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joined Nov 8, 2021

Waiting for the last chpter ><

joined Jan 14, 2020 is this subtext? Mashiro was leaning in to kiss a 'sleeping' Marei, who puckered up for her.

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Did I miss a chapter?

Oh! So it was you Time Skip!

joined Sep 16, 2014

The sparkles around the arm when she's saying she's not interested is an excellent touch.

Senpai ended with her senpai too.

And even though the astronaut thing came out of nowhere, I understand it was done so Marei could naturally confess as her last line in the manga. Very well done, author, just an amazing manga overall.

joined May 29, 2021 is this subtext? Mashiro was leaning in to kiss a 'sleeping' Marei, who puckered up for her.
and now we have the fuckin. "I'm not interested" line while grabbing chiyos arm and fucking blush and flowers.

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cancel-kun strikes again.

joined Nov 8, 2021

Mareiiii what the hell? becoming astronaut? HAHAH I can't stop laughing Hahah Hahah Hah :(
So sad one of my favorite manga ended, but the ending left me satisfied.Even if this isn't considered as yuri I'll take it!

joined Nov 12, 2020

Well,what better motivation then that,eh?,to pick your butt up and steam roll right into success.

joined Apr 4, 2021

Seeing the ending, is it still subtext? I mean it looks like the ships sailed or is it just me-

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So long kirakira study.
Truly the yuriest subtext series there ever was.

joined Jan 18, 2016

Ah yes, such "subtext".
I had completely forgotten that this is the last chapter, so the sudden time skip really surprised me initially.
That whole ending was super sweet though, I really liked it. It was of course an abrupt ending but at least it was a really nice abrupt ending.

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joined Feb 21, 2019

wooo, seeing best couple ota-pyon and chiyo living together and basically yes a couple :D

itsuki getting along with her math-senpai is great

annnd micchan and marei basically proposing and we all know they'll be together

shame this manga was cut short, we saw a lot of possible arcs in those panels there :< gonna miss it

but hey, it was a great fluffy series and I really enjoyed the characters, especially otpha and chiyo :D

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Oh, is a decent ending and they keep the promised to stay together forever but now one will be an austronaut

joined Jun 1, 2016

Man this was such a nice fluffy ending, even if it was kinda sudden. Very nice too see that Otpha and Chiyo are basically together even without stating it. Marei becoming an astronaut came out nowhere lol. I wish these came out in English bookstores so I could support the author

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Wait, a series that has the main couple essentially together since the first chapter, with multiple declarations of love and intent to marry, is tagged subtext? In this case, there is no yuri on this site...

Certainly one of the nicest stories I've read in a while, even if it took me a while to get around to it. ^_^

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Ahh such a good series throughout! Loved it from start to finish. Can’t get enough of the credit pages!

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