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Not to be used for fan works involving characters who are normally depicted wearing glasses, e.g. Hanayo Koizumi, Miyuki Takara or Chitose Ikeda, unless particularly notable/fetishized.

A Big Reward by akiosketch Original Doujin released Sep 27 '22 Ecchi Exhibitionism Full color Toys Yuri
A Love Yet To Bloom by Fukaumi Kon released Sep 23 '22 Blushing Public Transportation School girl Yuri
All of This World is a Cat's Dream by Hakamada Mera released Aug 29 '22 Adult life Drama Drugs Drunk Wholesome Yuri
The Devil and Me and Ichikawa-san by Yatosaki Haru released Aug 5 '22 Comedy Romance School girl Yuri
Who Stole the Lady's Heart? by Aoto Hibiki released Jun 12 '22 Age gap Big breasts Blushing Ecchi Finger Licking Maid Yuri
Secret by Amazaki Suika Original Doujin released Jun 8 '22 Gyaru School life Wholesome Yuri
Volatilely Platonic by Ohsawa Yayoi released Jun 1 '22 Adult life Ecchi Pay for gay Prostitution Yuri
Our Date That One Night by Ohsawa Yayoi released May 31 '22 Adult life Office lady Yuri
Near Yet Far by 2C=Galore released May 22 '22 Aaaaaangst Childhood friends Pseudo-incest Tomboy Yuri
Umbrellas by Sal Jiang released May 13 '22 Adult life Comedy Office lady Subtext
A Day With Senpai by Ogino Jun released May 11 '22 Moderate amounts of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
Our First Night by Hino Arashi released May 10 '22 Age gap Moderate amounts of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
The Apothecary's White Cat by Sekihara Umina released Mar 29 '22 Age gap Animal ears Biting Drugs Height gap Lolicon Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Council President, Your Face Is Red! by Kawa Shyy Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Jan 29 '22 4-koma Blushing Comedy Full color Setsuna x Vice President Yuri
Yuri Brought to You Live By Mob Boys by Sakuragi Akira Original Doujin released Jan 8 '22 Gyaru Yuri
Body & Contact by Yayoi Furudori released Oct 29 '21 Animal ears Big breasts Comedy Ecchi School girl School life Yuri
The Demon Disappears Through a Lens by Kashikaze released Oct 24 '21 Reversal School girl Wholesome Yuri
Special Outing in SAGA by Aki Eda Zombie Land Saga Doujin released Oct 6 '21 Ai x Junko Slice of life Yuri Zombies
Please notice me, Hinako-san! by Kumo Suzume released Sep 23 '21 Cross-dressing Mangaka Yuri
The Sales Rep Who Absolutely Won’t Come VS The Researcher Who Absolutely Wants to Make Her Come by Pandacorya Original Doujin released Sep 18 '21 Co-worker Comedy Insane Amounts of Title NSFW Toys Yuri
When I woke up, next to me was... by Sakuragi Akira released Jul 19 '21 College Comedy Ecchi Yuri
That Time Me and My Friend Tried Raising Our Skirts 10cm Above the Knee by Aweida Original Doujin released Jul 9 '21 Legs School girl Yuri
The Gyaru is Curious About the Otaku by Enma Akiyama released Jun 12 '21 Aaaaaangst Gyaru Mangaka School girl Yuri
Hon no Yomikata by 2C=Galore Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released May 20 '21 Hanamaru x Yoshiko Yuri
Original Yuri Manga by Sinogiasa Original Doujin released May 9 '21 Incest School girl Yuri