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Yesterday was my last day at work!! At last!! I'm so happy that I could throw a party for the occasion.. yeey xD
... or should I wait for Galich so we could celebrate together? ^^

(and thank goodness the Cafe exists ^_^, voice chats are for brave and talkative people)

Hey, you can celebrate before me and then we'll celebrate together! Double the celebration :)

Also, very nice art!

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Good job getting into university. What will you be studying?

Cheers! And it's gonna be history with speciality in teaching.

Also, thank God im leaving my work soon. One of the shop's managers has threatened to call my boss to complain due to a ridiculous reason (basically, not doing sth that takes around 2 minutes to do at max) while I did plenty of stuff I really didn't have to do. Oh, and she's complained about me being not finished yet, even though that was because she's arrived at work 15 minutes late and so I couldn't get inside the shop. She's flat out told me that I have to put up with her bs since my job sucks.

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Holy crap, certainly I didn't believe I could come back to this thread and say this: I'm a student again, and this time of the very degree I've wanted to be.

Congrats !!! and good luck

Ooh! Congrats!

Congrats, Galich!

@yukito, Kayo-chin & ZuljinRaynor Thank you! :)


I've been doing good. Just sitting back watching a Thread go to shit, It's really fun. How are you doing so far?

Well, sitting back and trying to not see that thread go bonkers. It's unsafe for my own sanity. Also finished the first part of filling the documents for uni and I've started to read a few books about our history just to get a small preparing before I enroll the uni. It's 2,5 months, but still, gotta stay competetive if I wanna fullfil my dream and stay as a professor in there. Besides that, I'm slowly trying to forget the fact I've been stalked for 1,5 months by a crazy ex. Also, quitting work in 30 days. I'll be sure to tell them to take this job and shove it.Good stuff all around,

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Hey!!!! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ Congratulations!!!
I'm really happy for you!!! °(^▿^)/°
I hope this time everything will go well for you and you'll finally be able to make your dream come true!!! I wish you all the best! (。⌒∇⌒)ノ

If it ain't Anon herself! Really happy to see you still hanging around here, as enthusiastic and full of awesome emojis as ever!

Thank you so much! Although i cant make nearly as fancy emojis as you can, I just wanna say that it makes me happy to see so many people wishing me luck, especially those that had to endure hearing me complaining about not being at uni for so long. It also gives me confidence that I'll make that degree and life my bitch, as you've adviced me ;)

And how are ya doin'? Still aspiring to be a queer gamer granny? xD

Also, that's a really great avi that you have. I really like how vivid it is. Where is it from?

Someone linked me this, looks sort of similar, but I dont think it's a match.

Congratulations Galich! I wish you well and I hope that good fortune's come your way!

Thank you so much SF :) I'm confident and optimistic about this time. And what are ya up to these days?

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Holy crap, certainly I didn't believe I could come back to this thread and say this: I'm a student again, and this time of the very degree I've wanted to be.

While I wasn't here all the time, thank you everyone for supporting me through the time! :)

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It looks like you've got alot on your plate. Glad to see you pulling through!

Ah, it's been way before, although the breakup was far from being stressfree. With kind people around, pulling through hogwash that lives gives us is easier.

And how are ya doin'?

Ah, I've been doing pretty good myself. Asshole's would occasionally disrupt class and act like they're the shit and when someone says the slightest thing they would lash out at them with screaming and 7 slur's every sentence (That's the inner-city for ya!). But that's the only problem I'd say I'm having in school lol.

Ah, sounds exactly like my days at highschool..or juniorhigh..or primary school..basically, everywhere up to uni. Just ignore those tossers and wait until they become chavs/successful businessmen/politicians.

From personal experience, the higher you go on the ladder of education, the less people you encounter with such attitude. Some grow out of it, some stay chavs forever. With age, more people appreciate not being a total dickwad in their relationships, be it romantic or friendship. What level of education are you on?^^

I'm even crazier about teaching now than I was before. Makes me curse that I had chosen a degree I didn't enjoy at all (mandarin), which I dropped at the first possible occasion. Right now I wish I could just sit at uni studying history/literature and preparing to teach other students in a few years..but I still have 4,5 months more of waiting ahead of me. Curses. At least tutoring others gives me a bit of something I'm looking forward to a lot. This post is quite curse riddled for a teacher in spe, but it's a level of hypocrisy I can live with.

Also, I feel kind of in one of the shops I work in there was a major malfunction that's resulted in half of the shop leaking..all I could think about was the manager's anger at the situation (she's definitely not a nice person..)

Random YouTube link

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Good to have you back Galich! :D
How have ya been?

Heyo! Long time no talk ! :) figured that this thread needed this old dilettante doofus.

Been doing decently actually. In my mind I'm already correcting my students' tests, but in real life I'm 5 months short of being a student myself lol.

That, and I try to fill my time with reading and tutoring, while trying my hardest not to focus on the fact that I broke up with my gf a week ago. Anyways, can't wait to be back at uni!

And how are ya doin'?

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You know your work is boring when a test emergency alarm is the most interesting thing for the 6 months I've been employed here.

Whenever you start feeling old just remember that age ain't nothing but a number ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

That's usually my attitude when I have any debt. After all, debt is just a number. Too bad many can't see it.

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Hmm, my then crush and now girlfriend is probably the biggest troll ever. First she invites me "for a meeting" with me on the first of April, only to slowly start dropping hints that she had a date that day, and as the entire gig unfolds, I get to realize that I got outsmarted. And it was on april fools.. that's just plain cruel. Of course the fact that it wasn't for shits and giggles certainly does help matters..

