Dowman Sayman

Also known as Douman Seiman

Site is NSFW, contains het, cat gifs.

Ever Green Original Doujin released Nov 25 '11 Big breasts Het Lots of sex NSFW Old school Toys Yuri
Kakatto! Yotsuba&! Doujin released Aug 19 '12 Comedy
Eclipse Party released Aug 29 '12 Animal ears Drugs Moderate amounts of sex Monster girl NSFW Supernatural Tailsex Threesome Yuri
Osaka Expo - Dowman Sayman released Oct 6 '12 4-koma Comedy
Misasagi Elementary School War released May 31 '13 Comedy School life Yaoi Crush
Island released Jul 17 '13 Creepy Het NSFW
Doubt released Aug 9 '13 Het Romance Supernatural
Girls' Day Out of the Living Dead released Oct 6 '13 Comedy NSFW Violence Zombies
Witches' Sabbath released Nov 4 '13 NSFW Supernatural Yuri
After Life released Dec 1 '13 Ghost NSFW Tragedy Yuri
The Dream Of An Elephant released Jan 2 '14 NSFW Violence
Ika Musume Hunter x Hunter Doujin and Shinryaku! Ika Musume Doujin released Jan 15 '14 Comedy Ika x Sanae Yuri
Kill Living Beings Persona 3 Doujin released Mar 4 '14 Creepy Het
Beloved Jennifer Splatterhouse Doujin released Mar 5 '14 Comedy Gender bender NSFW School life Supernatural Yuri
Sweet Life released Mar 9 '14 Drama Het NSFW
Cat Gravity released Mar 10 '14 Autobiographical Comedy
Weight Lovers released May 2 '14 Drama NSFW Toys Yuri
Spooky Tale The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Doujin released Jun 13 '14 Supernatural
Desk War released May 12 '16 Comedy
Primo Piatto released Oct 13 '16 Drama Supernatural Violence