Tamamusi http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=962300

Also known as Oku Tamamushi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tama_64
Side Twitter: https://twitter.com/ri83884096 (Mostly Vtuber/Crossick content, can be NSFW)

Her translated works are explicitly labeled "オリジナル" (Original) on Pixiv. Please do not suggest labeling them with any AKB48 tags.

Blue Sky Love Original Doujin released Jun 8 '10 School girl Yuri
Fuyu no Shi Original Doujin released Nov 12 '10 School girl Yuri
Goddess of Youth Original Doujin released Nov 20 '15 Ecchi Mangaka School girl Yuri
Company Girls Original Doujin released Mar 24 '16 Adult life Age gap Co-worker Comedy Drunk NSFW Reversal Yuri
Yuri Otaku Family Original Doujin released Feb 14 '17 Comedy Gyaru School girl Yuri
Petit Galette case.3: The challenge of Onee-loli released Oct 20 '17 Age gap Full color Student x Teacher Yuri
Petit Galette case.1: Younger Girlfriend released Oct 31 '17 Age gap Yuri
Secret In The Office Kitchen released Dec 23 '17 Adult life Co-worker Full color Muscles Office lady Yuri
more more oppai!!!! released Mar 29 '18 4-koma Big breasts Comedy Yuri
The Evolutionary Progression of Friends Platonically Sleeping Together released Apr 15 '18 Adult life Co-worker NSFW Romance Yuri
I Saw Some Yuri released Apr 22 '18 Autobiographical Full color Yuri
Standard Deviation Disparity released Sep 9 '18 Comedy Full color School girl Yuri
A Trip of Firsts released Jan 10 '19 Comedy Full color Yuri
One Page Shorts released Mar 9 '19 Adult life Age gap Bath Incest School girl Yuri
The Naked Me released Jun 16 '20 Glasses NSFW Yuri
A Manga With Too Many Premises released Feb 15 '21 Age gap Body swap Childhood friends Comedy Incest Office lady School girl Supernatural What the fuck am I reading? Yuri
The Great Seduction Plan @ Infirmary Nijisanji Doujin and Virtual Youtuber Doujin released Dec 27 '21 Age gap Alternate reality Ecchi Kana x Tomoe Student x Teacher Yuri