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Honestly, while I hate the two student councils morally, it is funny seeing people go 'A bit of bullying isn't going to make me empathize with them' cause it's pretty clear the teacher is in on the shit too. With that, honestly I don't even hate Sayoko that much, it's awful what happened to Michuru, it's pretty clear the teacher's probably going to do some awful shit to her and this trauma's going to catapult them to where they're at now. It's fitting and gets me to sympathize with them a bit. I don't even know if Sayoko's death is 100% certain, just because I don't think Satsuki is going to have a moral heel-turn anyways. If she kills them or lets them die, they still get the moral victory.

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Man... It is so wild seeing people debate if Mariya is going to end up homeless or not. Honestly, I figured the actual number wasn't really relevant, the point is 'she got a lot of cash' and it acts as a springboard for Tenma and her to hook up. If the plot goes there is could be neat, but at least for now I'm definitely enjoying this as a wish fulfillment yuri with the drama focused on Mariya and Tenma enjoying life.

Also honestly I like that this series doesn't at least flash the flags I don't like that I've seen in other series. Tenma and Mariya both seem to like each other and it's not like, a weird stalker kind of situation and Tenma is an adult which is also pretty nice.

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I really like the nerd girl's style, I doubt this manga will develop into too much beyond it's initial premise (Mostly short chapters and we don't even have names orz) but it'd be nice if it did develop a bit more.

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My biggest apprehension is if this counts as yuri, then I have no clue when yuri starts and stops, and as a gay woman who wants to read stories about gay women being in love, or at the very least implied to be in love, then the usage of yuri, with this stories idea of it, to find that becomes useless.

Like they literally end the story with them as friends (Matoi even confused why Yuriko would go all the way to the countryside to her sister's wedding when They're Just Friends) and living next to each other, not even together (Not that living together would mean much more, rather it just feels logical if I care about someone, given pooled income and all). Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru feels more like two girls in love than that and the author directly said it's not yuri, despite there's way more yearning and desire going on than Lilies Voice Wear Wind (And similarly, one of those LVWW is tagged yuri, but Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru is just tagged subtext).

I feel like yuri crush is way more appropriate than the tags of age gap, romance, or yuri itself.

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I still don't get why this is tagged Yuri. Like this feels different than subtext, where at least there's the plausible case of 'well I could imagine a romantic relationship developing, it just didn't for a variety of reasons'. In this manga, there's instead an explicit denial of a romantic or sexual relationship. I just fail to understand why this series gets tagged yuri when there's an explicit denial of a romantic or sexual relationship. If something like this, which is ultimately about deep platonic relationships, is going to be tagged yuri, it either needs to be specifically with regards subtextual plausible deniability (which again, Matoi wants to date, but Yuriko isn't interested in it) or now yuri might as well be tagged on every work on the site that features close female friends >_>

It's such a bummer too, finally another there was another newer series tagged age gap that was between adult characters and well, it's this.

For the record, I don't think aro/ace people need to be """fixed""", but this just feels like Matoi's committed to a relationship that won't give her what she wants and it feels kind of unhealthy and one sided. Like either I expected something where Matoi and Yuriko remain close, deep platonic friends but Matoi gets in a romantic relationship herself or Yuriko discovers she's enjoys romantic relationship. Maybe the latter counts as getting "fixed" but I see no reason why self discovery in a series about a two character's relationship that results in like, them getting closer is like egregious (especially when again, it's tagged yuri on this site). Problematic maybe, depending on how it's depicted, but it'd feel like that's kind of the point, especially when I know plenty of lesbians who considered themselves ace until they realized they could love other women and all.

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I feel like if anything the development is more focused on other characters, Ataru, Kyouko, or Kita. But on the two focus characters of Elly and Wanko, I'm not sure development is really needed for them, like yeah Wanko is an immature goof to a fault, but that's something that'll be she'll work on years down the line and not necessarily in the timespan the manga took place. That said, the ending feels clearly axed and its why it sorta feels like the developments with Ataru and the side characters feel cut short.

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that's so... depressing? it feels like we've got a lot of stuff still unresolved too like ataru and wanko's one coworker in the fake yuri deal? or hell we're just getting more kita content. :(

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Yeah honestly folks gotta keep in mind Elly doesn't quite know how to navigate stuff and she wants to be helpful while afaik Wanko knows Kita just likes crossdressing and also easily made jealous. I'm not sure exactly the full translation of stuff, but the japanese text plus some other comments make me not super concerned. At worst, Wanko is being dumb and doesn't know all the details, and I trust this to work out with Wanko hopefully learning given Takashi's handles trans stuff loads better than a lot of works have imho. At best? She's looking out for this random kid facing consequences for owning a skirt, being a dumb jealous dweeb (Notably after being concerned over Ataru and all), and will probably learn to be better.

