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To all the misfits living in a world on fire:

I really hope you are doing alright ✌(◕‿-)✌

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But isn't the whole point of being a ghostwriter to be anonymous? Not really something I'd want to be honest.

There are known and successful ghostwriters.
But yeah, well... if you only work as a ghostwriter, not revealing your real name on your work is kinda part of the deal ^^

Unfortunately, I didn't watch Little Witch Academia so I'm totally clueless about those pairings...

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Do you think that if I got really good at writing, people would be willing to commission me? I know artists do commissions all the time, but y'know, all I'm decent at is writing. Getting paid to do something I enjoy would be nice though.

Of course that's possible!
Maybe you'll even become a famous ghostwriter one day!

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@ Utoptia

Glad to see the café as effervescent as it used to be.

Hey! Good to see that you're still around as well!
I've been missing some French rap beats for a while now ;)

@ SF

My apologies for taking so long to respond. I got distracted, It happens all to often. ^^

No reason to apologize ^^ I'm the queen of late replies!

Then when we find that anime, song, movie, poem, etc that features the same emotions as us we immediately fall in love with it.

Yeah... (♥ε♥) That's also the reason why I constantly look for new stuff to fall in love with. I'm quite promiscuous when it come to art, I guess (^∇^)
Just can't settle for one thing!

A Silent Voice. You might've heard of it, Its a anime movie by KyoAni, Its really good. Watching It actually made me feel a bit better about myself.

That's good to hear! I just read about the story. Sounds kinda rough. But since it made you feel better, I assume there will be a happy ending. I hope. ^^ I might give it a try and watch it too since now you made me curious.

Also I'd recommend listening to "While 1<2" (the album the song is featured on)

I make sure I will! Thanks! (^_^)b

It's more or less a fear that almost everyone I come in contact with I end up either pissing off or annoying. I know it's not true but still....

Irrational fears are the hardest to deal with.
… and life can be tough so I can't promise that this feeling will go away one day but I hope it will get better as you grow older.

Sure, I never really use email but I'm sure I could learn. ^^

Okay then, please use this as an emergency contact ;)
Whenever you get the feeling that things get too tough and there's no one around to talk, just send me a mail and I will try to be there.

I can assure you that everyone has at least a smile on their face whenever you're around.

I hope you're right! ^^ See? You're not the only one with insecurities ;)
I'm never too sure of myself, I just tend to ignore it most of the time (^∇^)

I wouldn't be so sure about that.....Heh.....

But I am. So it has to be true! ;P

@ Blackkitty

Well, I made pancakes for breakfast today.. afterwards, I got some positive feedback, but I wonder if it’s related to the fact that I burned myself in the process xD

The cute and clumsy giant! (^∇^)
I hope the burn isn't too serious... (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

Anyway, as it turns out, today is “National Hug Day” .. >_> so you still have the time to steal a hug xD ...

I missed National Hug Day! T_T It's already past midnight over here...
But here, have a belated hug (っ⌒‿⌒)っ

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That's a real shame! (¬‿¬)

dunno how to feel about being so linked to weird emojis but I'm going with charmed?

Your avi is partially to blame for that link, you know ^^

I've been fine ish I guess xD Nothing much interesting happens so I don't think there's much to say. How have you been :o

I'm too familiar with that...
Me? I've been pretty busy with breathing, eating, sleeping.... the usual, I guess. You know how life can be sometimes ;) But I'm good.

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CHOCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

It's great to see you again!!!!
Every time I post a weird emoji I wonder how you're doing! ^^ So tell me, how have you been?

I thought the thread died :o

It's undead, just like me! Every now and then it comes back to perverse forms of life again ;)

( )

That's totally you in that video, right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Admit it!

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@ SF

Sorry about the second half of that post last night. I just love to let myself get carried away sometimes ^^ But I can ensure you that I had a really good time writing it! (^∇^) I laugh too hard about my own jokes, I'm a total nutcase, I know. (ಥ⌣ಥ) But it's just too damn fun having fun, so I can't help it. Thank god I'm not a sadist! (^∇^)

Heh, facing my feelings and constantly butting heads with them is what led me to making that discord post, and it's what led me to linking it.