In short, I think I live in anime/manga. That is a semi-decent work material here.

tl;dr >

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Clearly you don't play Dirty Bomb enough. Seriously though, give it a try, it's free2play so there's no reason not to. And it's really fast paced which seems to be your thing judging by you enjoying Tracer way too much.

I heard orisa is on live now though. Might give Overwatch another go until I switch back to Dirty Bomb again like a week after that.

I do think I've tried it out a few times.. it was okay, I liked it, but got bored of it I guess. But yea, I do like me some quick paced action.

Yup, she is live and appears on every game. Thank god I have an SSD.

@ Galich
Hey! ^^
Nice to hear you consider me one of the cool kids ;)

Oh, you were always part of the cool kids group in my book :)

Can't wait to be back at university! A few days ago met a friend from highschool, we're set on a meeting next week. Life is good.

That sounds great! I hope it will continue to go your way!
Just with a little less “dropping expensive things“ maybe... ;)

Yea, that does sound like a nice agenda. More of positive things and less stress. And less unsuccesful attempts of me dropping smoking. In my defense, reduced the number of smokes to a consistent level.

Sounds tough... Didn't know that it had a blood-thinning effect... Then you really have to be careful not to accidentally cut yourself...

Ah, just noticed I screwed up when writing that post. Meant chronic depression, not the clinical one. Well, looks like I have myself a dark passanger for many many years. Still, with the meds, I'm more than fine.

Yea, recently counted, around 20 on my legs alone. I now look like a low-key domestic abuse victim.

I'm doing good, don't have any reasons to complain.
Rediscovered some other hobbies recently. Been doing some painting. And also took care of some stuff I wanted to do for a while now... And for some reason I turned kinda mute in between ;)

Painting? Does sound nice! Also, rediscovering hobbies is quite nifty, brings some nostalgia and makes you change perspective on things. What are you painting? Any good looking ladies? ;)

I thought you were going to eat noodle for a whole month (in my country, we usually do that when we are facing financial problems because noodle is cheaper than any other food there.) :D

Ah, trust me, don't need for me to be broke to eat only noodles xD A few years ago I've managed to eat them for every single day for roughtly 15 months. I do think that my salt level is still over the average after that experience xD

Has it been a year already? I can't really tell the time now, a day does seem like an hour to me. I never knew that you always wanted to teach history. My history teachers, from my primary school thought out my high school, were always scary. Galich is going help change my personal assumption about history teachers, right? :'D I assumed they ate raw meat for living.

Ah, will do my best to change your view on the topic then :) Yea, it's always been my passion, teaching and history. Guess I inherited it from my family, always was surrounded by teachers and professors, so things turning out the way they are right now is hardly surprising ^^

And don't be worried, I don't eat meat at all :P

You can study at the university you like too, that's cool, Galich. Good job!

Thanks Oliver! :D

Anything cool you're up to these days? :D

Does it have to be "cool"? xD

Well, it can be "uncool", but my definition of cool is really broad xD

My life is boring as it's always been the same. You can't turn my life into a good manga/drama since it has no plot. :D I will graduate in this summer, and after that I will have to attend courses in Teaching which will take me a year more. After that, I will have to start working as an assistant professor for my university in my home country for a year or two before I will be allowed to take my university lecturer entrance exam. However, this plan of mine may change. I will have to reconsider about whether I should go directly toward my future career, as a uni professor, or spend a few years working for a company first.

Wow, the time surely is passing quickly (I have 3 hours of work every single day of the week, got to wake up at 4:50, so I honestly never have an idea what the day of the week is). Doesn't surprise me that you'll be working as an assistant professor, you have the brains and personality for those things! Hmm, so in case you go working for a company before that, do you still consider teaching as your career of choice?

Recently, I have a roommate, my first roommate. I started getting to know her not from our first self introductions to each other, but from a conversation I had with her at night after she came back from her welcome party with her friends. I knew that she was drunk since her face was red. But since I never interacted with any drunk people before, and as she kept talking to me, and she was not like any drunken in the dramas I've watched, I couldn't avoid replying to her. On the next day, I was surprised by how different she was from last night. The truth is she is a kind of person who doesn't remember anything she says when she's drunk. Actually, she is so unfriendly, inconsiderate, and as cold as a fridge when she's sober, but she turns into the opposite when she's drunk. By now, I have already become friend with the drunk her as she had a party almost every night, and so she's almost always drunk at night. However, I'm not close to the sober her at all though. :D I will move in a single room in an other hostel next week. What a nice experience having a roommate for a month. She is still outside even at this hour, 1:35am. Knowing her makes me want to try drinking too, who knows, I might be able to bring out my hidden charms if I were drunk. xD

Wow, thta sounds like a first rate manga plot xD I never met such a person. Usually it's the opposite in my opinion, then again, drunken people annoy me greatly. So it's kind of like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.

Well, having to put up with a constantly drunken roommate doesnt sound that nice, but if she's more bearable when intoxicated, maybe it is for the better.

Well, you may want to try out drinking, but do so under a controlled environment! Wow, I almost sounded like a responsible adult here xD

Also, lol, my uni friend's told me she'd pay to see me "mopping the floor" (I'm cleaning a lot at work) or "pole dancing". Dunno if I should treat is as a complement or an insult.

Random side note number 2, anyone has any clever ideas of storing books? Shelves, window sills, chest of drawers where I keep my bedding and my desk were/are all used.

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It's fine, I'll let it slide for now. Totally gonna bring it up if we ever get into an argument though.

Also, stop playing Overwatch so much and start playing Dirty Bomb with me.

Looks like I'll have to keep sticking the medibeam up your arse all day long then.

The question remains: am I playing too much Overwatch and not enough Dirty Bomb, or are you playing too much Dirty Bomb and not enough Overwatch?

