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@Galich keep my fingers crossed :) I think you've made a wise decision, and I don't recommend linguistics really, just because I've studied that xD another translator here..

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No, it's okay. I don't even get why you said sorry. :D

The educational system in my country is not good at all, but we have that kind of exam. As for uni, it's not so difficult. You can retake exams if you fail. However, students may face difficulties too if their english is way too bad because study materials are all in english.

We don't have any colleges in here, just primary school (6 years) -> secondary school (3 years -> high school 3 years -> 3 years for a bachelor's degree (completely useless on its own) -> additional 2 for a master's degree -> Finished the main course of studying -> PhD for the best/the richest students, the time it takes depands on the person.

The difference here is that we have 3 years for kindergarten (it's fact, kids start school at age of three. XD), and four years for bachelor degree.

Regarding school bullying, I really have no idea whether it happened in some schools/universities in my country as well or not, but I really have never witnessed or heard anything about it.

The reason you couldn't get 100% for your english oral exam was because you didn't pronounce the same way your examiner did (?) "study -ying a-brooch" :D

How do colleges look like in your country?

I'm not so sure about Collage Vs. University. In my country, you say "I'm a college student" i.e. you are a bachelor student, while if you say "I'm a uni student" i.e. you may be either a bachelor, master or PhD student.

Also, judging by your messages, you're studying abroad, right?

Yes, I am. The things like studying abroad, or majoring in two different study programs has become a trend for my people.

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Sorry for the late reply, the no notifications thing is a little hard for me. And lol I was painting my room, haven't done a physical parking in years, though I took ceramics in high school. Most of my work now is focused around a book idea that im trying to put together.
Edit: lol a teacher once called us (Floridians) America's p*nis. ;p It's not so bad once you get used to it. (Though some never do.)

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@ ZuljinRaynor

I like music from all eras so I don't mind that at all! (^_^)v

And it's a good thing to maintain the link to your cultural roots. I'm part Italian but unfortunately I don't really speak the language. It's a waste really... My Italian grandfather never bothered to teach his children. And when I had the chance to do so in school I decided not to because for me it meant spending more time at school – and I hated that idea! ^^ - now I just think that was a mistake.

I can totally relate to that, I was never a really religious person either... (^_^“)
Sometimes I envy people who are really devoted to their beliefs... but that's just not me...
And that whole church thing can be so hypocritical as well...
I went to a Catholic Christmas Mass a while back and that singing wasn't much to my liking either... I had to stop myself from laughing... rude, I know. But he just sounded like a eunuch ^^
I'm a bad person... I know...

@ Blackkitty

I don't know... I might have misunderstood something... but aren't oxen like I don't know... male...?
So how can they have milk...? The kind of „milk“ they might give I don't really wanna drink... (^_^“)
I'm sorry – please just tell me that I'm wrong! ^^

Even if, that's no reason to hide! I had a friend who failed his driving test 5 times – didn't stop him from leaving the house ;)

Your life might not be as interesting if you do end up like me. I'm the most boring person on earth, believe me! (^_^)v

Me being a bartender...? I like the sound of that... (¬‿¬)

@ ari-chan

Ohhhh... so you're writing??? Now that's cool! (◦’ں’◦)
I used to write a lot a few years back – best time of my life! Awww... that brings back memories... I soooo miss that....
In which direction are you intending to go? You know, genre-wise...

… Americas penis...? Huh.... I'm not so sure about that... you could probably say the same thing about Italy in Europe ;)

@ Galich

he he ^^
So you stopped watching Dexter after season 6?
I can understand why – season 6 was, by far, the worst! ;) 7 and 8 got better again though...

ADD is no fun at all, I'd say...
Doesn't make life easier.

But that's really a pity to hear. Since you like Cyberpunk I wanted to ask you about your favorite movies... no use, I guess. I'm always looking for dark Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk stuff.

Thanks for the links! Will definitely listen to Trevor Something later on...

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xD in the OXford online dictionary: an ox - "A domesticated bovine animal kept for milk or meat; a cow or bull". Maybe it was my mistake, I should've clarified that it is a cow. Here is a picture:
They almost resemble their Bavarian cousins, but don't seem that much happy xD
Though, I'm not sure, maybe buffalo cow is better, anyway - I totally meant female, and for the rest - I wouldn't want to drink it, either!!! oh, Holy cow...

Because I would feel bad I guess..
Why do you think you are boring? Kind of don't believe you..

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@Anon99 Oh wow cool, did you ever get anything published? :D
And a mixed but fantasy overall, psychological if I can pull it off, with a bit of action, romance, and drama here and there.

