Tag › Yuri

Female + female relationship(s).
Should be mostly explanatory when reading the chapter/series.
Does NOT matter what the setting is, just needs to have a relationship involving two women (including transgender women).

Should NOT be paired with the futanari tag unless there is somehow a separate relationship that does not involve futanari.

Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! ch46: We Can Be Your Family by Chise, Ciwei Mao Yuedu, and Mo Xian She released Sep 25 '22 Bullying Comedy Demon Fantasy Full color Isekai Long strip Read left to right Romance School life System Administrator Tsundere
I Won't Sleep with You for Free ch07: Sayama-san's First Time by Hinohara Fuki released Sep 25 '22 404: Men Not Found Big breasts College Comedy Ecchi Harem Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pay for gay
The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All ch22: The Girl at the CD Store by Arai Sumiko Original Doujin released Sep 25 '22 Aaaaaangst Glasses Gyaru Music Romance School life Tomboy
The Witch's Marriage ch32 by Team HEADLINE released Sep 24 '22 404: Men Not Found Age gap Blushing Couple life Fantasy Height gap Lolicon Marriage Tsundere Wholesome Witch
Shoujo Manga Protagonist x Rival-san ch21 by kuu_u_ released Sep 24 '22 Comedy Het Love triangle Rivals Romance School life Slice of life Tsundere Valentine's
After Kissing Many Girls, I Became A Yuri Kisser... ch04: Token of Friendship by Betock released Sep 24 '22 404: Men Not Found Angel Comedy Harem Lots of kissing School girl Supernatural
Anemone is in Heat ch23: Cultural Festival (2) by Sakuragi Ren released Sep 24 '22 Idiot couple Lots of hugging Romance School life Wholesome
Liberta ch27 by Tatsubon released Sep 24 '22 Action Comedy Ecchi Guns and explosions Horror Smoking Supernatural Vampire Violence
I Wish Her Love Could Come True ch04: Fair Weather, Sometimes, Is a Lie by Kanalina released Sep 24 '22 Aaaaaangst Ecchi Het Love triangle Molestation School life Tomboy
Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected in a Dream ch09: Their Private Time by Hijiki released Sep 24 '22 Blushing Childhood friends Gyaru Idiot couple Romance School girl Wholesome
My Dear Lass ch06 by Tracy Hu released Sep 23 '22 Full color Height gap Long strip Read left to right Slice of life
Constable Sakuma and Constable Hanaoka Started Dating ch04 by Purapa released Sep 23 '22 4-koma Adult life Big breasts Comedy Height gap Idiot couple
VAMPEERZ ch40 by Higashiyama Shou released Sep 23 '22 Age gap Comedy Ecchi Older than she looks School girl Vampire Violence
Long-Awaited Feelings ch18: I think it's terrible. by AirRabbitYan and Min Ran released Sep 23 '22 Adult life Drama Full color Long strip Read left to right Romance Time travel
My Mom's a Superstar ch17: Morning by Shi Yi Er released Sep 23 '22 Adult life Comedy Full color Long strip Read left to right
A Love Yet To Bloom by Fukaumi Kon released Sep 23 '22 Blushing Glasses School girl
Kiss Distance by Zawawa Love Live! Doujin released Sep 23 '22 Eli x Nozomi Height gap
Subtraction Tautology ch33: A Land Of Jade by Masatsuka Chii released Sep 23 '22 Aaaaaangst Drama Full color Long strip Romance School life Twins
Can't Defy the Lonely Girl ch31 by Kashikaze released Sep 22 '22 Blackmail Drama Romance School life Wholesome
Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! (novel ver.) ch24: The Fruits of Midsummer (II) by Chise and Ciwei Mao Yuedu released Sep 22 '22 Bullying Comedy Fantasy Isekai Light Novel Romance System Administrator Text Tsundere
Liar Satsuki Can See Death ch48.5: Volume 5 Extras by Ryouko released Sep 21 '22 Comedy Delinquent Drama Guro Horror Mystery School life Supernatural Violence
A Love Letter for the Marching Puppy ch24 by Tamasaki Tama released Sep 21 '22 404: Men Not Found Historical Romance School life Tsundere
Looking Up to Magical Girls ch41 by Ononaka Akihiro released Sep 21 '22 404: Men Not Found Action BDSM Blackmail Comedy Ecchi Mahou shoujo NSFW School girl
JS-san to OL-chan ch10: Gym by Yurikago released Sep 21 '22 Age gap Lolicon Office lady
The Skirt Sings at the Landing ch13: A night voyage by Utatane Yuu released Sep 21 '22 Drama Height gap School girl School life