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Fanfiction, Yamibo(in chinese) and XVNA(in chinese) to read yuri fanfic and download yuri novel.

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yuri game? Loren the amazon princess is great! good plot and characters and fun to play,
i remember somethings in The longest journey, but this is what i intended about exchange of titles and infos, infact i never played agarest and now i'm curious,
i'm a big fan of jrpg and i haven't any console, and this genre for pc is the rariest,

post edit: i forgot Gone home, a recent masterpiece, but probably is better to not categorized it as a yuri

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Yuri games?

Summon Night Craftsword 3 is pretty good, too bad there's no translation.

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There are a bunch of games put out by Winter Wolves and Hanako Games that are basically visual novels with other gameplay elements, and many have yuri romance options. Lauren The Amazon Princess in particular has a lot of them.

I don't recommend Planet Stronghold, the only F/F romance line denies you even a kiss. Very disappointing.

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As yuri games go, I suppose Demon Master Chris is pretty relevant. It's a party-based dungeon crawler-type RPG where you have to capture the (female) monsters by stripping them; I found the battle system/story engaging enough, to 100% the thing over a week or so anyway; though I'd say the best way to go about playing it is probably to use Cheat Engine to give yourself infinite money at some point to spend on the clothing system.

In case anybody is interested, there was a good discussion thread here on /u/. You can also find a strategy guide and link to a general discussion thread (from before the game got translated to English) [here](

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I guess, and reddit

For yuri games on PC would definitely be Katahane, and Sono Hanabira series.
But I'm a console corrupted person, so the games are normally yuri subtext (e.g. Atelier Arland series, Tomb Raider -reboot-, etc.).
Also, playing yuri games are mostly better on PC as Japanese yuri game developers tend to publish them on PC. Such a shame that many people need to wait for translations though.

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I troll through AO3 once in a while, lots of good ShizNat there, but I don't really get into the community particularly.

I am saddened by the total lack of femShepard x Tali'zorah or femShep x Dr. Chakwas fics though.

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Well, in addition to these forums and the accompanying discord server, I also frequent r/CivBattleRoyale and its Discord server, 4 separate subreddits that have something to do with the Puella Magi franchise, the Legacy and Skish Isle discord servers, as well as a number of Youtube channels, most of which (with several exceptions, like some meme, reddit, and misc. channels, or my good friend Ghjak, etc.) tend to be either History Youtubers, BreadTubers, or mappers (though these last ones are pretty inactive recently).

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I tend to go to the following myself:
1. - Mostly for Dresden Files and Warhammer 40k crossovers
2. Reddit:
2a. HFY
2b. Politics
4. Critical Role
3. BoardGameGeek
4. RPGGeek
6. Youtube channels on Wild Earth (highly recommend for animal lovers), LOTS of Lofi and relaxing video game soundtrack compilations, Geopolitics, Politics, History, News, Video Games streamers (ex. A_Seagull, Cohhcarnage, Preatorian HiJynx)
7. Instagram pages similar to the YouTube channels. But more of a focus on social issues, politics, conservation, geek stuff, gaming and lots of KPOP (with a heavy bias toward Mamamoo).

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