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joined Nov 11, 2013

The author's name reminds me of the Sumomomo anime, when I think of the two of them together.

joined Mar 1, 2014

Why the heck would you abandon something this awesome?!

joined Jun 25, 2013

I REALLY hope SOMEONE would pick this up, even if just to practice how to translate Japanese.
But, if not, could someone find out where I could find the RAWS so I could find out how the story ends!!!!

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GendoIkari Uploader
joined Aug 10, 2011

As a satanist I really liked this one, I hope some group picks it up soon.

joined May 11, 2014

...Kiryuuin Satsuki?

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joined Dec 18, 2013

Hey I remember this one, great and hilarious series. Shame it was abandoned.

joined Aug 1, 2015

This was an awesome manga wish they continue i can't wait but I really wanna see lucifer awaken I want warrrrrrrr xDD

joined Jun 27, 2014

I have to say, I just started reading this (thanks Nezchan) and it really is cute so far. It's too bad it was never fully scanlated.

Edit:And it ended just at the good part too...

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joined Sep 21, 2015

I found the raws, if anyone needs it just tell me.

joined Feb 17, 2018

Why did I start to read this knowing it was abandoned

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