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Oh shit it's here, FINALLY. Time to read this with joy

edit: i mean the latest chapter <3

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The band is really getting serious now.

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god Bocchi the rock certainly is something because like Gotou herself is by all accounts a great guitarist and vocalist with a decently popular youtube channel whose only obstacle is the crippling social anxiety she carries with her. And that sure is what the entire story is about.

Also I love that in chapter 4 she starts stress playing the guitar in order to remember all the different things she'd have to do when manning the bar.

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Ahhhh this was so good, I'm a sucker for these types of stories, slice of life is just my type of thing even when it's not subtext huh. Can't wait for more updates

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Great series, love the fact that stuff actually moves forward and the characters feel more full and complete than the typical 4koma

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Kita is a sucker for properly adjusted bocchi
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Why is it tagged Yuri Crush? Isn't subtext?

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Why is it tagged Yuri Crush? Isn't subtext?

Dunno, Kita's crush on Ryo seems pretty explicit, even if it hasn't been taken seriously.

Whatever Kita might feel for Bocchi, though... now that feels more subtext-y

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Why is it tagged Yuri Crush? Isn't subtext?

Kita is a lesbian, quite open about it and she has even managed to communicate her attraction to Ryo. It's as plain text crush as it can get.

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I hope we catch up to the raws, so we can get Bocchi's karaoke dates with Kita and when they end up in the same class together for the new semester.

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I ended up biting the bullet and bought volumes 3-5 of the manga.

And man, the last chapter in volume 5 was amazing. It revolves around Nijika and Seika's backstory. If anyone is curious about how the chapter goes, feel free to read the long essay below (the chapter itself takes up 1/3 of the volume).

The story is about Seika & Nijika, when they were 21 and 9 years old respectively. Seika, who belonged to a band at the time, lived life like a delinquent, often staying out for days at a time. Meanwhile, Nijika would always shadow Seika (as any little sister would) and wanted to spend a lot of time with her. However, Seika was at the age where she found things like being around family troublesome. She much preferred spending her time with her fellow bandmates and visiting live houses. Seika viewed her band as her number one priority in life, and she found chasing after a dream together with them especially fulfilling. Nonetheless, whenever Seika does go home, her mom, although supportive of Seika's dreams, would always remind her to value her family from time to time too.

One day, Seika's band is offered an opportunity to play at a live house called Rainy Bar, where a number of bands have found success performing there. Seeing this as a big achievement, her bandmates ask her if she had anyone in mind that she would like to invite to watch. Seika decides to invite Nijika, but she stubbornly refuses because she says she hates bands, stating that she would never step foot into a live house in her life. Seika, feeling increasingly irritated by her family, decides to leave and refuses to return home for at least a month. Nijika breaks into tears upon seeing Seika leave, calling her an idiot.

That night, as Nijika is tucked into bed by her mom, she tells her mom that she hates bands because she feels like her older sister was taken away from her. Seika hardly ever comes home and never plays with her anymore. Because of this, Nijika vows to never join a band and instead, is determined to live a stable life as a government worker. Her mom giggles at this, but tells Nijika that she thinks Seika, who is wholeheartedly chasing after her dream, is amazing too. Her mom admits that it does feel very lonely seeing Seika gone all the time, but seeing Seika shine so brightly makes her incredibly happy. She says that when she was growing up, she never had a dream she wanted to chase after herself, although living life with her two daughters made her plenty happy now.

Finally, she tells Nijika that if Nijika can find a dream she wants to chase after in the future, she would be happy for her as well, because "when things get tough, dreams are the light that will illuminate your way forward."

Meanwhile, Seika ends up living with her drummer, Rina, for a month. They go about their daily lives together, where Seika finds every day fulfilling as she inches closer and closer to her goals. One day, Seika's mom decides to pay her a visit and Rina lets her in. Seika and her mom go to a cafe to have a talk. Seika assumes her mom is here to drag her back home and to nag her about the importance of family again. Seika insists that she knows just how important family is, but her mom refutes this and claims that she doesn't. Seika gets annoyed and once again, stresses that she already knows, but her mom doesn't back down. She tells her if she already knows, then she should stop making Nijika cry.

