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I feel like if anything the development is more focused on other characters, Ataru, Kyouko, or Kita. But on the two focus characters of Elly and Wanko, I'm not sure development is really needed for them, like yeah Wanko is an immature goof to a fault, but that's something that'll be she'll work on years down the line and not necessarily in the timespan the manga took place. That said, the ending feels clearly axed and its why it sorta feels like the developments with Ataru and the side characters feel cut short.

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Well that was a huge hop to the end.

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Just that one panel with the wedding ring in the last chapter... subtle yet showing that they did go and make it official.

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Censored on page 1 of the office release :'(
That's probably the only censoring it will get, but still.

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Huh, i wouldn’t have noticed that

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I liked this story but in the end the side character in my opinion was more interesting than Main
Especially Ataru situation and i wanted to see that she will find someone but last chapters was rushed

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This series cracked my egg. It's mostly just sweet, nice stuff, but Kita's story finally made me realize why yuri (and lesbian fiction in general) resonated with me so strongly. I'm so thankful this exists...

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my comfort manga.

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Thank you, Ikeda-sensei.

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