Yeah, it's not always easy going down that road. But with time you might find a way to redirect those feelings and turn them into something more positive. Why do you think people created art? ^^
As for me, I somehow turned them into a source of my strength over time.
Writing your thoughts down or talking to others about it often helps a lot. Turning them into a story might be a way to transform them into something positive. Or, since we both are kinda similar in that regard – music addicts, I mean by that ;) - maybe the perfect way for you can be found in music as well. You often listen to laid-back kinda vibes. Perhaps you should find a couple of really intensely emotional songs that somehow reflect your feelings and whenever you feel that way, just turn on the music, crank up the volume until you can't hear your own voice anymore and just shout along with it. ^^ That relieves a lot of stress immediately. 3 or 4 songs are mostly enough and you instantly feel better and then you can focus on something brighter again.
Every person is different but I'm pretty confident that you will discover your own unique method to make yourself feel better again at times like that at one point.

Or maybe, dancing can be your salvation, just like this:
That kid is really awesome btw! Kudos to that!
And now I'm going to spend the rest of my day imagining you dancing around your house like that! (¬‿¬)

I knew that you would definitely understand, which is why I linked it. ^^

That's because I've been there before. And at times like that - even though it might sometimes sound kinda spiteful to say that but - it's totally reassuring to know that you're not suffering alone. ^^

Great, now you've reminded me of this song, not that that's a bad thing though.

(゚◯゚) That song is awesome!!! Thank you for linking it!!!! I love you, man!!!! That one goes straight to my playlist!
I know DeadMau5 by now but I've never heard that song before! ….or I just didn't pay proper attention to the text....
It's just perfect! I love feeling like that. It's totally addictive!!!
And it also has a great merit: It makes you really autonomous! 'cause in our world, you can't always rely on others to be there when you need them, unfortunately. So being able to back yourself when push comes to shove is a real plus in life!

But on a serious note, it seems like a world all to myself would be really lonely. Thats why I like being here, because it's a world with different people all with different views and different idea's and different personalities. That's what's so great about the double edged spear that is life, theres so many different things happening at the same time flowing together so well and not so well and sometimes getting hit with the feeling that I'm plaguing all of that makes me feel bad at times.

You're right. That's the great thing about other people. Sometimes they open up entirely new perspectives because they're so completely different from yourself or maybe they are the same but have found a completely different way to go through life...
And see? You kinda said it yourself in that paragraph: There are all kinds of different people out there, so there's just no chance in hell that you'll be able to ever annoy them all at once. It's just not possible. Always keep that in mind.

If we just lived a little closer, I might propose hanging out together sometime. But, since that's not possible, do you want my email?
I can't promise to always be there, since I'm soooo not good at sticking around, but maybe I can help whenever you need someone most...

Oof, I really hate ruining the good vibe we had going lol.

Don't be. It's a constant up and down in life. And you know, with me, I'll always find something silly to say to make myself smile again... and hopefully others too ;)
I'm the kind of person that can even laugh at a funeral at times. ^^

I don't know what you're talking about, Dynasty Cafe is your cult! And your goddamn right you're the leader! All of us are your fellow followers!

Don't say stuff like that or I might start to believe it one day! I might even become Hippie Hitler! So be careful! (☉_☉)

You are a permanent treasure to this world! You should know this by now!

But if that's true for me then it also is for you! I won't accept anything else! ;)

(Why is it that all my posts are always so damn long... I sincerely apologize for that!)

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@ Blackkitty

oh.. am I? what.. why?

'cause you are probably the kindest person that roams the earth, that's why! 'nuff said! ;)

and how comes that you are so negative towards yourself when I can sense something so positive in you...

That is because I have to be my hardest judge, my dear! ^^
When no one else dares to judge me, I will! I mean, someone has to do the dirty work, right? ;)
… and I could never stand people that love to judge others but always turn a blind eye whenever it comes to themselves and their own actions...

a little or more of the two.. kinda makes me feel so stupid all the time but it serves me right.. ^^

Now who's being too hard on herself here...?
Ah.... don't say things like that! You've come so far! You can't give up now. You only just started studying there and like all things I'm sure it will get a lot easier with time.
What is it they say...? The night is always darkest right before the sunrise... So don't give up just yet Q('.'Q)

I wonder if I meant it that way.. xD

If you read my last post to SF right above, you totally will! I promise! (^∇^)

it's so much easier to listen to others, really... when I have to talk about myself - a different story. but I guess I could tell you, but do you want to listen about my anxieties... and I prefer spamming you with kittens xD

You can spam me with whatever you like. But if you wanna talk about it – and your anxieties – I will be there to listen.

hey, stop that! :)

No way! I always wanted to use that emoji! And since I can't direct it at anyone else, it just had to be me! (キ▼⊿▼)

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@ SF

How are you holding up, my friend? (。◕‿◕。)

Been doing slightly better actually. ^^
Mostly because of what you said

Glad that I was able to help at least a little. i really don't like seeing my music-loving buddy struggle like that...

