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I know nothing about BanG Dream but this was very cute

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I read this on E-Hentai originally and subscribed to the mangaka here just so I could read it again once it was uploaded. I really love this story a lot. It has so much passion and the art isn't over the top like it is in so many hentai manga. I also don't know BanG Dream, but the author does such a great job conveying their relationship that prior knowledge of the series doesn't feel necessary. Girl 1 comes home to girl 2 after being gone for a while and they love each other very much so sex ensues. Sounds like a fine enough story to me, and the art and pacing just makes it that much more compelling.

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This was amazing, the hickies are a nice touch

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Kokoro: Who's misaki?
Misaki: Staph we just slept together
Kokoro: who are you?
kokoro:why are we naked again?
kokoro: oh, right your Michelle's friend (misaki jumps out the window naked)

this is Hakanai

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@HellAQA lol ditto, read this on tsumino. At that time, I didn't realize how big the ship or how much I like it until reading the other content here on this site. and then, I've been binge watching the game's story and all the other ships over the thanksgiving break.

Misaki is the best. It's like Arisa trying to deal with 3 Kasumi-chans.
I choked on my drink when Moca said, "Oh it's like 5 of me"

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In my opinion, of the three NSFW mangas released today, this one is the best.

Too horny to go out, then order room service— That’s a great sign the relationship is going alright.

The hickie marks are a wonderful touch by the artist to convey passionate lovemaking over some period of time.

Artwork is great... the different perspectives/angles were varied, didn’t look like Egyptian hieroglyphs at all.

A great one-shot. I’d like to see more of artist’s work in the future.

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Probably one of the best doujins for this pairing

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When will I get a gf to leave hickeys on my thighs like that??? *Wistful sigh

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I thought the tag said "kuroko x misaka" and was really confused when the pervert and zappy girl weren't featured

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Oh my~ Misaki, you're more forceful than I thought.

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Wow.. I'm Misaka in every sense of this doujin. This brought me so much memories of when my gf went to see her family and came back. Almost everything that happened here happened irl for me.

I seriously enjoyed this btw. The art is fucking fantastic.

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I luv this

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Seriously, I love this pair very much and it make me want to watch Bandori

too, but everyone said that there are no hint of these pair in it :<

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This is going to my favorites.

And I wholeheartedly agree with HellAQA. The author really did a good job in conveying their relationship. So much so that it reminded me of my ex girlfriend and I's relationship.

Best nsfw MisaKoKo doujin.

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That thing of the dog´s saliva weirded me out, and then talking about why the soup tastes so good made my imagination run wild (talking about the tv) maybe my mind is just pretty twisted or i misunderstood something (like maybe i was reading too fast) or perhaps i´m reading into it deeper than what i should, but it seriously sounded weird

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The art is amazing

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AAAA this is just too cute

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This is BANG Dream indeed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Should the art style be making me act up? I don’t think it should. O_O

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Kokoro cooking.... Impossible

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