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I don't like this oneshot as much as the prequel, probably because I don't understand what Midou is thinking and she feels more "human" in the prequel than this one. Miku is still interesting though.
Nonetheless, this is still a decent and enjoyable oneshot. Yorumo's art is gorgeous as usual.

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The art is nice but the writing just sort of feels all over the place.

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YAYYY THE SEQUEL!!! Thanks for working on delivering this chapter! Was definitely worth the wait haha

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whatever people complain above, this was cute :3 and there is an 3rd

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Not a bad sequel.

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yassss bitch

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Praise!! So glad one of the best one shots recently has a sequel

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really good two shot, my style

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refrain kiss is kind of a hot mess, but not really hot or messy enough. not enough commitment to justify expanding on cigarette kiss's ending and a big tonal shift without a lot of payout. also the pacing feels off.
the refrain kiss story beat concepts could work amazingly in theory but i just feel that they're impossible to implement in just one chapter and it shows.

still one of the better three shots on dynasty.

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