You know, the lesson I've learned is that you can run from a lot of things in life - if you're clever or just fast enough ;) - but the one thing you can never truly run from, no matter where you go, are your own feelings. Of course you could try to numb them or to work on ignoring them but that is no real solution. The only way is to face them head on and then, you have to find a way to work with them.
So, if you feel like you don't belong in this world, just create your own little world and make yourself king ^^ That way you will always have a place where you belong and no one can mess with that.
Heck, anything goes, as long as you don't hurt anyone, is my motto ;)

I'll tell you what! I actually created my own cult!
Okay... the membership figure is only a low one digit number... okay, well, actually it is just me in there but hey, I am the leader! And in my cult, words like pathetic just don't exist! (^_-)b

And if they ever decide to institutionalize me, then I will become the queen of that institution!
They can't get me! No one can!!! C= C= C= C= C= C= C= C= C= ┌(;・ω・)┘

(◦’ںˉ◦) v

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@ Ashleigh

I just finished watching Little Witch Academia and lemme just say that I haven't felt this happy and excited over anything in what seems like forever. It was so bright and colourful and positive.

I'm really happy for you! ^___^

Tomorrow I'm going to start watching all the shows I've been recommended! I'm kinda looking forward to checking out all those shows, because getting into new things might be fun.

Hope you'll like at least some of them! ;)

@ SF

How are you holding up, my friend? (。◕‿◕。)

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Synthwave is so cool.

sigh... it is, isn't it! ♥

It's just that when I heard how much would go into making a visual novel, I felt really bad. I don't have any money so I can't pay anyone to help me out and I can't do all of it on my own.

That'll come later...

I'm still going to write the script though because the idea has been sitting in my head for a few years now and I can't stop thinking about it! I have to do something with it, ahhhhh-

That's what I'd recommend. Write the script if it really means so much to you.
Once you're done with that, you can think about the rest.

Oh my gosh I totally forgot about that! I've seen it come up a few times on the main page of Netflix but I kept putting off watching it until I was done with everything else. I'm totally going to start it after I've finished watching Little Witch Academia. My huge anime backlog can wait awhile longer!

If you ever get around to watching it, please tell me what you think.
I watch a lot of shows and I like many. But Stranger Things had some real impact on me. It brings together so many things I love. In my opinion, it's as close to perfection as it gets. But I'm totally unbiased, as you can see (^∇^)

Thank you so much for the recommendations though! I'll add everything to my watch list when I get on my PS4 later.

You're welcome! ^__^

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Okay so now that we have Netflix on, does anyone have any recommendations?

Stranger Things!!!! Stranger Things!!!! Stranger Things!!!!
And Stranger Things season 2!
That's also in sync with the music we posted above! ;)
Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. But that show is really cool!

If you like it violent then Marvel's The Punisher was quite good.
Also the classics: Orange is the new Black and Orphan Black.
Another comic related show: Jessica Jones.
Or, if you like Sci-Fi, Black Mirror.

That's all that comes to mind as far as TV shows go...

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@ Ashleigh

I think I've heard of Trevor Something before but can't really remember. The other two are completely new to me. So thanks for the recommendations!
Now I'm stuck listening to music again all night! d (^_^ )

One of my all time favorites is Noir Deco:
I recommended them here before – and more than once, if I remember correctly. That's why I stopped for a second to think whether or not I should recommend them again since I don't just wanna post the same stuff over and over again... But in case you haven't heard of them, please check them out! Their LP Future to Fantasy just creeps under your skin... I love it. No, I adore it!!!

And of course there's also Carpenter Brut:

And Power Glove:
No! Not that Power Glove!!! Of course this is what I wanted to post: ;)

And Lazerhawk:

And... now I can't stop anymore... okay, just one more! Zombie Hyperdrive!

It's overwhelming!!! (๑°o°๑)

Now I'm high as a kite again!

So am I, it's been so long since I've done it! Pretty much as soon as I left Tumblr a couple of years ago, I just completely lost interest in writing. Then I started playing Kindred Spirits again and it got me motivated to get back into writing. I'm also thinking of writing a script for a visual novel;

That sounds like a cool idea!

it most likely will never be made, but I really want to do something with the idea!

