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Omg, I wonder what will happen in vol. 7~
So curious >.<

Might be a confession or their first kiss.
I can't see anything from here:

There's definitely an AiChie kiss in volume 9 tho

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Spoilerish relationship chart by the author:
Pink = Like
Green = Friend
Yellow = Good Person
Orange = Love
Purple = TRoubled Brother
Pink>>Blue == Rival... Love flag?

joined Jul 27, 2013 was playing on my playlist while reading this. I think it goes well with this story.

Oh, and I didn't know Shaft produced NGE.

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Try changing the dot before the TLD (com, net, edu) of your email address to any other character except space. It should go from to user@gmail0com or user@gmail◆com. Whatever floats your boat.
Then try sending the message to yourself first to see if it's going thru.

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I remember reading Yu+Me a couple of years ago, which I should totally read again because I kinda forgot how it turned out in the end.
And then, there's this webcomic that I forgot the title of about a group of friends. The art's not the best, but each has their own story/chapter and it's not primary yuri. If I remember correctly, there were yuri, yaoi, and trans. The yuri story was that Girl A and Girl B were best friends, I think. And then, Girl A has this sketchbook that was kind of a diary to her. One day, Girl B looked into it and saw that Girl A's sketches were all Girl B in nude. It'd be great if someone could actually help me remember the title of this webcomic.

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and also, I think the new guy is not a competition....unless I'm mistaken because of lack of sleep, I read it somewhere that it's Baek-Seoul's(can't fucking remember her name) yeah?

I also had the same impression from the guy gave away this brother(if not, then male relative) vibe. They resemble one another in a way. But someone did mention that drama should be expected so it could be a interference between both girls.

i thought so too. but in the later chapter, the guy, ji-hwan, told no-rae that his mom and seol-a's mom are close friends. and seol-a's mother is kinda shipping her with ji-hwan. iirc, there wasn't any marriage proposals tho. but i do think that there's gonna be a love triangle somewhere along the way.

Ah wait, wait,
Would the author be teasing us with pictures like that, if it was to destroy it all with a random guy?
I seriously hope no~

if i were to guess, that would probably happen on idk, chapter 50 or something? judging by her hair length that is.

I stayed til 4am on 4chan reading the goddamn TLs. I'm friggin' in love with this manhwa.

They have the translations for up to chp16 now, but I'd recommend waiting just a bit longer. Seems like they're >almost done with chapters 3 and 4. It's more fun to get the visuals alongside the dialogue.

that's true. although it was a bit hard, i had half of my screen filled with tls and the other half trying to figure out which text bubble goes with the dialogue. lol

When I saw the male character, my immediate instinct was "Boyfriend". But then when he said "annoying" and the other guy came up, I flashed on this vision of "He's her boyfriend for image's sake but he's actually gay and that other guy is who he's really into and maybe unofficially together with".
This is probably not actually the case given what people are saying above. It just seemed to fit so well . . .

Great, now you've really got me wanting this dude to be gay and formerly using her as his "beard". It would take the story in really fun directions, I think.

Maybe she's gay too, but undercover, and they both use each other to officially stay in the closet.
Open door to yuri fest.

lol. okay but for those who have read up until chapter 17, idk but isn't ji-hwan always with his prof?

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You gotta love Morishima for doing these report manga.

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this could pass as teekyuu's spin-off. minako and marimo are probably sisters or something.

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still no group wants to pick the anime up? so much for yuri thursdays

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What's the one-shot she mentions on page #4? I'm confused, was it actually published? Would like to read it if so.

it's probably the intermission of vol 2. and the whole vol 2 is mostly about fue, asuna, and meru

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i lost it at shinki

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Fun fact, this artist got caught tracing and will probably never do anything again.

i sure hope not. i love this mangaka's art and ships. but didn't higashiyama shou got caught tracing too? and he's back now.

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what's the harm? it's not like the mangaka will be making more doujins of this pairing any time soon anyway. plus, not everyone likes mana.

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Not really sure if the cheating tag is necessary.

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i didn't even see a tinge of blush on ran at chap 12 p6 last panel. or even after that. this mangaka sure knows how to tease. and that is by far the hottest stretching yet

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i was just playing pcb and then i noticed the dialogue
Alice: "Why don't you worry about yourself if you have time to worry about others?"
Sakuya: "Oh yes, I'm worried about myself now."
Alice: "So, for what reason do you worry? About yourself."
Sakuya: "Because I'm carrying only three changes of clothes. For myself."

i love this mangaka. one of the few who ships sakuali. and flowering night could totally pass as their kid.

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Though that would quite bold of Amano, since s/he (could someone confirm Amano's gender for me?) mostly writes lighthearted fun doujins.

Amano's a she. I met her once. And if you'd ask me how does she look like, she kinda resembles tomo. Petite, hair just about her shoulders, wears glasses. That's all i can remember. Is should've taken a picture.

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looks like stepmom's gonna play a bigger role.
and is it just me or tomo is how you would describe amano irl?

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the official yuri drink, probably

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i wouldn't really call it a parody of marimite or strawberry panic since this is how girls, at least the majority, are in an all girls school. except they don't pretend to be elegant ojou-samas in front of teachers. they don't sit up straight. they slouch. they feel pretty much at home. they ask for pads/tampons in the middle of class even in front of male teachers. they think having a yuri relationship is totally fine and they're not disgusted by it. they have these "girl crushes." but once they graduate, bam. "bye bye girls. i'm on the other side now."

anyway, this was really entertaining. riri's an interesting character. i like girls who can cheer themselves up. dat fighting spirit. and it seems she's aware that she's falling for aoi.

