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Wow first thank you for translating and editing, uploading of all ! Binbou scanlation...but the credit page ..... :))
I was surprised when reading the tag original doujin 'cuz I feel like it was a fine manga !
The art is fine and I love Kaoru-chan's hair ~ ♥ her expression too squeal
Isechi at night seemed awesome Her eyes was different :)
Look forward to next chap :'> And definitely on my reading list.

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Whoa~! -Squeals-
This is so interesting! I'm glad that it seems to be a serious yuri between a teacher and a student! But I feel like this doujin will be sad (ugh) and the tags just tell me it will.

The girl with the twintails (I'm bad at remembering name) is a bit mysterious... But I like how she looks like. :3

I'm also surprised it's an original doujin... It looks beautiful and I'm sure the story (the plot) will be interesting too!

Can't wait to read more of this! :D

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Interesting. Definitely something a bit different than you normally see

Feels more like a regular manga than a doujinshi

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I don't know abt the SE or HE yet but I have feels that the plot is gonna pull it off .
Would love to know more abt sensei (past) . :( even though it's sad....
oh I'd like to know more abt the author too though :'>

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ohhh this is a lovely set up! I'll be anticipating this series c:

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I have a feeling that the student that Kaoru rejected is the same girl that Mikoto is going out with, or maybe I'm sounding pretentious...

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Well, in my opinion, it seemed that Kaoru-sensei was rejected after accepting the first girl's love or something severe probably happened. But then again, I think that it's more than that. Something should have happened more than the usual cliche thingy. Kyaa! I like Isechi-san! That blushing!


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Looking forward for more! I like age gap yuri mangas and my favorite was Hoshikawa Ginza District, This could be alike or even better. Also hopefully she will come to the infirmary with a better excuse.

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Awesome; can't wait to see more from this series. :) I suddenly remembered all those teachers I crushed on in school. (One of them even turned me down like what happened on page 3 even if I hadn't confessed yet. LOL!)

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I'm hoping for no delays in updating! I love this genre!

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i loooove age gap!!! and student and teachers is the BEST <3
Love the art, the expression in the eyes and the hair

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This is good.

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i looove age gap and this looks very interesting! i cant wait for the new chapter!

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Thanks for uploading this, it feels great, i'm hoping for another 10 chapters, at least (?) haha, no seriously, i'm hoping for a good development in the story, seems promising ~

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Wow, so many good series are coming out these days! I'm gonna be hovering this site like a hawk.

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Shows so much promise~

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Sweet! I like the student-teacher relationship. I'm hooked on this.

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Interesting... :v

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More abandoned that Judas on friendship day

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I can't believe I hadn't read this until now. Need more!!

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The artist just uploaded chapter 5 on pixiv.

Well on this note I hope I can read chapter 2 before the end of this month :D !

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Is it cancelled?

OrangePekoe Admin
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Is it cancelled?

The series is ongoing, as is its scanlation.

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The series is ongoing, as is its scanlation.

No updates for four mounths doesn't look like "Ongoing" to me...

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