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With this maybe Fuuka can finally move on.

Hmm what was Hinako expecting in the bed scene? She said she was disappointed but also relieved all she felt was some fluttering. Is it because she believed the feelings of love would be stronger, but was also scared it would be?

Nah, she was disappointed she didn't felt sexual desire but also relieved.

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Isn’t subaru like 16? Idk about that age gap for all the Fuuka/Subaru shippers out there. I do hope that Fuuka can move on though, she deserves a relationship not based on obligation

Fuuka is almost 18

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Sooo, I'm done with the Manga. The Character development was great, the story was good and the story-telling mature. I don't like it when the Story ends with the confession but in that kind of a story it didn't really matter, I guess. Sadly I still don't understand ace, I mean as long as both are happy it's good, what I don't understand is what the difference is between best friends and a ace-couple? I mean both love Fuuka too, so why couldn't she be included in the relationship? I'm still confused about Ace/Aro...

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for me I didn't really feel like the ending was rushed. Would I have wanted more of their goofy shenanigans? Of course, and I feel like that's their only major sin for the manga. But I actually feel like the ending made sense.


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My thanks to the translators. Fun series. And Subaru is such a gremlin.

The asexual ending was well-foreshadowed. Could have gone differently, "awakening" and all, but works either way.

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This is an interesting romance situation and I really can't tell where they're gonna take it. Platonic Life Partners?

Holy shit I saw this old post I made in 2020 when I first read like the first part of this manga, I can't believe I called it all the way back then.

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Yuri couple actually communicates properly instead of keeping secrets and hindering their own relationship on purpose for the first time ever in a manga!

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Yuri couple actually communicates properly instead of keeping secrets and hindering their own relationship on purpose for the first time ever in a manga!

Nah, this is actually the second time such a thing has happened. Still Sick beat it to the punch.

But now that I think about it, Still Sick is one of my other all time favorites... I'm sensing a trend, but I can't quite find the commonality. Surely it couldn't be that characters reacting to their emotions in a believable way is a good thing, right? Certainly not in a story trying to be grounded in real human emotions! No, it must be because the authors both have names containing at least one consonant.

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Finally caught up on this one, and I really loved it! Super sweet conclusion ^^

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as an ace myself, loving romance but still having a hard time understanding it due to the lack of desires, this hits right at home. this series is now an instant favorite.

and I don't think it's right to compare this to Bloom Into You. both are great series but completely different. while Hinako and Asahi are asexuals, Yuu definitely falls into the aromantic spectrum whom still feels desires. both series are a good depiction of Aro/Ace in their own way. :)

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I love this series so much.

Being ace, I deeply identified with the self-doubt and confusion that comes with the lack of feelings of attraction. It really is an accurate depiction; feeling broken, or like you are an impostor, because you can't relate to everyone else around you. When I found out about the ace/aro spectrum, it was such a relief.

I had just kinda assumed that I was a really late bloomer, or that I simply hadn't found the right one yet... Which might still be true, but I'm happy now, and not in a hurry to find out.

Btw so... Did Fuuka and Subaru get together? I felt it strongly implied that, but I'm not sure. Would not have minded a few more chapters exploring the post-confession domestic fluff, but also to see Subaru-chan conquer the world.

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