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Now all we need is Rina, CCL and Blackkitty to post more!

Rude to be honest.

Now I'l have a lot of people on my ass for that comment.

Well, I can't name all of you. It's hard.

Also, I swear I saw a message from you a few pages ago. I distincively remember it not being the reason for not listening you on the list. Same goes for Oliver and others.

Well, I missed all of you!

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hi there you clumsy little sista, you!
I see how your eloquence and lenghty posts haven't been affected by your temporary leave xd

Anyway, I also missed everyone else^^ even PKMN Ranger who tried deleting the traces of their presence^^"
Hope everyone is doing good with life :)

My also clumsy Sista ^_^

Well, must have something to do with reading your messages to me :)

Glad to see you around here again! ^^

Oh, I remember now. I had you in mind enjoying your uni, hence my mistake. Still don't know why I didn't remember you had dropped though. Oh, and don't worry, I believe you'll success pretty easily this time. You really are clever, notwithstanding your vast historical culture !

Well, I suppose that the image is prettier than the harsh reality. Still, thanks! Need to spread queer propaganda to newer generations.

Now all we need is Rina, CCL, Alvis and Blackkitty to post more!


Besides kitty who posted a message a few pages ago, I'm assuming you can talk with the other two pretty much whenever you want so. Still, they are welcome on the cafe and I wouldn't mind seeing this place even more lively ;)

Ah, there's also Alvis.. so many faces we are missing here. Let's hope we can collect them all. Also, not denying nor confirming I talk to a certain Bulgarian outside the forums looks at the above part of the host Riiight.

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Hi Galich. Yeah, it's been a long time. Hope you are doing fine. Oy, that glasses, they should have made it a little hard to break considering the fact that it costed half your salary. File a complaint! :D

Well, the problem is those were not mine xD those were on the display, I was trying to get rid of the dust on the shelve it was displayed on.

Well, already the situation has been solved. My company will cover those financially. The little weasel of the shops manager (working outsorcing, their shop employs the company I work for) wanted to go for a higher price than the one discussed with my boss. Fortunately, it's hard to bullshit with me.

Well, doing as good as they come^^ working right now, as I was forced to drop out of uni due to depression. I'm fine these days tho., the degree was a miss anyway. I wanna do something I always wanted to: teach history. So goodbye Mandarin language and welcome history in a few months!

Truth to be told, already passed the requirements for history at the same uni the previous year, just chose a different degree.

Anything cool you're up to these days? :D

Also, hi Galich ! Sucks for these glasses of yours. Surprising to hear you're working in a [expensive] shop; weren't you intending to some university ?

Welln the replies to both of those messages sort of overly. Weird, I swear you were one of the people responding to my message in which I brought up the fact I'm dropping out.

Well, still the same best uni in the county is my goal, just a different degree. One might say a bit less money making, but I wanna fullfil my dream of becoming a professor of history. And not even a stupid pair of glasses will stop me from that.

Hey there! ^^

Good to hear from you again! I see you're as clumsy as ever... I hope you got a good insurance at least ;)

Hey Anon! Good to see you as well. As soon as I start posting, all the cool people like Oliver and you (plus plenty more, so many it's hard to keep track of!) come to the cafe. It's good to see it thriving. Now all we need is Rina, CCL and Blackkitty to post more!

Been trying to feed my mind some information with various books about Russia...don't want it to disappear from the lack of use (yea, I know it really doesn't work like that..). Can't wait to be back at university! A few days ago met a friend from highschool, we're set on a meeting next week. Life is good.

Well, also got diagnosed with chronic depression. Taking serotonin to make everything roughly as it should be on the mood front. The only negative about that is the fact that the meds mess up with the density of my blood, so even the smallest of hits cause huge scratches that I'm yet to get rid of (1,5 months already..)

And how are you doing?

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i was cornered by those users and THAT "mod".

Isn't this rude? Also, it seems Dynasty Cafe is going downhill heading to becoming the worst thread ever. Anon, maybe you should consider deleting the thread.

Hey oliver, long time no see! What's up? Shame we have to meet under such circumstances looks at cafe's rundown walls

Well, "more light!" as Goethe said at his last moments (maybe..)


So I've managed to break glasses at my work worth more than half of my monthly pay. I feel salty. Really really salty. Well, working at only expensive shops is catching up to me =_=

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You are way more optimistic than I can ever be. It probably won't be unwatchable, might even be enjoyable. But we'll have to forget everything single about GITS because the trailer was enough to know that every any underlying theme, reflexion, even the mood will be nowhere to be found.
"you are the first of your kind" "maybe next time you can design me better" "they didn't save your life, they stole it" Riiiiight, did you see the anime? Sure you did, but let's dumb it down and sell it, what else.
Sorry, I'm angry :D

Well, I honestly would rather have this movie be terrible than just an average sci-fi flick without any deeper themes, but judging by the production values, it's gonna be the latter.

Reminds me of the horrors that were Arise's models of characters..

Worst case scenario I'll borrow you pitchforks and torches and we'll both deal damage.

LittleSis <3

don't tell anyone...=cocoa is my weak spot xD=

once in a while it's nice to ruin your diet with a ok-ish movie^^
I personally can't wait to see Emma in "Beuty and the Beast" yeey!

I do have an instagram account... but there I keep just a few photos of kittens xD
but I agree with you!

@Older Sister Don't worry, I won't ^ ^ For me it's vanilla flavour.

I was so cheap that I didnt even buy popcorn at the cinema, but the tickets were really expensive for our standards, around twice the price of an average ticket. Oh, and it had redundant 3D effects, my worst nemesis.

I'll be rooting with you for it! ^ ^

If I had an Instagram, I'd have totally written now "share the name with me". Cocoa, cats and yuri are a great mix.

