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joined Jul 23, 2020

"please don't attack anyone but me"

so who really is the cat?

the credits page had me laughing tho

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joined Feb 28, 2015

Ehehe they really match with each other ,nyay for Yukiko. And I actually liked tnis order. It was mysterious to figuring out the story

joined Aug 29, 2019

Yay, The Cat Returns.

joined Sep 26, 2020

Yukiko is at it again, drawing such innocent looking art yet secretly working with R18 works. God, love their work.

joined Aug 17, 2020

Waiting for the time when the author finally decides to make this a series. Just love their story and I want to see Sanae's perspective with their relationship more

joined Mar 4, 2018

Ahhhhh, the yuri we can't get from other cough roommates.

joined Sep 27, 2017

A bit angsty, but still pretty cute overall. Thanks for the translation!

joined Sep 26, 2020

I want a 9-volume series about these two. Yukio doing explicitly feminist OL romance is entirely my thing.

joined May 26, 2020

This is what you call "an embarrassment of riches." When someone loves you for you. And not the "you" that you put on, like makeup, every day. I'm freakin' crying here!

joined Jan 4, 2021

So freaking cute!

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Alright, get the sharks ready.

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