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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Oooooh ^_^

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Should this have the Incest tag? Seeing as their sister. I may be wrong...

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oh my ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Should this have the Incest tag? Seeing as their sister. I may be wrong...

Definitely. Ranka really loves her sister.

At some point in the game she lets slip she has already planned their wedding and honeymoon and in the drama CD she says Rinka's only worry should be found a country where they let two sisters marry.

Hope the kind anon that translated this chapter finishes the series. Is only seven chapters long and I'd love to see how it connects with the game.

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no kissing? dam :p

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That comes later.

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Chapter 2 has been released on /u/

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The anime was...fine...but i wonder if this will top it

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It depends on what are you looking for. Bhikkhunism is mostly to expand on the girls' personalities and fill some holes of the game's narrative. For example, chapter 2 explains why one of the girls is dressed like a maid and a later chapter reveals a pretty interesting connection to Mermaid's bad guys.

I guess is more accurate to wonder if Bhikkhuni will top Mermaid as whole.

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Chapter 2

And Chapter 3

Gotta love how Rinka just now is wondering what it would be to intimate with anyone else beside her blood-related sister

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so far im liking mermaid better than this

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Yea, this is definitely supplementary material, it feels like it too, kinda rough to get into this when not knowing much if at all about the game.

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While it is true this is a companion piece for the game, I think it can be easily enjoyed on its own. Since is basically just fluff pieces to explore the game's setting and the characters a little more, so the only thing you really need is to be familiar with the basic concept of the franchise.

The only exception is chapter 5 since it drops a pretty important reveal fr both Bhikkhuni and Mermaid.

That said, I'm enjoying the character interactions a lot. The girls are just so adorable.

Amusingly, on /u/ Bhikkhuni went from being a "shitty waifubait SK clone" to "better than Mermaid" as soon it was confirmed that yes, the girls are really, really gay.

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I watched and liked mermaid, but I don't have a clue what's going on here.

Nevrilicious Scans
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themusicman500 posted:

I watched and liked mermaid, but I don't have a clue what's going on here.

Girls making out. You are welcome.

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To be honest at first I didn't really like Bhikku initially, mostly for the character designs because they all looked too similar to each other compared to Mermaid. But this manga, and well as the upcoming game, have really made me soften and like them more.

Plus delicious incest right?

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Uh...YTF do the sisters always wind up with the same weapons no matter who they drive with...?

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Looks like it. In Mermaid, an ecstar determined what kind of weapon they turn into, Maybe it's different for Bhikkhuni? Since they are all reversibles, and it was a rare trait in Mermaid. Different V-virus strain?

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Yeah, here in Bhikkhuni the Liberator will always get the same weapon regardless who their partner is. Although according to the prowess of the Ecsta, they can achieve different upgrades for said weapons.

And indeed, the Bhikkhuni cast is infected with a rare strain called VR-Virus. That is why they are able to be either Ecstar or Liberators.

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Personally I thought it was adorable how hurt Viola was that Koharu didn't took the bait.

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I don't get it, bakaupdates says this isn't Aerodog but some panels and faces look eerily familiar.

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Aerodog and Inu are different pen names for the same artist. I think Aerodog is how he goes in doujin circles and Inu in official works.
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Tentacles !!! Really ! Urgh !
I hope the game will be better than that <__< .

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