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I don't really take too much into the "Aromatic/Asexual" thing, personally I'd wanna know what the original japanese was, because I'm having a feeling part of it might be a very literal 'I do not consider myself romantic, thus I am A-Romantic', like asexual being used for creatures who don't engage in sexual reproduction either.

In whatever case, it's tagged yuri, I'd kinda go in and figuring this is a 'gay person doesn't think about sex or love til meeting a possible love interest, then the ideas click' kinda story. Doesn't help that her sister is hooking up left and right while she's kinda left going 'yeah definitely not my thing', which I imagine has a pretty clear influence on her views of romance and all.

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But shouldnt prez ... had the same, how to abuse it.

It's just ideological differences. Satsuki feels she's got a responsibility to preserve life, probably because of a mixture of her dad raising her and (speculatively) because she failed to prevent her mother from dying when she was young. The president probably thinks Satsuki is just trying to satiate her own feelings even if it means others suffer by bad (in his view) people living. I wouldn't be surprised if his world view came to be because the vice president suffered because of someone and then when that person died however, her life got better, thus if bad people die good people will suffer less. Like it feels like the manga is leading to that sort of discussion and testing exactly how dedicated Satsuki is to that world view given the end of chapter hook of "Akira's abusive dad figures out where Akira's been". We're left asking "Will Satsuki agree that bad people should die if Akira's life is threatened?"

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Ok, Ive got the gist of this: There are two major humanly created things going on:
Lastly, according to the story, even before this manga started, MC saved a lot of people - successfully. Otherwise people would believe her by now. Why then has there been no complications before?

I doubt he's a time cop or whatever, like... Satsuki's been doing this since failing to save her mom however long ago, long enough for her to read mountains of medical books and understand the information and all. I think you're just over thinking things, the stalker girl didn't get her traits "stripped away" she had an unhealthy connection form that only gets worse when they perceive persecution for actions they think are fine, this just happens with stalkers period. Or Satsuki isn't becoming "stripped away", she's seeing death and has always been like this, I think most people might be like this or equally messed up in other ways if you saw corpses of people who havent died yet and knew you could change their fate.

I think it's more likely that the student president has the same sight Satsuki too, has issues because of that, internalizing 'Maybe people just have to die for the betterment of everyone' rather than 'I have to save everyone' especially considering the whole poisoning stuff seems directly related to him and the student counsel. I think Komachi's first death was unrelated, but the second and maybe some of the others were tests to see if Satsuki could see the premonition corpses too, if she could it could be another person to help manufacture things to get rid of 'bad people'. Also if he was just trying to save the world why didn't he just go "Look Satsuki if you keep doing this x, y, and z will happen" when they were in the student counsel room relatively private. Satsuki has strong conviction for life and might get on board with 'Well we have to let some people die to save more'. On the other hand if he understands that "Getting rid of bad people" is a thing most people won't be on board with, why not put Satsuki in a situation where now he has leverage? Such as the one he's got her in right now.

Though that one had the whole weird Satsuki death scene that I can't really figure out.

I'm pretty sure that was just Satsuki's imagination (should I call it wishful thinking perhaps...?) of how Komachi would be devastated over her death and all her classmates would realise how wrongly they had treated her etc etc... lol
Honestly, I highly doubt that Komachi would ever show such intense emotions... But I guess if you are going to die anyway, it's okay to imagine that your death would be a great loss to others...

Could be the evolution of her eyesight? She starts seeing other possibilities and as for Komachi: Seeing Satsuki die in such a way would be 1) Really traumatizing and 2) Enough to break the metaphorical mask she seems to have on at all times

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It started great, I was so into it until around chapter 16. But then some things happened that took away my enjoyment. Every character that gets saved never grow as a character after the fact, they completely get back to how they were before, even after a life or death situation. The main character, I loved her so much, and then I just can't get behind the "I need to save everyone because it's the right thing to do", I'm not saying this as if we don't know the reason, (you can fill the gap yourself but that's not good story telling), I'm saying it because that's the basic rule when writing characters like this, you have to give them a really strong motivation to make yourself invested in their actions even the more when she goes to such extremes just to save a random person she never met before. It's like the artist has this many little plot lines but he never does anything with them, like he keeps doing with Komachi, she clearly has a reason to act the way she does but it's never explored. I don't like it either that in this school people die almost every day, as is the case with Conan that whenever he goes there's a master plan murder in the making. All of this can be answer but the artist decides against it and just keeping the status quo of "Usotsuki, it's telling a lie again!". Akira is great I'm sad she's stuck in this to be honest.