Now if everyone will excuse me, I need to make use of those 2 days off and take a nap so I'll be able to stay until very late hours.

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@Older Sis Looks delicious.. I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation myself to be honest ^ ^

You shouldnt worry about no time for cinema, I "didn't have the time" for 5 years.

Also, I do think it's a good thing you stick to yuri forums and not Instagram ^^

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I wouldn't hold to much hope for GITS, but I'll be ready to bash it as yet another shitty let's take a masterpiece, turn it into crap and watch the money flow

I am trying to be positive. I really am trying to be positive about it. Even with Arise my expectations have lowered a bit. But in all honesty, I'm not really sure I can convince myself it won't be a total and uber flop due to the producers not understanding what made the franchise to begin with.

Bright side, it's an actual live action movie based on manga/anime.

And trust me, I'll be the first one to walk the streets with pitchforks and torches if it turns out to be horrible.

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Expectiations.. so my friend's called me after not talking to each other for 1,5 months at 11 o'clock at night laughing hysterically and asking me to watch a "horrible movie by (her) favourite director" with her the following day.

Is it fair that I feel disappointed that it didn't turn out to be the devil's spawn itself? It was just mildly okay-ish, generic at best. At the very least I expected to snark a bit at its cost, but it didn't really bring anything cringe worthy to the table. The movie I'm tlaking about is The Great Wall.

Well, that wasn't a very good reintroduction to cinema after 5 years. Good thing the next film I plan on seeing holds more promi- remembers it's GITS the Movie oh well, maybe this one won't fail to provide some topics for discussions, be it negative or positive.

Anyway, how's everyone doing?

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Last reply I wasn't able to post last night... sorry about that.

Ah, don't worry. Just take care of yourself ^_^

Well, looks like we're gonna start posting low-key walls of text here

Trump would be so proud of us... (ó.ò)

"Thank you and God bless you Dynasty!"

But in all seriousness tho., looks like the thread's filling quite quickly. I like that.

All we need here are the likes of Blackkitty, ChocolateCakeLover and Rina.

Well, I guess we can consider it a small rotation of the staff, right? Like they do have in all those shops I work in. They think that relocating 50% of their staff to another shop at the other side of the city will help them "spread the persuasion tactics" - sounds evil.

Speaking of dirty tacits, I am also using their staffroom.. they had all the tips from the HQ regarding how you treat a client. They flat out tell their employees that they shouldn't "loudly suggest a refund, instead focus on replacements or selling"


Well, one can always take a huge axe and start reducing the population in the playground ^ ^

… (☉__☉”) … if one more day of playing freely is enough for you.... then, yeah.... I suppose... (´⊙ω⊙`)

I sort of feel like this conversation should've played the other way around.. with you posting my message and me yours.

Well, then you get to sit. A lot in a single. That can be an allegory for death. Or the fact that it's kind of hard to get away from the police once you've murdered quite a few people around you.

Actually, that allegory sort of works. And will probably get me jailed. I'll be expecting a cake with a razor inside from all of you xP

… is that your plan for this place here, as well...? Just asking...(ಠ.ಠ)

Just finding a get away plan, don't worry my Dear Anon! (please send the razor now)

Or... you're just thinking too much ;)
Starting to see a pattern here too... ^^

Again, I sort of feel like the roles have been swapped here ^^

Anyway, I do think that it's my problem in a nutshell. Saying that it's the overthinking people that only have depression is hogwash, since depression doesn't chose; but overthinking never really helps.

Well, with me telling her I have a crush on her and her not wanting to be with someone she doesn't love (plus living 500km away), I don't see how can I take even more initiative. Maybe at being a better friend ^^

That would be a good start. The move is for way later ;)
When both of you got all of those hurdles in front of you under control.

Pretty much. Then again, I am silently expecting that we won't end up murdering one another until then. That would also be quite a good start, although to be fair, it seems like our relationship has really stabilized past those few days after one of those serious conversations that you have and then feel bad about. I still consider consistency to be the key.

Uh, another troubled person... I hope things will get better for her too.

Kind of horrifying how many of them we know.. at the end of the day I honestly do believe that there's no undamaged people, just those with better or worse luck; alternatively, those who are more or less sensitive.

Read recently that an average person has had 1 traumatic event in their life.. I don't know what to think of this statistic.

Drink a little more, stay hydrated and they'll come back ;)

Did that, tried it, can confirm it works! Cheers Anon! tears away

But does biology work these way? I honestly don't know, almost failed by last highschool year due to biology itself. My crush keeps mocking me for my lack of knowledge from anatomy =_=

That's called being a teenager ^^

So we are on the same page then ^_^ Then we just learn to cope up with stuff I guess and toughen up.

Random side note, today at my shop I've heard a very specific of my favourite song; the original is Blue Mondey by New Order (I probably have linked it here a few times), but the cover itself was quite different in the sense of that it was much slower and didn't have any synthesisers.. I remember hearing it at first and going "hmm, I recall this song from somewhere, the lyrics are familiar.. wait a second, no, they didn't!" is the link to the cover.

While looking for it, I came across probably my new favourite thing on Youtube.

Yes, I'm pretty easy to amuse at times.

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lol, tombys can be cute too , anime has proven it time over time.

Anime has also proven many times that the best way to get someone that you love to return the feelings is by hitting them with a paperfan. It didn't work the last time I tried.

Ohh cursing in Russian, well as you may have noticed I curse freely when I feel the need to, ^^

That is not a thing tho! The curses there are for times you need them, and so if you use them when feeling like it, then thats a good use in my book.

Oh whoa, I just pictured that and it's actually awesome!! I am not sure if those other girls would appreciate it :P

It needs to totally have a name for itself! Any ideas?

