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I feel motivated enough to pull out my firefly out for a walk in WT and just destroy anyone who dares to cross my sights

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What the hell is doing Mika xDDD

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Good, but not what I was expecting from that title/cover.

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Forever and always my OTP~

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Jelous Darjeeling is frickin cute, compensates for the lack of puppers. I wanted to see puppers.

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Finally ive been wating to see a dojin on these 2

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Next is 'How to Raise a Labrador'

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There is a suspicious bag being dragged away...

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Wow- I never thought we'd get an actual doujin of these two - I love it :) and want more!

^I wondered what that bag was about- its in a few panels.

p.s what are the panels about on page 6? Is it a flashback? If so why did she stop her if she was in love with her?

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What a lucky day! I literally just finished watching Das Finale pt 2 and wasn't expecting to see multiple GuP doujins

I love all the little background details, especially Nonna kneeling so that Kat can access the table

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I'm the one who uploaded the original raws for this on sadpanda, I'm thrilled to see it translated!
Thank you so much, Gungnir Heart and Nemo. I work in archival irl and I have a huge love for and interest in doujin culture, so seeing the things I share from my collection get shared with everyone else makes me really happy. :3

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@Non-tan Thank you so much for uploading them! I greatly appreciate all the wonderful people who have been uploading more GuP doujinshi on sadpanda. I hope to get more of them translated when I can so everyone can enjoy more GuP content while we wait for Das Finale 3!

Panzer vor!

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That was cute.

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Oi oi, is no one gonna stop Mika. OI OU OUI! GET BACK HERE

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