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joined Mar 23, 2019

they should have the granny maid join them next time

oh my lord, satan kissing jesus! xD ahahaha

this was oneshot or extra was cute nonetheless

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Whoa master finally show more emotional on her face now. No more plain face yay

you might not have read the chapter where she seems ready to burn Hell down when someone tries to abduct Mel...

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Damn, that flower took only 20 mins it’s effect, master should’ve let her sniff it again after noticing it’s disappearing.

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dangerously cute

Torracollons Uploader
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And yet another masterpiece.

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Long time since the last Itou Hachi work! I can keep going for the rest of the year now~

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they should have the granny maid join them next time

Finally someone gets it

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This manga is a real candy.

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onee loli is the purest form of loli media i love it

(shota onee/onii is mid, and het loli is cringe)

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