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joined Jul 23, 2017

Ooh i like the ship, Aaahhhoooyy

joined Jun 30, 2016

Damn thats a lot of sweat!

joined Mar 25, 2013

Huge Amounts of Sweating

joined Jun 3, 2018

So much sweat it almost spilled out of the monitor.

joined May 24, 2014

watersports going to a new level ;)

joined May 13, 2018

That's a lot of sweat
i'm almost felt it on my tongue

joined Jul 11, 2017


joined Jun 5, 2016

But why, why so much sweat, bleeeeh lol

joined Aug 27, 2013

Can you even sweat so much it makes a puddle or even a bath?!

joined Sep 11, 2014

Is it part of the series that the girl with glasses is supposed to be sweaty??

joined Sep 6, 2018

Get a bath tub, you two! (The waterworks was distracting)

joined Jul 16, 2013

Goddamn thats a lot of sweat jeezus

joined Mar 7, 2017

they go from looking dry, to completely soaked.

i mean, its not entirely inaccurate to life if you sweat a lot, but jesus thats a lot of sweat.

joined Oct 14, 2014

kinda late lol but yes, there's a gag on the manga where meiko, the glasses one, can't stop sweating because of mari

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