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Mangas based on the authors own life.

lumiamber (and aether) vs g-kun by Phan Genshin Impact Doujin released Jun 30 '21 Amber x Lumine Autobiographical Comedy
I Saw Some Yuri by Tamamusi released Apr 22 '18 Autobiographical Full colour Yuri
True Story Encore by Nei Original Doujin released Jun 21 '16 Autobiographical School girl Sequel Yuri
True Story by Nei Original Doujin released Jun 14 '16 Autobiographical School girl Yuri
Splatoon Yuri Diaries by Eromame Splatoon Doujin released Aug 27 '15 4-koma Autobiographical Comedy Full colour Yuri
Yuri Friends by Morishima Akiko released Sep 2 '14 4-koma Adult life Autobiographical Comedy Mangaka Yuri
TakuLez Meet-Up Report by Morishima Akiko released Jul 17 '14 Autobiographical Yuri
Cat Gravity by Dowman Sayman released Mar 10 '14 Autobiographical Comedy
For You, My Beloved by Sasaki Aya and Yoshizaki Nagi released Dec 31 '08 Adult life Autobiographical Drama Romance Yuri