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joined Jan 30, 2013

Ooh, I thought it was a one-shot, but it's a series. Usually it's other way around =/
Pretty cute.

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Nezchan Moderator
joined Jun 28, 2012

A little bland, but then I find most 4-koma school stories tend to be that way. I do like how the lead really isn't into the foolishness around her.

joined Oct 15, 2013

Hehe, cute.

joined Feb 18, 2013

Well, that was silly. Looked like she was reluctantly on her way to a harem situation.

joined Mar 12, 2014

I love 4-koma yuri!!!

joined May 2, 2013

Mmm...Im guessing that the three "chapters" are the same oneshot right? I prefer to think they were just separated thank you very much xD meh, it was ok I guess, pretty generic at this point but its not like it was bad either, theres a few images of these three on the authors blog too so thats kinda nice.

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joined May 11, 2015

feels like the story is ending right in the middle and nothing happened. Cute, but a bit of a waste of time. =/

joined Aug 17, 2013

It really feels distinctly like the series began, and then cut off abruptly.
You had a good thing going, Muku-sensei! Don't give up now!!

DR2 Hajime Hinata
joined Jul 20, 2016

aww it's too short I wish the mangaka worked on it longer, but it doesn't seem like the action packed kind of yuri manga anyway, it's kinda like a slice of life one

joined Feb 18, 2015

No more? Too bad, it was kinda cute...

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