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@ Blackkitty

Well, in that case I will definitely take that yoghurt! ^_^b
I was just a little confused there for a second... ;)

Oh, by the way, that's how we get our milk here in Germany:
ha ha ^^
I already shared that one with Galich but he totally ignored it ;P I have no idea why... o_O

he he ^^ Well...
I'd say that is because most of my life takes place inside of my head ;)
I'm just too good on my own, really. That just bugs me sometimes (^_-) Sounds funny, doesn't it?
But I can be like a monk living in ascesis and it doesn't bother me at all. But it tends to bother other people sometimes.. ^^

@ ari-chan

No way! It went more like this:
Ahhh, but it was still great. Made me a better human being. I learned to view things from a different perspective. Really broadened my mind.
By now I've kinda given up on most of my dreams but that one still lingers: I wanna publish at least one book before I die (miserably in the gutter somewhere). ;)

How about you?
First book you're trying to write?

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@ZuljinRaynor Sure! I'd like to hear more, it's not often that I get to hear about Polish culture from a foreigner. I can see why your school was named after Kazimierz Pułaski - he was one of the participants of the American war of the independence - funnily enough he is not known all that well in here. I was actually attending a school named after another Pole fighting in that war - Tadeusz Kościuszko. But I won't get into history any further, since I don't want to bore everyone in this thread to death. It's really impressive that you've went on to improve Polish - I know it can be really difficult for non-Slavs.
Your story's reminded me of the time I was helping at an Altair for around 6 months. They kicked me off for ringing the church bell at the wrong time - after I've realized my mistake, I've to fix my mistake, but it just ended up in me slipping at the middle of a ceremony. I've never told this to my parents actually. Not missing a single thing about it - you'd be surprised at how common bullying is at churches, especially by the youth - now that I think about that, it was the breaking point of me cutting most of my ties with the church. The funny thing is that I was volunteering it out of sheer belief - both of my parents were at the time irreligious, my mother's converted a few years after that. I'll try not to talk about religion anymore, since I'm not exactly sober right now.
If you're interested, I can try to tell you something about daily life in here, although you probably know how things look like here.
I'm sorry if I said this before (I swear, I forget half of the posts I write), but as long as you don't mind it there might be a small invite coming to your Steam profile~

@Blackkitty Many thanks! That's a very hard job, I know that from personal experience - my father's trained me up a bit in translating and I'm making some money translating a few things here and there as well. Not an easy job by any means. As a child, I've really wanted to translate for a living - seeing how wearing down and stressful this job is, it's slowly became one of my greatest fears. Just out of sheer curiosity, do you translate text-to-text, or face-to-face? The second one is much more stressful, that I know for a fact.

@oliver Totally forgot about 3 years of kindergarden here, but they're not mandatory iirc.
Failed to get a 100% because I was barely able to understand that examiner - her English was awful (it wasn't my lack of lingual skills), so I had to keep asking her to repeat the questions. The kicker's the fact that every time I've asked her to do so, she'd pull another heavily mangled accent. Lucky you on the bullying side, I used to have quite a big problem with that. I'm wondering, what's the most popular foreign language in your country?

@Anon99 Well, I was spoiled the entire ending of the show, which kind of sucks. ADD is not bad itself, but it's the combination of ADD + borderline OCD + hyperactivity that makes life a bit harder. Then again, it could be much worse. I'm not complaining, it adds a nice twist to your life.
I could recommend a few books on the topic if ya want to, I'm a huge bookworm.

Oh gosh, I've totally missed those two links. I swear, I'm a total idiot at times. Both of those things.. well.. they remind me an awful lot of Polish village culture or the Slovakian one - all we're missing are those beautiful views. I remember seeing how traditional butter was made in the 16th century on the countryside - never again will I be able to look at it again. Also, the missing teeth made me remind myself of the Marathon Man - that movie made me scared of dentists for life. Okay, that and the story of Kuchisake-onna.

Well, only one video comes to my mind to compare it to is this:

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Well, I live in America and anime/manga is very popular here. It's not popular in my particular area (or maybe it is but I don't get out enough to notice) but we get the weird weeaboos who actually want to be Japanese, badly use chopsticks at every meal, and use "desu", "kawaii", and "sugoi" in their sentences....

Like this:


People like that weird me out. I think its perfectly okay to enjoy another's culture and then there's taking it too far. In my part of the US, I wouldn't say its extremely popular but its getting around fast in these later years. (I can walk in to a book store and buy a copy of Citrus.) I personally know at least 10+ people who enjoy anime/manga and then on the other hand my other friends have no idea what we're talking about.

