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I love the style. It's creepy and cute, and reminds me a bit of the game Touch Detective(Osawari Tantei).

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Yes this is the stuff man I need more I'm addicted

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I see people using creepy in a rather strange way. Does the art style really make you feel uneasy or make you feel unplesant? That's the definition of creepy.

It's a cute story. I like how light-hearted it is.

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^It's less that it IS creepy, and more that it seems like it SHOULD be.

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^It's less that it IS creepy, and more that it seems like it SHOULD be.

The art style reminds us of creepy stuff, but the story is completely sweet and not at all creepy.

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Where moar at

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If anyone here really likes this particular style and wants more, the artist has another series with a lot more pages on their Pixiv. It's all in Japanese so I couldn't understand a word of it, but the art is just as good either way

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This amount of cuteness in this manga it’s wholesome that it’s sinful upon my eyes! <3

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I would trade in ten thousand ambiguously-gay childhood pals who describe themselves as an MC's 'best friends' for one actual person like the pink-haired wingwoman in this manga. She's judging the main couple a wee bit, but she's mature enough to be happy for them, and she's invested in helping them out, but never comes off as pushy or invasive. Cool, calm, professional and supportive- every yuri series lead needs a best friend like this, as opposed to some poor girl whose only fate is to be secretly jealous and then get her heart broken by the main couple.

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