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joined Sep 4, 2021

this is so cute and wholesome i want to die

joined May 28, 2021

That was a perfect little one shot . Sweet, loving, gay positive, no dramatic turn at the end. Just the way I like it ^_^

joined Jul 29, 2017

It's true, too--you don't deep fry when cooking for one.

joined Feb 1, 2021

This was just the kind of sweetness I needed to start my day

joined Apr 27, 2014

This was so cute, I love the "accent" the girl has :D

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feed a girl = win a girl kkkkk)))

joined Jun 11, 2016

I was getting deja vu while reading this, and then I realized I did read it, on Mangadex! Good to know that it's finally here too.

joined Apr 7, 2021

Cute !

joined Feb 5, 2021

I like that Yukino spoke with her actual accent during her little confession at the end there. Makes it feel more authentic, and indicates that she's gotten more comfortable speaking normally around Nana despite being so embarrassed over her accent earlier.

joined May 24, 2015

^my thoughts exactly
This was a great, simple, wholesome oneshot for a change. Kind of like cooking complicated meals for weeks then discovering that good ol' mac and cheese still tastes delicious. Nothing added, nothing needed adding. Nice, simple and satisfying.

joined Aug 21, 2017

I kept waiting for some twist and there was just a little one at the end. Pretty good stuff.

joined May 18, 2021

I remember reading this one ages ago, I'm glad its on dynasty!

joined Jul 25, 2014

cute and wholesome (´・ω・`)

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