To everyone else how do you watch anime? Do you watching subbed or dubbed? I watch it in whatever language I think is better sounding. Sometimes dubbed like in the case of Black Lagoon or subbed in the case of Mai Hime. (That dub was cringeworthy)

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Wish I could walk into a bookstore and buy Citrus. Or anything else for that matter.

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At bookstores we only have mainstream stuff like Madoka Magica, Death Note and that butler manga.

There are a few shops that sell comics and manga exclusively for lesser known titles or oldies like Cowboy Bebop. Got only one of those shops in my city.

Stuff like Citrus would be available only during anime conventions at the stalls. Manga never really took off in here, finding someone's read even stuff like Higurashi When They Cry is really really rare. The anime itself? Plenty of people have watched it. Personally, my heart breaks when I compare the cost of a good book to a single manga.

I usually stick to subs, unless I'm rewatching stuff like Ghost in the Shell. Also, I look at English translated works, since the Polish translations are usually translated from English ones.
Getting to tired to reply. Goodnight for tonight Dynasty.

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@Galich, well it's a good thing I am a Slav then. :P As you said you aren't exactly sober right now so maybe you missed that but I was born in Poland, as were my parents. All of us in the exact same city, actually. I'm from Szczecin. All my grandparents moved to Szczecin for whatever reason after World War II, so both my parents were also born in Szczecin. We just left the country in 1993.

But yeah, if you are Polish, and living in the USA, Pułaski and Kościuszko are always like propped up on a pedestal. And they were really important in the US. You have stuff named "Pulaski" all over the place; streets, cities, and bridges. Kościuszko helped with West Point. They do get mentioned in US history books as well, but it's not all that much. In Polish school it was oh so much about both of them. Mainly Pułaski, and we even had a contest on Pułaski in the school. It was like a yearly thing of how good your Pułaski knowledge is.

And sure, you can send me a invite on Steam.

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Everyones going crazy over citrus and WDTFS, While Im just sittin here waiting for the next chapter of Akuma no riddle.

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@SF I keep up with Citrus and WDTF, but my heart belongs to Their Story (SQ Tamen de Gushi).

@Anon99 I laughed harder than I should at that, I even snorted a little, so thank you for that! X'D
If it makes you feel better I've been working on (technicall) this story for at least 10 years if not more, though I've yet to finish a chapter.

And second if the first even counts. ;p
I was in middle and played with it for about a year. Then I realized I knew nothing about almost any of deeper themes and they were far bigger than my 7th grade self so I decided to scrap it. Not before sending my teacher a chapter of lemon instead of a hw assignment though. ("<.<)

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@Galich, well it's a good thing I am a Slav then. :P As you said you aren't exactly sober right now so maybe you missed that but I was born in Poland, as were my parents. All of us in the exact same city, actually. I'm from Szczecin. All my grandparents moved to Szczecin for whatever reason after World War II, so both my parents were also born in Szczecin. We just left the country in 1993.

But yeah, if you are Polish, and living in the USA, Pułaski and Kościuszko are always like propped up on a pedestal. And they were really important in the US. You have stuff named "Pulaski" all over the place; streets, cities, and bridges. Kościuszko helped with West Point. They do get mentioned in US history books as well, but it's not all that much. In Polish school it was oh so much about both of them. Mainly Pułaski, and we even had a contest on Pułaski in the school. It was like a yearly thing of how good your Pułaski knowledge is.

And sure, you can send me a invite on Steam.

Well, I'm almost as good as new now (that is if your definition of "almost as good as new" is with a slight hangover and without enough sleep.

Actually, that was just a typical case of late night logic: someone has Polish parents -> they are born in Poland -> you've spent all but 3 years in Poland, therefore you're not a Slav. I have no idea where this train of thought came from, since it's a lot of rubbish. Sorry about that, I really should stop posting while being intoxicated.

I can see why your grandparents moved to Szczecin out of all places, especially after WWII.

Haha, we have the same thing with Kościuszko. My friend's managed to go to three consecutive schools, each and every named after him. Then again, I live in Krakow where he is regarded even better since he's mostly associated with the city. Every other street's named after him, as well as plenty of schools and public institutions. I remember seeing his marble bust from my highschool, looking at others with a piercing stare. In here it's Pułaski who is more obscure - I remember doing a course on history, and while Kościuszko was described very in-depth, there was nothing about Pułaski. Then again, Kościuszko is known for plenty of things he has done for Poland, while Pułaski.. is a bit controversial. Then again, his face is on a few Polish beers, so he is not THAT allien.