Also, maybe that would drag me partying finally. I'd still be as much fun as waterboarding, but at the same time I could say "but at least I went to a party last night! We read Proust! It was great!"

I do agree, I mean, I like reflections of myself in others, I believe that's the kind of people we attract the most, but also people who irks us and forces us to change for the better. Having NOTHING in common does not work at all, not for friends not for anything.

Yup, exactly. I do like people that are somewhat similar-ish to me, but their mental health and stability are in a much better shape haha.

Also, bonus points if they have a different, more down to earth way of thinking.

Polish speaking USA... hahaah I'd surely go over there to check it out myself if that were to be true!!!

Well, there's always stuff like Chicago. There's plenty of people over there that are of Polish blood.

Fun fact! Polish almost became Israel's official language, sincr most people were emigrants from Poland; their first sitting of the government was actually in Polish, since it was the only language everyone knew.

Nah not richer than me!!!

Looks stupid looks like it's a competition then D:

Oh, I know a thing or two about it :)

.. Ohhhh.. well we may have such conversation on the coming days if this keeps on then!!!

I think it's simple when the other person is not trying to impose.

Live and let live basically.

Well, i did play alone a lot when growing up, making up stories with pirates and what not, I even buried an actual chest in my yeah maybe that's why I like being on my own so much.

Hah, I can relate to that! I don't remember what I was coming up with as a wee child, but it surely had to be funny.

Then again, we always had two cats to act as my closest family. The feeling stayed and still persists to this day.

It is the best kind of humour :P

That is settled then xP

Well... I had 3 beers and went home. yeah that's my idea of fun :P

You still had 3 beers! And probably had more fun coming back home drunk than youd have sober.

Unless you're a sad drunk?

Belts? I never use belts, I feel like a trapped cat!! but it does give you some idea I guess, I only check measurements and stuff like that..which I get today new weigh in ugh

I'd be too scared to check the actual numbers xD

Hope that your measurements go well x3

Some times, a brief hug is needed yes, just, my friends, they can hug each other for years.. and i'm there like ,YISUS STOP IT ALREADY why??? :P

I am guilty as charged then. When my crush came over here we were spending around 6 hours per day hugging.

Good, I like to decide things, so I am convinced you do have a good heart.

Cannot argue with someone else, so I guess I believe you this one tome :P

You can have both, I mean, I live and aim to thrive for me, but others being happy surely does feel nice so.. not to my expense of course, not anymore.

Well, once the happiness of living is gone, then living for the others' sake is a serviceable replacement.

Lol, you nailed at the negativity up, but still was kinda good so, does it become neutral? yeah sorrow does connect us with the most human part in our life sparks, feeling empty is.. shivers I can't bear that so well now so nope.

Just no to feeling empty then! That is an order!

Hmm..well, neutrality is much more boring than a radical opinion.

Well, they chose not to talk to naturally we just don't talk to them, I am lucky, it's just me , mom , my aunt and our cats.

Sounds like fun xP

My family,a t least partly, does try ro contact us. I try to spend as little time thinking about it as possible.

Unless you are a druggadict or a serial killer you mean.

The first is actually fine in my book; just make sure you're alone enough so any people won't miss you.

The other is a valid point imho.

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Ahh how cute, a real feeling of sorority going on here, I dig that.

She was the one to come up with it, I'm too tomboyish to be cute I guess xD

Yes and it lacks the flavour , I mean it's like ... "kurwa" we non polish speakers love that word to bits, oh yeah, it's so functional.

Yup, so many abuse that word.. I barely curse at all, and if I have to, I stick to Russian. It's really classy to my ears.

And yea, the curse words just sound good when connected to their language.. iirc the phonetic composition of them is constructed in such a way they'er powerful.

Hahaha oh boy, we'd have such a good time sitting discussing Latin phrases or something.

Haha, I'd bring my satchel bag with some book or something then xP We'd be probably the most schoolared girls out there, maybe teach a thing or two to others xD

Well we are so different when it comes to socialising but on others thing we are sorta similar.. so.. it's a tie!

A stalemate :o Pretty interesting as well how we make friends.. the entire "opposites attract" is kind of hogwash; you need at least some traits in common for a relationship to work D:

Yeah it was... fun.. coughs . I'd love to go to Spain cos well, I need not to put much effort trying to communicate.

I can imagine it.. wish that Polish was used in other countries.. imagine a Polish speaking USA.. that would be so hilarious lol

Hahaha,well no one was looking, it was just me here sitting.. boy I should had looked like a total moron xD
but hey 8 dollars for looking silly? No one usually pays me for that so ;)

Well, if I got paid for that, then I'd be really really rich. Like filthy rich.

Ok when you hit nihilism we can talk a bit more about it then :P I am not as educated about it as I'd like to but I'm not dead yet so I can.

Oh, I know a thing or two about it :)

Oh whoa, your life sounds really interesting! Yeah, respect is very important, I usually disagree a lot with lots of people but that never means I'm gonna disrespect them.

That's why the entire "agree to disagree" thing is so important to me ^^

nods pondering gonna have to think this through

Well, now you have some food for thoughts ^^

Yes, sometimes to see how much better ur doing!! amusing myself luckily comes easy, I find myself hilarious.

That's good! It means you can be really self sufficent.

Same here tbh. People say my sense of humour is too dark for them, but I honestly enjoy it.

Vodka does have calories and consuming alcohol prevents fat oxidation to a certain % :P
Girl, I log what I eat on a daily basis, I gotta watch out! then again I had 3 beers last night and it was glorious...

Sounds like you had fun then xD

Well, I just tend to live in bliss ignorance, but I do wear belts all the time, so I at least control my waistline.