Don't say that, you never know! And as long as you have fun doing it, where's the harm?
So indulge yourself in that feeling for as long as it lasts! Those are the best moments in life! Don't think about the future, just enjoy the present!

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@ none

Sorry, I didn't want to sour your potential deal.

Don't be. It wasn't a life changer ;)
I just feel sorry for that customer. For all I know it could be the sweetest person on earth...

I'd like to say people who buy overseas are usually aware of all the issues (shipping time, time in customs, taxes), but sadly I think many aren't, so I understand why you wouldn't want to risk it.

From my experience some really are completely oblivious. But they aren't the majority.

Dealing with these kind of costumers must be a real pain '-'

Whenever you encounter one of those it is. (^∇^)
But luckily most people are really cool and pleasant to deal with.
More often than not you are pleasantly surprised.
But every once in a while you get one of those that ask where their order is when they haven't even paid yet. ^^

Np, it's always a pleasure helping you Anon =)

Flattery won't get you anywhere! (◦’ںˉ◦)

Much obliged though.

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Hey Anon, since you like electronic music have you ever listened to synthwave? I only just got into it recently but it's really cool. I especially like the more dark side of synth with artists like Dance With the Dead. I'm too young to really get the nostalgia from the whole '80s music revival thing, but I still enjoy that type of music a lot.

I have!!!! And I love it!!! Very much so! (♥ε♥)
I also know Dance with the Dead! I think I even recommended them here once.
Awesome stuff!
But I also like the 80s as they were ^^ So awkward that you just can't help but love them! ;)
(and it was also a video game that started my love for the 80s! Yeah, you probably guessed it: It was GTA Vice City)

Maybe you'll also like Perturbator:

Or Kavinsky:

Or The Midnight (though it might not be all too dark...):

That's the kind of stuff I can listen to all day! (ʃƪˆ▿ˆ)


I'm actually trying to write some fanfiction right now and it's not going terribly! I mean I've always found it easier to write really late at night since my imagination seems more active then but like, actually writing stuff after all the time I've spent not doing it is such an awesome feeling.

I'm really glad to hear that you started writing again!
Keep it up! ٩(。•ω•。)و

@ Mizusi

Oh fuck, me and reading comprehension are like water and oil

Don't sweat it! I know that feeling all too well... “(>ლ)”

Sometimes I just don't seem to get the most obvious stuff. Not too often, luckily. But whenever it happens I feel like a total moron... (Q_Q)
But I learned to laugh about it, I guess... (;^ω^)

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The parcel will arrive. Probably. But I bet it'll stay at least 1 month in customs.

If it was just a gift or a letter, I wouldn't mind.
But business related... you never know who you're dealing with and it's kinda hard to ask: Are you a patient person? Or are you the kind that will constantly ask me where your package is and then cause me lots of trouble when it doesn't arrive whenever you expected it to arrive? ^^”
That's just not something you can ask...
Thanks for letting me know!

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[...] if there's any truth to the stories you hear about things being stuck in customs for months...


For real?
... what a shame... I had hopes that those were just rumors used as an excuse by those who generally refuse to ship anywhere that isn't right across their alley...
So...? Would you advise not to ship there...?
I really don't like exclusion though...

Also, many thanks for replying!!!

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Oh, I asked because as a fellow Brazilian you could probably know BRs who did this, it's intriguing to me.

I wish my origin would be at least half as cool as Brazil... I'm from Germany, no such luck ^^

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What is it with you and harassing every artist to come to your country and then spamming youtube comment sections asking this same thing?

O_O... huh?

Also, não.

So, you are from Brazil? Thanks for replying!!!
If you don't mind I have a question about your postal system..? ^^
I got an offer from a potential customer who lives in Brazil. I just wanted to hear from someone who actually lives there if you think that your postal system is reliable and if there's any truth to the stories you hear about things being stuck in customs for months...
Any help would be much appreciated!

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@ Blackkitty

Hey! Don’t be sorry for anything! For one, I believe you do your best to be present as much as possible and I appreciate it!^^

How come you're always so kind, when you should call me names and look down on me instead? (╯•ω•╰)

Actually, how did you sleep after your small accident?