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did i miss something or they never showed what mokou wrote after all?
and this deserves the tag. i wanna pinch dem cheeks, poke them, and then throw them in the river. haha. this is why i try to avoid moe. and babies irl.

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I might've bought that if Homura didn't suddenly start dancing after the credits. Okay, she turned into a god (or a "devil," as she puts it), but last time I checked, Madoka didn't spontaneously start breakdancing after she made her universe-changing wish. And during those 100~ timelines, I'm wondering if Homura ever actually had the chance to learn to do something like that. In the "final" timeline, we can see that she's seriously determined to prevent Madoka's suffering, which pretty much hints that she was giving it her all up until then, meaning Homura probably didn't have much time to learn dancing. Ironic, isn't it? Not having much time when your power is time.

my 1st guess was that she just enjoyed the transformation sequence in her barrier. but then again, remember that it was her witch barrier so the things inside it were pretty much part of her unconsciousness. maybe she was actually a dancer. they just didn't show it. much like they didn't show us any backgrounds of bebe.

An announcement? As far as I know, there has been none and Rebellion was intended to be "the end." But PMMM's original series wasn't supposed to have a sequel but Rebellion was announced, so I really don't know for sure. Maybe in 2016?
but there was another news that they will introduce a new writer. oh well, i think it's really too early for confirmations. not even a month has passed since the premiere in japan.

Is it just me or is Madoka not as innocent as we all think she is >.>...

hahaha. yes, madoka is so evil that she chose to wait until everyone's dead to become a magical girl. and kinda like reversal? homura is actually the good one. she's just being controlled. i have a feeling not a lot of people are gonna like that.

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In response to this, I'm assuming you watched that terribly translated version that switched to Spanish midway and transcribed things like "You is you."...

hahaha. no. nothing spanish on my subs. i knew the translators were trolling on the "being hitomi is suffering" part but her line after that that goes like "who told her to have an insensible boyfriend" made me happy. it just shows she has moved on from the violin boy.

oh, yes. i think nobody's gonna object with me when i say everyone had a lil bit of crush homura or at least an admiration. and i have to agree with sayaka's being the most realistic character. i'm really happy she became one of the angels. she became less baka now too. haha. and i just remembered when she stabbed her heart and transformed into/controlled oktavia, that was neat.

Is no one going to comment about how everyone suddenly knows how to dance? What. I'd rather have them not do something so uncharacteristic and out-of-place. I know it's probably to emphasize "gracefulness," but really? /slams desk and throws Rebellion out the window

that wasn't really ooc. i mean, they were at homura's barrier remember? they were fighting nightmares and their memories were altered.
speaking of out of place, anybody else liked the cake song? i think shaft did a good job w that. and i remember reading a doujin that explains why homura is the pumpkin. here it is i suddenly remember dem feels

Possible continuation? Maybe. That's what some fans are saying, at least. Not so sure about the Nagisa part, but I do agree that she should've had more of an exposition. She was just there and that was it. Come on, Urobuchi.

this. another reason why this 2-hr movie seemed rushed.
about the continuation of the series, i'm pretty sure there was an announcement long ago that there's gonna be a continuation of the 3 movies. being one of the open ending lovers, i was very much satisfied w the series' ending. it was perfect and i had my doubts on this 3rd movie. but after seeing the movie, a 2nd season would be a nice idea. no, it's actually necessary. they left out too many questions than the original ending. they would probably add new characters tho. i just hope it's not gonna end up like nanoha strikers where nanofate seemed like side characters.

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i just saw it an hours ago so imagine my feels. please excuse me tho, my brain seems to have stopped functioning but i can't bring myself to watch it again. not yet at least.

at first i can't believe it. all the girls being alive and calling themselves puella magi holy quintet. this must be a dream. oh, and kyubey being a pokemon and not speaking for an hour was hilarious.
i love it when homura said "it is love" and the scene w kyousaya and the hand holding and the running and teasing and the touching. it felt like a slap to those in denial about the yuri in this series. well, it's not that canon but we could definitely agree that it's nothing fanon. at least the subtleness is on a par with nanofate

i also think that all those who hated sayaka will see her in a diff light. she kinda took spotlight there, which is really great. her being one of the "angels" of godoka. her thoughts on hitomi's nightmare. "being hitomi is suffering" haha, that was funny. and let's not forget hitomi's head floating.
oh, and bebe too. she was adorable. kinda sad that there weren't any flashbacks of her w mami, that would be great.

now onto the ending, why did homura chose to be a devil? how did she do that? was that the right thing to do?
-remember the flowers and braiding scene? homura realizes that madoka is not really happy being far away and forgotten. that may be madoka's true feelings but that madoka doesn't have a memory of walpurgisnacht and homura creating diff timelines. in short, that's not godoka's true feelings which i think might be more mature being a goddess and all
-as to how, i could only think of all the sufferings and misery she'd been thru all bottled up. then she realizes she's become a witch and kyubey wants to control godoka. plus madoka's feelings. thru these she was able to steal godoka's powers and became akuma homu.
-homura being a devil brings kyousaya a happy ending so hooray
-this way she'd be able to protect madoka from kyubey

urobochi's original plan was that homura would be saved by godoka. but the producer/director gave him the idea of leaving the movie an open ending. now we have this devil homu. i think even though they're denying of any plans for a sequel, there will be an announcement. maybe within a year. my question is what will happen to the magical girls about to turn into witches now that godoka's gone? the whole akuma homu really seemed rushed in the movie. it's really more like an epilogue

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yuri cross-dressing! SOLD!

this. and shouldn't there be an age gap tag? or is it because she's gonna end up w that female teacher? haha