I know nothing about biology, almost failed my school year due to that.

I really don't like hugs much, but at least lately I don't go away running and screaming like an insane person.

Sometimes a hug is needed ^ ^

Aww you do sound like you have a good heart, that's really nice .

I dunno, as I said, it's up for others to decide ^ ^

Then again, it is kind of tossing my crush's hard work of convincing me that "living for others" is not a state of mine to be in, but seeing others happy makes me feel happy as well.

...Hmm better being sad together than alone!! I don't know.. I am so captivated by this particular unique feeling that melancholy is.. like.. it triggers all sorts of things in us humans, so much art being done fueled by it.. I love me sad songs and all, just now it's a bit different cos I don't feel sucked in a swirl of despair as I used to... this was supposed to be cheerful by the way.

That was the joke, making something negative with that example xD

And it really is a unique feeling.. I believe it connects us to our inner inside; sorrow in my opinion is preferable to feeling empty.

Hmm,things like that make me glad my family doesn't like us and we never ever talk...

Well, good that you have the choice to not to do so; would be much worse if you ewre fored to live with them or sth.

You like some quarrels huh? Well.. I try to avoid those lately, I just tell people it's not working no more..but shrugs I don't know anymore... an ex urged me to spend more time with I guess I am really not too social

Well, as long as you feel comfortable, it doesn't matter what is the life style you're living.

gasps Haven't being called kind in ages, why thank you!

You're welcome ^^


You've forsaken me!!! T_T

"Oh mother, why have thou forsaken me?"

Anyway, I'm off to sleep, have a good night/day everyone!

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A sister? Is there a family on here? Yes I see it's full, it's weird, I'm used to be the only one but it's kinda cool :B

Sadly not, just a habit we have to refer to each other a sisters.

Spain, meow, well it's ok I like seeing random Spanish.

Well, I always found it weird at how at some media foreigners put random words from their mother tangue into English.. it seems really awkward to me.

Ah yes, one of my friends is moving to another city to be with her love shakes head so I attended..I did not talk to the others... I kinda like to chill on the couch/corner and being left alone :D unless someone is super interesting and weird...doesn't happen often

Sounds like me at parties then xD

Well, I gave up on attending parties for this reason alone.

So we are complete opposites. how amusing!! I hate small talk and pals xD

That is pretty amusing indeed xP

Yes, I was sorta all the way on the other side. I love Europe cos everything is so close to the other places..

Sounds like fun.. I haven't travelled all that much to Europe, mainly central Europe + Frace and Spain.

If you find that interesting you'll love the fact that I once made silly faces at my webcam for a testing software on emotion recognition through face scans... looking happy and smile for so long hurt a lot.
For the was a guy from Indonesia, they wanna expand their selling on chai tea, so, he asked me to go take pics to see how much it sold here, I get these jobs on a website.

Ah, I see. Actually, it still does sound every as bit as before explaining lol.

I think I'd have rather died than use a webcam these days ^_^

Ah no hate is waste, I quit the hating when I quit hating myself, hooray! existentialism hum, I am sure I've read good books about it, you should check some philosophers out ;D

I have, always liked philosophy and such.. we always had it cramped with Polish lessons together, so it was kind of lackluster.. I'm sure I'll have plenty of it at uni tho.

Sounds liek the right attitude! I hate hating others myself, tolerance is a double sided thing; you must respect others so they respect you.

It's like me describing my religious views: I wake up an atheist, become an agnostic during the lunch, deist in the afternoon and fully religious late at night.. it is an actual story, life really is weaaring me down this much xD

law and mandarin...well yes personal satisfaction is most important but what with society Standards and silly expectations imposed upon us, that is why I quit those as well :P

In the end it's the science itself that matters, and not empty degrees.. when you can get yourself a nice diploma from Oxford without leaving your house, all degrees start becoming meaningless. Can't replace personality with plaques with empty words.

Maybe, ponders some anecdotes I've stopped telling though, didn't have a good flavour.

Ture that.. well, sometimes you use them to cheer up, sometimes to amuse them.. they serve many purposes.

Oh nightlife is not suited for me, I mean clubs, but I'd have some good times, not getting too intoxicated though cos I dun wanna be fat, just a bit to enjoy the craftsmanship of the vodka.

AFAIK vodka is not that fattening, but being moderate with drinking is always a positive thing ^_^

stays very still I shall not worry !

Happy to provide ^^

It's very cool to have that in common eh? I mean, in a way. Humm, well I don't know, what works for you best is the right answer!

Well, I guess not stressing others so much with my mental state works for me the best.

Hooray !! I mean, I'm not the only one here that does that then!

That means that people around us are sadder.. but we can be sad together.. which is a good thing? Maybe? Probably not.

Ahh, i hear ya, yes well I try to sort people out based on their behaviour towards me only.. BUT if they did something really despicable to someone I do care about, they can go fry in hell.

Yup, pretty much. Well, it's even worse when you actually get along with them.. it;'s kind of "so wrong" feelings.

Yes, one day you look back and think "ahh..look at all that's improved...oh dear". short lived and intense, well that's better than maintaining relationships well past their .. i forgot the know expire date?

I see. Well, I let those kind of friendships die on their own, but almost always they end up in a huge quarrel..

Yup! That is the right idea. Also, coffee is delicious, that is my humble random side note.

Totally unrelated but I hope you get the uni you want ^^

Thank you very much kind lady ^_^

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@Katzen (almost confused your name for Kitten here.. so many cats here, Neko-chan, Blackkitty.. but Blackkitty has the privilage to be refered to as a kitten by me.. or a Sister ^_^


As much as I appreciate gender bender stories, I'd prefer to remain as a gata :P though it was a very nice change there!! I'm impressed

Well, I don't believe I ever had Spanish lessons ;P Although I was in Spain once.