@SF Don't worry, I've never read a single chapter of Citrus and/or WDTFS.

Gosh, I have 2,5 hours before going to my school and getting the finals' results and I'm still tipsy. I need to get myself in a semi-functional state.

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@ Galich

Yeah, it really sucks when someone spoils the ending of a movie, show or a book or whatever...
Someone used to do that all the time whenever we watched movies. It went like „oh, I know that one already; yeah; she gets killed and the other guy there is the killer and they catch him in the end.“ And I was always like: (☉__☉”) „Thank you, you know I haven't seen it yet, right? What's up with that...???“ (╯‵Д′)╯

You seem to be a really diverse human being. I wouldn't mind a few book recommendations either. I used to read a lot. Nowadays not so much anymore. But that's just a phase most of the time.
I like my cyberpunk dark and with a good atmosphere so if you can manage to recommend something like that you'd definitely draw my interest... ;)

And I was just kidding when I said you totally ignored these links, don't worry (^_-)v
I just thought the sight of that was too much for you ^^
Oh, but that video you linked is even better than mine – nice!
I didn't understand a word he was saying but it still made me laugh pretty hard ƪ(ˆ▽ˆ)ʃ

So.... How did it go? Got the results you wanted? Did you pass?

@ Z. Long

I tend to watch all anime subbed. Mostly English subs. The only time I felt that the dubbed version was really better than the original Japanese was with Cowboy Bebop. I just loved the English version of that one.

@ HeiAli

Where do you live?

@ ari-chan

(◦’ںˉ◦)v You're welcome! I just love to make people snort! ^^
Here's a link with all three parts in case you wanna snort a little more ;)

he he … oh...
I always thought that I probably would have been a better writer if only I'd started when I was a kid.
I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can think. However, when I was a kid I didn't really bother with the writing part ^^ I just diligently developed the story in my head – each and every day – for years. I started when I went to bed and did so until I fell asleep; the next day I would continue – and I really could remember it all! I had a great memory...
The story was total crap, of course ;P I mean, I was just a little kid after all... ;)
But as I got older – I started to write again when I was a teenager – I just had too many ideas floating around in my head. A few really had potential – I think at least ;) - but I just never managed to focus on one. So writing for me became a total mess ^^
Always switching between different stories and different scenes – depending on my mood – total chaos. But I wrote quite a lot. I finished a few chapters but never a whole story ^^

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Nothing too original here, but Phillip K Dick's short stories, while varying in quality a bit are really amazing. While not being a typical cyberpunk novel, but VALIS is really worth reading. Really shows the author's descend into madness from drugs abuse and schizophremia. Do Androids dream of electric sheep? is a classic, but trust me, it's much more meaningful than Bladerunner: I'd go to say as far as that the movie gutted what the book was actually about. If you reaaally like door stoppers, then you might want to look into Exegis. If you;re not a masochist, then A scanner Daily, Ubik and Minority Report are good choices imho.

A mandatory mention goes to William Gibson, not just for Neuromancer - the rest of his books are worth reading as well.

Yup, all of that is really mainstream, but sci-fi is the genre that tends to suffer the worst from inept writing abilites.
Switching a bit away from cyberpunk, if you want to be a hipster, read "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin and then tell everyone that Aldous Huxley's plagiarized it by writing Brave New World. I also really liked Fahrenheit 451.

Moving completely away from science fiction, but it wouldn't be me without recommending Jo Nesbo. Scandinavians have produced some quality neo noir books, but Nesbo in my opinion does it much better than Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell (both of them RIP). Actually, the second to last book that I've read was Shadow Games by a German author, Charlotte Link. A pretty decent read if you like the mysteries in a style similar to Agatha Christie, but I was personally unable to finish it due to extensive mentions of domestic abuse (one of those things that I absolutely cannot stand).

And moving yet again far away from sci-fi, Franz Kafka's works are amazing IMHO. Then again, since he was writing in German, you probably read a few stories/books of his at school. I've liked him so much that I went to Prague twice. I still keep a photo with me standing near his house. That city's really beautiful btw.

Not too sure about that "diversive human being" part :P I simply get bored really quick and switch hobbies every few years, reading's been the only one that is consistent. I have a very hard time finding topics with recently met people, took me a while to start using my chattiness as an advantage. Having mild ADHD does have its perks. Still, every time I get dragged into partying, the conversations look something like this:

I can more than relate to that "phase" thing. I wasn't reading anything for almost 3 months, and now I'm starving for some literature. I'm yet to come back to my last year's average of 400 pages a day. Reading a few airport novels helps to get back to reading, at the very least for me.

