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Go You!! Honesty I prefer if Chika follows You to show the depths of her emotion with her passing. Honesty she's a little out of character after You's death, a sense of denial?

Could care less about Riko.

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lmao wtf is this

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When I see now You-chan on the normal wallppaper from Love Live Sunshine...Than I'm afraid of her.. :( These storys broken my trust in You-chan! o..o

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What is really sad about this chapter is that, unlike in the original School Idol Days, we won't get a chapter with the alternative ending where both You and Riko become Chika's girlfriends and live happily ever after.

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I was having a hard time sleeping last night, not because of the doujin but because I always have a hard time sleeping before 12am. While I was a fantasizing of my own ending to this doujin in bed, I got to to thinking that if You doesn't harm Chika and if she can drive people insane then Chika practically has her own stand! She could name her [Scissor Sisters] after the band or [Death to You] because it's kinda catchy. Her ability is driving people to suicide, people wouldn't even know Chika's the stand user, unless they know who You is and somehow connect that to Chika, and her reach is pretty damn far too, judging from this doujin. Limitations are that Chika has to see the victim nearby to allow You to follow her prey, You can't hear Chika over great distances and that Chika has no chance in physical combat.

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I'm glad that this series ended now. I mean, I like it for the dark (and edgy) feel. And very nice art...
I didn't expect that "from Higurashi arcs" in the afterword, though. No wonder I feel like I know that scene.
By the way, where's School Idol Days EX?
Now then, I'm off to watch School Days endings. I've forgotten many.

Edit: Forgot to mention how good the cover is.

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Dammit, Chika, you useless lesbian!
If your girlfriend tells you that a creepy ghost is haunting her, you aren't supposed to treat her as a lunatic.

Poor Riko. She was too good for this sinful world.

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I Leiky~ :3

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Is it weird that I feel the worst for You? Riko seem to be more affected by her death than Chika, the one You loved. Or is Chika is some sort of denial about it?

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Is it weird that I feel the worst for You? Riko seem to be more affected by her death than Chika, the one You loved. Or is Chika is some sort of denial about it?

She probably is and a long one at that. Which is funny since she seems to grasps the situation fully. I don't know. Everyone is different.

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Could care less about Riko.


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This one was better then the first one, the events unfolding made a bit more sense. I find these interesting for putting the characters in such a different scenario.

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Is no one going to mention Chika's outfit change on page 7?

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Didn't expect a third, nice.
Am I insane for enjoying this a lot?

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Is it weird that I feel the worst for You? Riko seem to be more affected by her death than Chika, the one You loved. Or is Chika is some sort of denial about it?

Chika is canonically a shit friend who doesn't deserve You. Bitch is supposed to be a leader, yet she casts aside her supposed 'friends' for some hot new thing? And she doesn't even apologize to You for ignoring her? What a fucking retard.

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I have the feeling that the author secretly hate Chika =)) The Muses' School Idol Days is much better, with Honoka being a much more likable protagonist and Umi still being the shy cutie she is. They also ask each other and tell each other the truth, Honoka even decide to cut if off with Kotori (which is logical and great of her). The only person in that story who is acting kinda shit is Kotori, but if you think hard enough, you can dig out reasons why she act the way she does.

In this story, though, I can hardly care about anyone. Chika is a jerk, she won't tell You what she did and just lied her way out. Riko hardly gets any moment to shine (unlike Umi who has her confession and her confrontation with Honoka). And You is like Kotori, the most overblown character out of the three, so I can definitely pull some reasons for her, but I do not care one bit because I know she is twisted to fit the story.

So yeah, School Idol Days has a lot more likable characters and reasonable choices than this.

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This could be one of my truly favorites doujins

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Well, since the "cuckery" in Episode 10 is so infamous.

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All this showed me is that Chika is a terrible fucking friend. She cruelly cast You aside for Riko.

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"This is the fist that grinds you down"


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I finally get the Riko/Chika I've been hoping for and of course there's a love triangle attached to it... did find it to be interesting though, kind of curious if the author will do more.

Seriously though why is there so little Riko/Chika?? I mean I love all the ships but Riko/Chika are the most canon pairing in this series it's cray... not that I mind the other pairings of course I love them all they're good.

I think it's You Chan is Chika Chan best friend?

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Hmm, I'm indifferent towards You. Tbh, she's kinda bland because she's so perfect. I really wish they took more time to develop her character during her drama ep (where she felt Chika loved Riko more) or maybe even extend it to a couple of eps like the 3rd year drama. Sadly, they had a limited number of eps in the season but if they took the time to do that, it would have definitely made me like her better because she would feel more human. Hey, at least she's cute though.

Personally, i like ChikaRiko and i don't think it was super forced? Sure, they had a lot of moments but that's not stopping you from shipping them with other girls (ppl alrdy do that considering all the youriko and yohariko art i've seen on twitter). I feel like their moments did a good job at fleshing out their relationship. they inspire each other!! and Riko was able to find her love for piano again because of Chika~

Edit: oh boi this doujin series ain't gonna end well

And then what just kill off You Chan like this manga, why do you people hate You Chan?

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Somebody explain me what happened at end?

Did she killed her? Or let it go?

Or there is sequel?!

Yeah to let it go Riko killed herself (Commit Suicide).

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I HATE YANDERES BUT I FRICKIN LOVE THESE SCHOOL IDOL DAYS!!! ITS GREAT SEEING YOU WANNA KILL CHIKA AND RIKO I WANT THAT TO HAPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! Honk da donk's death still made me laugh hehe, can't believe my courage allowed me to do this xD

Oh man, you're insane.

You hate yanderes but you like killing and grim

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