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Seriously...I hate this story. It's too cute!

joined Apr 20, 2013

LOL! It seriously reminds my relationship with my ex bf. We broke up many years ago due "problems" (well, we were really young that time :P). Two years ago he contacted me and we return our friendship. I kinda love him, but don't want date or something. And isn't like we are 'Friends With Benefits". We support each other with all our personal problems and I'm okay the things as they are... Wow! Now I see the special friend I have in my life. :D

EDIT: oh yeah! And the DJ (2.5 ch) is AWESOME! n __n

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joined Mar 16, 2013

too cute... Can I have another chapter? ahahhaha

joined Jul 7, 2011

Chapters are out of order.

joined Sep 23, 2013

really good! I liked it so much! the good things always are short...dammit!

joined Jun 7, 2013

hfdfgsfafrstfyugighoijp!! [insert meaningful comment here with fangirl squee]


joined Feb 5, 2013

My favorite of all times! :3 it's just sooooo..... damn awesome! xD I can keep reading this forever and not get tired of it...but I want mooooore of it >_< gahh...MOOOOOOAAAARRR~!

joined Nov 14, 2013

So those two girls went from the taco truck to having their own restaurant?

joined May 3, 2014

@gootznbootz yeah :3 they open the restaurant in the end "3

joined Dec 18, 2013

One of my favorite stories, it just feels you with fuzzy feelings.

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My fav by Morishima Akiko!

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Isn't 1.5 supposed to be between 1 and 2?

Edit: Now its fixed. Thanks <3

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joined Oct 13, 2014

always nice to come back to manga like these after a while

joined Dec 3, 2014

I love this so much.....But for some reason, whenever I see that page in Part 2, where there's that kind flashback scene to when they first kissed, I keep thinking of Mikasa x Annie (they're my OTP for Shngeki no Kyojin, no matter how crack they are). Does anyone else get that feeling? Or is it just me?

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So those two girls went from the taco truck to having their own restaurant?

If you pay a little attention to detail, you may notice that between Ch.1 and Ch.2, four years have passed.

joined Mar 9, 2013

These two make my heart pound. Or maybe it's the beer.
It's both.

joined Dec 8, 2013

Yay! More! :D

joined Mar 23, 2014

Ahh~ So glad to see this couple again :)

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Ahhhh! I actually screamed when I saw we got more of this! Love this couple. Love Akiko Morishima. Love Yuri

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Wow... that was so heartwarming. I freaking love Morishima Akiko so much. This was a really great story

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woah this is surprising , its been years since I read these two

joined Jun 27, 2014

That last suggestion on the extra page though....I'd totally love to see that.

joined Jul 22, 2015

More Honey & Mustard yasssssssssssssssssssss. A one-part A-side taking place between Ch 2 and Ch 2.5 and a two-part B-side prequel to the whole thing.

joined Dec 18, 2014

Oh God damn it!
I just downloaded this yesterday...

joined Jan 8, 2014

Ooo cool more parts, and backstory! ^_^
I ended up re-reading this and womens division... so cute!

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