This.. never happened.

Oh yeah, there surely are, at least some things just won't ever leave you and you'll never be the same, which is, I think, awesome cos.. who wants to be the same forever?? Besides vampires

I dunno.. I mean, I agree that some thoughts will never leave you, but some thoughts really can really take your life over. Trust me on this one.

Sounds pretty nice, then again, I'm a really sociable personality wise, so I think I'd have died inside without having personal contact with people at my work.

Ah, sucks to hear that D: In which German city you were in?

A sociable person??? ohhhh, you are one of those then,well... if you haven't sneaked in my talking with others, it's fair you don't know, I'm so not a people's person, I really prefer to be on my own, as much as possible, sure some talk is this...but in person eh well, I see my friends once every some months..and that's enough for me.

I see.. and I didn't, the only thing I really saw were lesbian parties xD

I see.. well, I'm kind of a person that would much rather be pals with everyone than friends. It's not about being with friends for me, but being around people in general. Guess I'm just a people's person.

I was all over the place, Krefeld, Hamburg, Schwarzwald, Hameln <3 , also a bit of Netherlands and Belgium

I see.. nothing from eastern Germany, so no wonder you never went here.

And a bit of Benelux? Neat-o.

Yep, one time I had to take pictures of tea boxes at a Wal-Mart.. it never gets boring being a freelancer, ;)

Sounds.. pretty interesting actually. Can I ask about how that situation came to being? ^_^

Humm, I am quite aware we are social creatures, some more than others thinks of herself some way less than others, I consider myself a highly spiritual person, but not the kind giving hugs and flowers around.. but I do really like that feeling, that we are all connected in this great huge universe... looks in the distance but I usually don't share much of that cos people give me weird looks and I get annoyed lol

Well, spiritualism is.. a bit unique I guess. One shouldn't be judged on their views I guess, unless they hate on others.

Well, I really cannot say if I'm spiritual or not, depands on the day for me really. I guess the only consistent part about my views is my keen interest in existentialism ^^

Yeah, didn't finish the career cos I did not like how it went middle way... but I do not believe having a career makes anyone better or worse but that's along my high amount of unpopular opinions. Whoa Japanese is surely beautiful as well, history eh? I always liked history as well.

I see.. well, it's all about personal satisfaction first, other things later.

Well, guess I wasn't really prepared for uni back then, plus it turned out that linguistics is not something I enjoy.. I remember from the time there those people that studied both law and Mandarin at the same time, they were seriously crazy.

Darker music hehe, I like me some new wave as well, vanilla haha , Oh those long stories... nods in understanding

It's all about those longer stories that yyou randomly bring up and they become irrelevant.. but it;'s the anecdotes that make our lives tastier :)

Bluebarry, cranberry, cherry, citrus, orange.. pick your poison girl ^ ^

I enjoy berries...damn I'd have to go at least stay 4 days to try them all!!

Heh, looks like you'd be in for a pretty intoxicated time ^_^ My friend from Finland that came over here spent every night getting drunk.. cannot blame him, as Krakow has some nice nightlife. Not my cup of tea, these days I intoxicate myself mostly alone or with my bff.

Agh don't talk numbers or physics with me , I'm a words only girl, I can barely count, I dislike numbers with a passion fchhhh but shaky ceilings do sound scary

Hugs Don't worry :)

Hahaha, an active work is awesome, I wanted to work in a graveyard when I was younger, mind you, it'd be a very quiet place, no people hassling me but... life took me to the freelance side.

Sounds like an interesting career choice :o As I said before, always saw myself as someone teaching others.. even now I'm tutoring a few people. it really does leave nice satisfaction.

Well... I am unsure... I guess stable average down is better than spikes?? I hear ya, blades were not allowed near me for a loooooong time. xD

That means we both can understand each other xD

Dunno about that, guess it's all up to others around me.. I think they do prefer me being a bit more stable.

Spin topics huh? well I'm known for making things look way worse usually, so I'd not risk that !

So do I; I'm well known for making a downer out of every cheerful thing ever. That's one of my skills.

Ah no, I love my immediate family but the others,we never talk and don't intend to, they are indifferent to me, and if you hate them, I am sure there's good reason and I'm happy they are away from you.

Well, some of them are not that bad, it's mainly my opinion of them and what they did to others.. kind of awkward when you feel like someone's acted badly to a person you care about but they did nothing wrong to you, so you have theoritically speaking no valid reason to dislike 'em.

Ohh we had a similar story, I mean, we weren't in a proper relationship I guess.. but the whole thing really fucking hurt, you must excuse my swearing but it's needed, and it made me realize I had to change certain things for myself cos I was sick of the same shit happening all over again. and it fucking will never happe again, you mark my words!!

I do! I guess that in the end those sort of things really do work for the better.

Funny thing, I never really told her, even flat out denied when she's confronted me about that at the early stages of our friendship. That's how I roll; my friendships are usually short-lived and very intense.

By "tude" I'll safely assume you mean attitude, otherwise what on earth is going on??? Thanks, I have learnt in a very rough way I gotta have a good tude or else I'm toasted like a delicious coffee bean

Yup! That is the right idea. Also, coffee is delicious, that is my humble random side note.

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Humm you have right there but also, when you acknowledge you know nothing you can set your life to be a never ending learning experience, both amazing and terrifying!!

It indeed is. I'm guessing that there's some winsdoms and knowledge that curses you with the moment you posses them, like a curse; it may enlighten your life, but it also comes with the dark side.

