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Wow, 12 authors and nearly 120 pages, isn't this an anthology rather then a doujinshi? Also, why are there only 6 authors in the tags?

Anw, all of the stories were so freaking cute!!! I especially like October and December. I kinda wish there were more stories about adult NicoMaki though.

Also lol, what even is lactobacillus day?

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Nicomaki foreveer!!!!

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I can't believe I read 118 pages in one go

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I said to myself, if I didn't see any NicoMaki doujin in recents today, I'll reread all the NicoMaki doujins on my saved list.

But well well well what do we have here

I was surprised when this showed up. Poggers ( ՞ਊ ՞)

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That last chapter was so freaking cute, the last panel focused on their hands <3. December and the month where Nico is saying goodbye to Maki before heading to school/college were my favorite.

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Holy heck this is some blessed content

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