this

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Am i missing something? Its tagged as sex and feet, but I see neither.

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