Sounds pretty neat. In here, prices of things are much less smaller than the German ones; it is often that people go from Germany to cross the border for cheapter groceries.
But of course, cheap products result in less money for the people, and less being donated to the state..
I know how this feels, sort of. My father works as a freelancer translator; he keeps saying that he both has a terrible and an awesome boss. One thing is for sure, once you work at home, you never really leave your work.

Yeah I was told it's a good idea to go to Poland to fetch stuff, we didn't go cos it wasn't close enough sniffles , hehe well I like to keep my contact with other people on the just no more than needed, so not having co-coworkers or people giving me shit ,it's pure bliss!!

Sounds pretty nice, then again, I'm a really sociable personality wise, so I think I'd have died inside without having personal contact with people at my work.

Ah, sucks to hear that D: In which German city you were in?

Hmm freelancer.. well, mostly translator but I also do transcriptions, reviews, and very random weird things lol, I'm up for anything :D

I see. Well, then I have a rough idea at how your work looks like then ^ ^

Well, there's several works about that topic, is indeed fascinating, you don't see that in lions or other big animals, they don't subject themselves to such nonsense.. but the human mind is.. I wanted to study psychology for a while, cos wtf is going on? then moved to anthropology though cos.. culture itself is weird a good way

Sounds really interesting.. well, my money is on the fact that we are social creatures over all, and the feeling of comfort is what brings us joy.. comforting and entrusting.

For the pain itself? Maybe it's a part of us that connects us spiritually with one another. I really don't know, my relations with spirituality are a bit.. shaky.

So you've ended up studying anthropology? Interesting. During my brief stint at uni I studied Mandarin, but right now I'll be applying for history instead. Back when I was applying for unis, I had the choice between Japanese, Chinese and Swedish. I honestly don't know what came into my mind when I was applying, oh well.

"Edgy" :P I enjoy all sorts of music but yes, edgy is more my jam, except when at the gym, then it's k pop and stuff. The band is Artrosis

I see.. well, I sometimes like listening to darker music, but it's mostly New Wave for me, maybe some electronica etc. Also rock etc., but that is so vanilla it becomes boring when telling others ;P

I remember one of my classmates listening to it, but we never really got along together. A long story.

That too. And it comes with many fruit flavours; I remember sending one crate of booze to my friend for Finalnd (spent roughtly 50 euros on it), only to find out that the Polish Post has manged to break the packaging.. I still cry over how much of a waste that was.

Fruit flavoured vodka??? Ok that's it, next time I'm in Europe I must go get me some of that!!!
Aghhh so much waste :(

Bluebarry, cranberry, cherry, citrus, orange.. pick your poison girl ^ ^

Humm, i manage to get hit on the face by volleyball balls, or random branches or anything really, beats me how being so low here...

Well, the densitity does increase with every cm. That, and the feeling that the ceilings are merciless in older buildings.

Well, being taller means bigger steps, so you burn less energy when walking..

Yeah but my overall body fat % would drop magically just for being taller, guess I'll have to keep hitting the gym for that fit look then sighs

Well, thankfully my work also includes some chores related to the overall neatiness of the place, so I'm not that unfit.. guess it's the only thing keeping me away from living like the ultimate coach potato xP

tilts head It's ok, we should talk about things when we feel like it, all of us, still not gonna go and look cos it feels wrong. I have had a hard time with that back in my youth, came with self harm and all the amenities... but, eventually it got better, after it was really bad.. so.. i guess what I wanna say is.. I know how it is and I hope it'll be better for ya soonish.

I know that too well sadly. Thanks for the words, guess I'm still fighting, so it is not that bad, plus I really do feel much better these days. Went from unstable to feeling constantly much more down yet being stabler.. I honestly don't know if it was a good trade-off or not. At least people are no longer worried to leave me alone for long periods of time xD

Hmm, i do think we all are on our own anyhow, but that's kinda a sad topic, well it may sound sad so I won't get into it, it's too early.

There are many sad topics sadly.. wow, that sounded really campy. My point was that one can spin topics into sounding happy/sad as their wish once they gasp operating with words to a sufficent level.

Then again, I hate most of my family, so maybe it's for the better that I have to know less people that are blood related.


Trust me, all of them deserve that lol. At the very least none of them live in the same city.. I guess if one is family oriented, then that kind of attitude can sound awful to them, but it really isn't bad.

Ouch, sucks to hear that, especially since I lost my previous crush due to the same reason. Anxiety and depression, but it really wasn't her fault to be honest. Managed to become somewhat functional now, but I'm pretty sure that any of my chances for me ending with my crush are dead due to my mental instability ^_^
But yea, we really do have to stay strong ^^

Well... it does suck but... it's also a sign that it wasn't really meant to be, I am not saying people have to put up with my crap but if they get "scared away" like that..well , I can't assume how people feel, I'm terrible at it, but I do think some things are worth , I think I am, when I'm not being a total lunatic, which happens less and less , I have the feeling it's gone for good now, I am in a positive place in my life now...but I dunno what the future has for me! It better be fucking awesome though
raises fist strong indeed, don't wanna have those empty days rolling one after the other again, I've come to dislike such feelings.

Well, it was kind of a complicated case, I honestly don't blame her for leaving me, plus she did form a great fundation for me standing on my own feet. It was thanks to her I actually bothered to go to a psychiatrist and started to fix me own life. And she did even more solid to me by leaving me; it proved to be that much of a solid push that with said moment I've decided that I cannot live like this anymore and will try to function better for my friends.

Well, things went much better for me when my crush was at my home.. but she lives far away.. I used to have her hug me to sleep, now I have my pillows for that..

Glad to hear you're in the happy spot now ^_^

With such 'tude I am sure that the things that the mysteries are holding for your future are nothing short of good!

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