Her mom expresses her support for Seika wholeheartedly chasing after her dreams, and says that she's at the perfect age to be enjoying her life. She tells her it's fine if Seika wants nothing to do with her mom or dad, as that is her choice. However, she tells her that she shouldn't make Nijika feel lonely. Her mom tells her that one day, she and her dad will probably die before them, and when that time comes, the only people the two girls will have are each other. Her mom tells her the reason why she came today is to make Seika promise her that they'll become the world's closest pair of sisters. Seika is speechless, but they decide to end their meeting for the day. Before her mom leaves, she tells her that she should try inviting Nijika to their live again as she thinks Nijika secretly really wants to go (citing this as a mom's intuition), and Seika tells her she'll do it ONLY if she feels like it. As she watches her mom leave, present-Seika thinks back and wonders why she couldn't just agree to her promise properly.

A little while later, Seika & Nijika are at their mom's funeral together, where Nijika is crying out desperately. Suddenly, Seika felt like time had stopped for her. She kept trying to go about her days as she normally would, still living with Rina, and distracted herself with her band's activities. Not long after, Seika gets a phone call from her dad, begging her for help with Nijika's behavior. Seika returns home to find Nijika lashing out and refusing to leave the house ever again, even for school. Seika tries to comfort Nijika and tells her that going to school is important and asks her to tie her hair up to get ready to leave. However, Nijika cries and says she can't tie her own hair and that their mom is gone. Seika remembers that their mom was the one who would often tie Nijika's hair for her, and she is finally hit with the reality that their mom is dead.

"Sorry. I'm so sorry, Nijika. This whole time, Nijika was always at home and was constantly faced with the reality of mom's death. Even when I refused to return home and kept running away from reality, she was always dealing with it all by herself..."

Seika takes a breather on the balcony as she thinks back to the time her mom tried to make her promise that she and Nijika will become the world's closest pair of sisters. This time, Seika confidently promises that she will make it happen.

The next day, Seika tells Nijika to take a seat so she can tie her hair for her and take her outside. Nijika appears to be happy, but also tells Seika that her handiwork is not nearly as good as their mom's was. Nevertheless, as promised, Seika takes her outside to... a live house. Nijika, who still hates bands and live houses, refuses to enter, but Seika tells her it'd be a waste if she went home now, and she knows that this whole time, Nijika secretly did want to watch (citing this as an older sister's intuition). Seika entrusts Nijika to one of her friends as they watch Seika's performance together.

As Nijika watches Seika perform, she thinks back to that night her mom tucked her into bed. She remembers that she vowed she would never join a band, but she also recalls her mom's words: "When things get tough, dreams are the light that will illuminate your way forward." Nijika is deeply inspired by her sister's performance, to the point she is moved to tears. From that moment on, Seika vows that she'll always work hard to see her little sister make that kind of face again. She tells Nijika that no matter how hard things get in the future, she'll never run away again. She also promises to Nijika that she wants to live a life where the two sisters will always support each other, because they're the world's closest pair of sisters.

From that day on, Nijika decides that she wants to become a drummer (because she thinks the drums are the strongest) and works towards fulfilling that dream.

Fast forward to the present, Nijika asks Seika why she decided to name the live house "Starry". At first, Nijika assumes Seika named it after herself (because the "sei" in her name means "star"), but Seika tells her that's not it. She named it "Starry" because live houses are places where, like the number of stars in the sky, a countless number of bands gather to perform. She hoped that the live house would shine bright enough so that it could reach their mom one day.

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I ended up biting the bullet and bought volumes 3-5 of the manga.

And man, the last chapter in volume 5 was amazing. It revolves around Nijika and Seika's backstory. If anyone is curious about how the chapter goes, feel free to read the long essay below (the chapter itself takes up 1/3 of the volume).

i almost never comment here, but gosh darn this summary left me a sobbing mess because of how good and real and heartfelt it was. i can't wait to see it in the manga. thank you so very much for providing us with this preview.

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i feel obligated to share this here by virtue of just how much this remix fucks

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Bocchi the Rock! has been licensed by YenPress:

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Bocchi the Chick Sexer

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