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This needs the Food tag, because if it did, I woulda read it log ago. So cute! Thanks to everyone involved.

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Huh nice!

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This doujin is so well made, it really feels like it should be canon.

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I really love the artstyle of this series.

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This art is so cute!

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The art style is really great, manga worthy!

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Cute and nice

joined Oct 1, 2020

This series is so fluffy. Also, Byakuren having an incredibly dark sense of humour underneath the saintly persona feels weirdly genuine to her character.

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I really like the premise (Marisa visiting a different place/group each ch and eating delicious food), makes me wanna try the dishes, but I’m a terrible cook. Keep the Meals coming!

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What a nice chapter.

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Very Cute

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Touhou authors have a curse it seems. Hope Satori will fix that too

joined Jun 5, 2018

This is a masterpiece. It blends all (I guess important, so sadly not all) characters in there really well, keeps its premise and is nicely drawn too. I wish I could be marisa right there. The characterization is authentic enough to be canon and it takes everyone seriously.

Doraneko Aqueous
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New chapter! And I am a sucker for spicy foods. I haven't eaten one that has really made me jumpy in a while.

joined Mar 24, 2021

aw this is cute
makes me want spicy food now, though I get dizzy when I eat anything remotely spicy

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