Well... That's the thing, most people don't change that much because to them some weird girl just messed with them and they just Happen to be in danger. Just cause someone stopped you from committing suicide that doesn't mean you'll stop being depressed especially with a garbage mom like that one girl has. Also imho Satsuki's reasons are valid enough, chances are her mom died and she could've prevented it and her dad being a doctor with a heavy focus on the value of life made her obsess over the ability she has to prevent people from dying. I think it just hasn't came up much because Satsuki doesn't want to, it clearly had a big impact on her and I'm sure we'll get the exact details in due time, but it's not needed as much beyond the jist of it. I feel you're being too harsh on it, it's not that every character goes back to the status quo, it just is slow paced, like we're literally just now getting to the explanation of with Komachi and the rest of the student counsel that'll elaborate why she's shady. I wouldn't be surprised if her death was planned in the beginning because the President figured she had that gift and was meddling with overall stuff, that all part of the plan to confirm it.

The prez had to be the one on the phone with the Kouhai, right? If that's that case... is he trying to get Satsuki killed/jailed so she'll stop using her ability to save people? And I think it's pretty obvious why Satsuki feels the need to save everyone she can even though they haven't explicitly told us how it happened yet.

I binge read this all at once and now I want more help

I don't think he'd want her jailed, maybe suspended, but he does want to restrict her to stop her from saving people. I'm just not sure why he won't explain the weirdness he hinted at with the latest chapter to maybe convince Satsuki otherwise

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And don’t let all the dark horror/violence tags put you off—they’re quite accurate, but the overall tone is rather lighter and there’s more comedy than those labels might suggest.

So kinda like Mieruko-chan in a way?

I'd definitely say Mieruko-chan is pretty similar, though a bit different so as far as the ghosts are the gnarly gross looking parts of Mieruko-chan while you see like fairly tame corpses of like actual characters. I think Liar Satsuki covers heavier topics at times, but they're close enough that I'd definitely put them at a similar level.

Honestly the biggest differences is Liar Satsuki has yuri subtext so thick it might just be text lmao. Poor gals and their ability to see things they shouldn't see

Satsuki seem quick in though but maybe too quick. Not only she glossed over the low chance that Shiina would be poisoning two times at random but she seem quick to suspect the kouhai, not seeming to take in consideration it was at random. The two thoughts can't go together.
Shiina is more right in thinking it's someone who target herself rather than a poisoner going at random and it's probably the stuco doing. We can't forget the "nice" girl is part of the stuco and the stuco seem to know more than they already said.

I can't blame her, she's seen Shiina dead a few times and she values life too much to even think about actual murder. I'm super curious how this is all shaking out though. I'm curious what the student counsel's goal is if they think bad things will happen from meddling, like why not be upfront and tell Satsuki about it? Unless if bad things won't actually happen and they're just lying for ulterior purposes but I can't see why they wouldn't push the lie further...

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Oh yeah for sure, I'm gonna be buying the hell out of this series. A lil shame cause this means dynasty scans will stop posting the scans of this, right?

This is done by /u/, who have also picked up other licensed series after being dropped by previous scanlators, so I doubt anything will change here.

Oh! I see, thanks for telling me

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Oh yeah for sure, I'm gonna be buying the hell out of this series. A lil shame cause this means dynasty scans will stop posting the scans of this, right?

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I appreciate this one shot that isn't 'character with glasses is cuter without' but rather 'character wears glasses and is seen as cuter'.

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From the amount of trans setup put into Kita's storyline, I still don't know why some people still think she would be a crossdresser at this point

hold up; possible explanation, kid is transbian.

all hail SillieHonka, the prophecy is true

At this point, sure. That female-bodied inner self is definitely making it explicit. Before this chapter, I would have said it's likely, but the author could have taken it either direction. (Especially since they have before. There was a cross dressing character in their previous series who never presented or identified as trans)

Honestly the difference between how that character and Kita were wrote definitely led me on the 'Oh shit I think she's trans'. Like the crossdressing character kinda... Knew what they were doing. And that sorta makes sense? He wanted to wear girl's clothes and that's that. He looked cute in them and there you go. Kita though? She's like... Bumbling. And it really makes sense given her egg just cracked.

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saltyslug5561 posted:

Getting scolded by your dumbass sister on top of an evening of dysphoria. This poor baby needs a break. And I like how Sakuma tried to weasel out of there after dropping something silent but deadly. At least she is self aware about her screw-up

Kita was jerking off while fantasizing in case you didn't notice.

So, the "dumbass sister" is perfectly justified.

Was she? Like I figured she was just staring at herself, cause like who stands up to jerk off?