Shifting topics a bit, got my final exams' results today. I'm really happy due to that. Out of 5 exams that actually matter I've managed to score above 90% from 4 of them. Counting how the applications to a uni work like, it's 93 outta 100 points for the degrees I want to get into. Out of sheer happiness, I've managed to clean up my drawer. Found around 5 lighters, 10 boxes of matches, 3 pairs of old glasses and 3 old inhalers. Sums me up pretty well.

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@Anon99 When you will have finished the ox yoghurt, I won't be surprised, if you will happen to come back with more French titles :P in my head: why Anon, why did you take the yoghurt after all!... now I have to go find some real milk and make myself yogurt because the berries I prepared need good yogurt xD
yeah, why could someone ignore German cows in satin lingerie being sexily milked... unbelievable xD
That doesn't make you boring, and even less - bored. wouldn't define it as funny, but rather - unfair! Because you have a other universe at your disposal ^^ while folks like me, whose heads are a far more barren place, have to try finding the intriguing in the more simple things that the surrounding world has to offer.
So what! But I don't know,I'm myself a plain person from the other side xD

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@Galich yes, it may be difficult to translate things when you don't know what they mean in any language you know xD *bows to long time translators. But you are lucky, it is a good source for pocket money ^^ sadly I do translation, not interpreting. :( but not for too long, because I realised translation can't be my full-time occupation.

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@Blackkitty Yup, pretty much what I think. Great for making pocket money, horrible if you live off it - especially if you're freelancer, since your monthly balance will either be really in the red, or in the black, so you can rotate between having lots of money and having to cut expanses everywhere every other month. Plus, sitting in front of a PC for 8 hours or more per day is a real nightmare.

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@Anon99 Haha, I did enjoy it thought without the snorting this time.

And same actually, the 10 years thing was me thinking about it for the last 10 years without ever writing anything, though less diligentry then you I'm afraid. I've kept it to one story but a giant grand story so I havent been able to focus on one part. I bounced from idea to idea, going along with different scenes and scenarios and so the story grew with me.
I'm trying to focus on the structure of the story universe for now but even that has so many subsets I feel like a kid with ADD.

And maybe you should go back to some of them, the ones you thought had potential probably did and still do. :)

@Galich What languages do you translate? :D
Was it hard to become a translator?
(I wanted to translate Mandarin for a while but realized it wasn't for me.)

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@anon It's Greece. Only things I've found are things like Naruto,Bleach, Love Hina, Death Note, etc, and those are translated in Greek anyway so I get a strange outlandish feeling when I try to read it(Not that I would anyway.). I'd love to find some raw manga but that's probably impossible unless I order from overseas.

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@Galich What languages do you translate? :D
Was it hard to become a translator?
(I wanted to translate Mandarin for a while but realized it wasn't for me.)

English to Polish and vice versa. I'm bilinguar, currently studying Russian and applying for a uni for a language focused degree (probably Chinese/Japanese/Swedish). Studied Latin for a while, but it's not really a language you learn to translate. Funnily enough, as a freelancer I have no state provided education to back my gasp of English, only ones from language schools and a diplomas from extra courses. That's the trick: I get less money but strictly speaking I don't need any special training or education. Then again, my father is a translator and my mother works at a translation agency. The most important course that I've finished was lead by a personal translator of Poland's ex-president. I was the only person out there who wasn't studying English language at a uni (was only 17 at the time), which made matters.. much harder.

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Speaking of weebs, that one youtube guy losing his shit because of the Filthy Frank anime intro that Frank didn't >even make was pretty hilarious.

@Gengar I hate the fact that I've seen this and enjoyed/laughed at it. What I hate, even more than this, is that I've seen the original as well as his vid on weeaboos trash and his song on weeaboos more trash Mercy on my soul... also, I love your music taste.

Awwww.... don't tell me that you wouldn't take the guy on the first picture??? ;)
I mean, he's totemo kawaii desu, no?
And his pillow is absolutely sugoi at that! ^^

@Anon99 I'm going to Falcon Punch you so hard you...*crackles knuckles*

joined May 21, 2016

@Alvis Those are absolutely the worst. Actually, any fanbase that takes it a level too high is annoying as heck, but >those guys are extra annoying. I guess that living in a country with no interest to manga/anime and other fanbases >does have its upsides.

You must count your blessings Galich

I'm not sure if i should laugh or pity

@ady In this delicate situation, you should definitely pursue both.

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