Tag › Adult life

For stories primarily focusing on adults.
Best used in situations where the age and setting of characters is clearly fitting.

Not to be used for Touhou doujinshi, unless that specific aspect is prominent.
Should not be paired with either the Office Lady or College tags.

Worst Goddess in the World by Imura Ei released Apr 13 '17 Adult life Bullying Drama Yandere Yuri
The Woman Next Door: Part A by Takemiya Jin Original Doujin released Feb 14 '17 Adult life Yuri
Sachiko and Syoko Ten Years From Now by Ugetsu The Idolmaster Doujin released Jan 19 '17 Adult life Sachiko x Syoko Yuri
Adult ManaAri in which Alice is to enter a marriage of convenience by Panmi (Negom) PreCure Doujin released Dec 26 '16 Adult life Alice x Mana Drama Full colour Yuri
Iroiro by Fugace Love Live! Doujin released Dec 19 '16 Adult life Maki x Nico Romance Yuri
Jewels by m k Original Doujin released Nov 29 '16 Adult life Childhood friends Full colour Marriage Romance Yuri
I Want To Seduce You by Kitao Taki Original Doujin released Nov 25 '16 Adult life Bisexual Blushing Co-worker Drunk Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Que Rico! by Nishi Uko released Nov 18 '16 Adult life Food Non-moe art Yuri
You Are Mine by Matsushita Mai Original Doujin released Nov 10 '16 Adult life Childhood friends Yuri
10.03 by Silver Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin released Sep 12 '16 Adult life Comedy Full colour Homura x Madoka Yuri
Family by Logical Zero Mai Hime Doujin released Aug 29 '16 Adult life Comedy Science babies Shizuru x Natsuki Yuri
Not a Lover NicoMaki by Honami Aya Love Live! Doujin released Aug 28 '16 Adult life Maki x Nico Yuri
Shakaijin Yuyushiki by Tatunokosso Yuyushiki Doujin released Aug 8 '16 Adult life Polyamory Yui x Yukari x Yuzuko Yuri
Evening Cherry Blossoms by Ooshima Tomo Love Live! Doujin released Jul 22 '16 Adult life Maki x Nico Prequel Romance Yuri
Pink Romance by comess0 Love Live! Doujin released Jul 21 '16 Adult life Maki x Nico Romance Yuri
Love Like a Whisper by Takano Saku Love Live! Doujin released Jul 1 '16 Adult life Eli x Nozomi Marriage Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Romance Yuri
Original Yuri Manga by Tima Original Doujin released Jun 22 '16 Adult life Age gap Blushing School girl Tomboy Yuri
NicoMaki Had a Baby With iPS Cell Technology 2 by Ooshima Tomo Love Live! Doujin released Jun 15 '16 Adult life Comedy Maki x Nico Pregnant Science babies Sequel Yuri
Bare-faced Beauty by Asaoka Minagi released Jun 2 '16 Adult life Co-worker Yuri
Water Depth by Imura Ei released May 31 '16 Adult life Drama School girl Yuri
Thinking of You Amidst the Fluttering Cherry Blossoms by Kajimoto Love Live! Doujin released May 28 '16 Adult life Kotori x Umi Romance Yuri
Let's Get Married by Chocore Love Live! Doujin released May 22 '16 Adult life Blushing Kotori x Umi Marriage Yuri
Morishita and Arai's Romance by Mira Original Doujin released May 6 '16 Adult life Age gap Big breasts Comedy Drunk Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Office lady Tsundere Yuri
Love Magnet by Nishi Uko released Apr 25 '16 Adult life Sequel Yuri
The Dog's Desire and the Reality of Discipline by Inuzuka Bouru Love Live! Doujin released Apr 19 '16 Adult life Anal Animal ears BDSM Blushing Honoka x Maki Insane Amounts of Sex Lots of kissing Lots of sex NSFW Romance Toys Yuri