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Kitaaaa ;w; God this was really fucking good? Honestly I genuinely appreciate just having a trans character that's... Like 'Oh I might not be able to do the things I like as well as I do now and I don't exactly hate my body'. Like it's a really nuanced and personally relatable depiction of dysphoria and being trans. It's so nice that she's just like 'Seeing two happy gay women made me realize my ideal life'

Also don't worry Kita, you can still kick ass in baseball and transition, I promise ;w;

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WTF Sakuma. Like what the actual fuck? And you were talking about Wanko just a minute ago.

Eh, I mean, how else do you bring it up? They've talked about him before, surely they can be direct enough by now. Certainly not comparable to Wanko outing him to, from his standpoint, an outsider.

Certainly not in the entrance of their apartments within the possible earshot of his neighbours and family. Dont tell me that you didnt feel the abrupt change of the conversation too? From something seemingly enjoyable for him to possibly something shocking. How much Sakuma knows about him anyhow to make such an assumption?

I mean, Kita assumed Sakuma was either crossdressing or trans and just asked in front of her girlfriend in front of their apartment and that was after doing something creepy enough to make her think she had a stalker. Like it was a relatively innocent ordeal in the end, but like that could've gotten serious or bad. Compared to that, like... Asking about it with an assumingly pleasant tone with the elevator doors closing? Like entirely different ball park, and I think Kita just did a very naive mistake. Like I don't know, I'm pretty sure if it takes too long I'm sure Sakuma is fine inviting Kita over, they're like a few apartments away from each other.

Sakuma's approach isn't as big of a deal as people are saying imho.

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I literally just re-read all of Kita's chapters yesterday and there were so many small details in her storyline line that clearly point to her being a transgirl. Thanks Ikeda for proving the tranphobes in the comments wrong

I was thinking they were either into crossdressing or were trans - was there anything in particular that makes you sure its the later? I've not gone back over all their panels so not sure what details i might be forgetting. Obviously wanting to crossdress does not always = being trans.

While not the person you quoted I feel like there's some details like how 'girl-ness' is framed around Kita, e.g. the sister and Wanko singing about 'what girl's are made of'. Or the discussion with Kita's girlfriend, about how it's not that Kita doesn't see her as a woman, but rather some other issue. Like imho I'm pretty sure people who just crossdress don't have issues getting intimate with their girlfriends, but a trans girl could easily. Also the phrasing of 'Becoming a woman so well' feels way more trans over say something like "How do you find girl clothes that fit", heck it doesn't even quite feel like a question a crossdresser would ask unless if they had explicit intent on passing as a girl rather than just wear skirts or make up, in which case I gotta ask why do they wanna pass as a girl so badly lmao.

When they started talking about their body moving how they wanted feeling good , I thought it was pretty trans of them. Then Sakuma just fucking asked lol

Agreed lmao, I was still getting massive vibes esp with how Kita talked about their body, but Sakuma just asking was like "Whelp! Guess she was thinking it too!"

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Anyway, plz help me out here. Who was shown in that game? The text next to the last page suggests we're supposed to recognize someone but idk.

I'm not sure if we're suppose to recognize, but rather keep the game in mind, as I imagine Wanko might get her break voice acting for a girl in that game (And it'll probably result in the sister or her friend becoming a fan of Wanko and thus you get a more humorous repeat of the vtuber incident mentioned in this chapter)

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Ignoring the transphobes for my own health lmao. It's a shame that Kita pulls out this sort of people, honestly I'd really appreciate seeing a gay trans lady (Because Kita does like their girlfriend) and I'm hoping the manga goes in that direction. I like the introduction of Kita and their sister, esp because the sister is funny. It's overall building for a really fun cast like Wanko's manager or their neighbors. I'm still curious for the direction of Wanko's one coworker, the one that isn't gay.

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Ngl, I don't think crossdressers typically have issues getting it up with their girlfriend >_> Like... I dunno, the writing Ikeda Takashi is doing with Kita versus the crossdressing boy in Sasameki Koto is incredibly night and day. He's not afraid of drawing a guy character happily crossdressing lmao, hell that character even ended just having a fashion line for crossdressing boys lmao. Compared that to Kita, like Kita's definitely a bit more wrought with some much more clear gender feelings, they don't just wanna wear skirts, they wanna pass. A good chunk of Kita's interactions are literally 'Oh they really aren't quite like their boy peers', 'Seeing their ex as a woman isn't the issue it's...', and the last chapter really feeling like friction Kita is having with their younger sister feminine stuff their sister gets eager to do and they can't Quite do.

Like Kita could just be a crossdresser, but it really doesn't feel like that imho.

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I'm so glad this was uploaded here. Love Vanilla to bits, favorite 3 star.