I slept quite good, thanks. I wasn't really hurt so it didn't affect my sleep at all. 3 small bruises are the only reminders, so all's good! ^^

As for the exams.. well, I wonder how important they are in reality... but I did what I could.

What was the issue? The subject itself or the language barrier?
I bet studying in a foreign language is pretty tough...

Plus being..hmm.. older xD helps me to look at exams form another angle..

That's the one good thing that age brings, right? Not just regarding exams but life in general. Your perspective changes and things usually seem less dramatic.

My vague memories tell me that last year you asked if someone here is from Brazil.

… did I...? If so, I totally forgot all about that... (ಠ.ಠ)

And as for your previous post:

I keep my fingers crossed for the poor guy! but it wasn’t a coincidence that he stopped to help you out :)

… what do you mean by that...?
Divine intervention? … or that he was a stalker...? ^^

And it was you who said yesterday that you are special.. so it’s only logical to be difficult for people to forget about you ;) heh

Yeah, you're right! I'm a total oddball! That classifies as special, right...? (;ↀ⌓ↀ)

but I don’t think I’m doing so well though.. I should talk about it probably later because I have to get up early tomorrow...

… (ó.ò) … wanna talk about it...?
If you don't wanna do it here, just write me a mail and I'll definitely reply this time! I promise!
And I wasn't even around to wish you good luck...

Damn me! Here: 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ ) I totally deserve this!

And thank you for the songs! ^_^ I listened to them, that’s what I need.. if you could take out some more out of your hat would be great heh

How about some Sheena Ringo then?

Or her band called Tokyo Jihen:
A good friend recommended her to me a few years back. And he has great taste, so the love should be spread ;)

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HI! ^^ Is there anyone from Brazil around... by chance...?
Kyonne, maybe...?

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@ Blackkitty

I'm really sorry to hear that...
Was it an important exam?
And also sorry about yesterday! I was too tired and went to bed without noticing your message... I sooo suck at being around lately...

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How retro are we talking here? I grew up with the SNES, so that's about as far back as my retro gaming knowledge goes.

Me too! When I was little my first console was a SNES. I was probably a little too young for it but since my sister got one for Christmas I had the honor of getting one as well. So Super Mario was my first video game hero! ^^
Then several years later I switched to a PlayStation console.
That was my golden age of video gaming! I became a Sony disciple!
It was only when I got my own money to spend that I began buying most of the other consoles and started the occasional gaming on those. Nowadays I have a nice retro collection but, like I said, I hardy play anything anymore... T_T Total waste...

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@ Ashleigh

Sure thing, as you wish! Ashleigh it is then.

Anon what the heck you nerd

Ah! Finally someone realized it! (。⌒∇⌒) I'm a total nerd, I admit it! ;)

So do any of you play video games?

I do! I love them! But I just don't get around to it anymore... (╥﹏╥)
So I can only talk about retro games at best... (^_^“)

But I can share a fun story! ^^
This evening when I left the house to go shopping I realized that it was getting really icy and slippery out on the streets. Nice, right? But I still decided to go anyway. So all the way – to three different shops I needed to reach – I was walking like a penguin, feeling like a dork and giggling to myself, but I managed. I successfully avoided all the traffic lights since I was too embarrassed to cross the streets there – just didn't like the thought of every driver watching me while I was wobbling around like that ^^ - and I still managed to stay on my feet! After leaving the third shop all that was left was to walk downhill to where I live. Yeah, I know, of course I have to live downhill ^^ So nice during winter! ;) So there I was with my three bags and of course, the second I set foot to go south I slipped and landed on my butt (^∇^) My feet just slid forward and I was practically sitting there straight, in the middle of the street, holding my bags up. Luckily nothing broke!
It's moments like that when you want no one to be around to see you like that ^^ But no such luck. A guy immediately parked his car right behind me and got out to ask if I was alright or if I hurt myself. Neither was the case, so he helped me up. He asked me if I would manage or if I needed a ride. Usually I decline but today I said that if he wouldn't mind driving me down that damn hill I wouldn't say no to that! So he was really kind enough to drive me home safe. A real hero! d (^‿^✿)
There sure are some cool people out there!
Not so fun thing is: he had a broken wrist. Two weeks ago he also slipped and seriously hurt his right hand. Complicated fracture. Even had to use screws to patch him up again... Poor guy...
Long story short: I'm okay and I hope my saviours hand will be too again!
Stay save everyone!

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Couldn't agree more...

(Θ(エ)Θ*) Wait! What?!?