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Who the fuck drinks hot lemonade?

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Who the fuck drinks hot lemonade?

I had some leftover cranberry juice (which I normally don't like) from a fermenting project, and I've been drinking it hot with honey. Turns out it's really good that way, much like a herbal tea.

Hot lemon with honey is a pretty common, if not medially recommended, folk remedy in the west (well, North America at least) for sore throats. Since you can taste things better warm than cold, I would imagine for those who like lemon that would be pretty good.

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Yeah, when a friend was sick one time, I had her over and kept making "lemon tea" for her, just water + lemon juice + honey microwaved to be warm for comfort (and dissolve the honey). And American lemonade is lemon juice + sugar, so voila, warm lemonade.

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Something heartbreaking final but it was exquisite, I love the work of Kuwabara sensei

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Predictible plot but still interesting. This really needs a sequal. This reminds of a visual novel I played long ago called Love Ribbon where two blood-related sisters fall in love before knowing they were related. I actually don't mind incest in fiction works but irl it would be disgusting tbh, but I wonder if such a coincidence would actually happen IRL and would the feelings of love disappear because of the fact they are related?

I came across a study a few years ago that mentioned how siblings (if they didn't know about each other or live and grow up together prior to meeting) have higher chances of being attracted to each other. It said something about the body's hormones finding the person you didn't know was your sibling as compatible to their own. I even found a good few cases that involved full-siblings and half-siblings not long after. This sort of thing happens irl more often than most people realize.

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that’s sad but why there is bo incest tag

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That's totally okay.

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I'm glad this doesn't have the incest tag because it would spoil the twist. And even though the twist itself is predictable, having a 20% to mind blow someone is better than 0%.

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