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This manga srsly creeped me out. But the ending was good so i guess that's fine.
Have you ever met someone like Mutsuki?

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Dude that girl seriously creeped the heck out of me O.O Stalkers really are the worst...I find them creepier than any horror movie with chainsaws and stuff :O But even though I'm surprised I managed to read all of it I have to admit that the ending was kind of cute and there were a few funny moments amidst the weirdness :D

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Have you ever met someone like Mutsuki?

I haven't and I'm really glad about it xD

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Mutsuki reminds me of one of Great Teacher Onizuka's characters, who was a professor who stalked Onizuka's love interests. For some reason, the Japanese don't have any issue in building up the fact that this sort of people are absolutely creepy and antisocial, but when they're found out no one seems to care about the fact that.

Irrespective of that important flaw, the manga portrays quite likeable characters. I think Akira is one of those few male protagonists who has a spine.

whoa... they had a daughter!

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I had previously read this when it was still being released; however, I only recently reread it out of pure coincidence. I didn't really mind her stalker personality, but I had two problems with the story that were alluded to but never addressed directly. The first was that she never even remotely apologized for her actions towards Mika and the others as well as the fear she instilled in them. The second was that her completely dependent personality was never fully rectified. It was touched upon with him telling her to be more selfish; however, this brief interlude does not truly rectify her character. The storyline was alright, but it would have been better if the mangaka had drawn out the interpersonal relationships between the characters. While I can understand leaving her as slightly less psycho in the end; it still seems slightly rushed and compressed compared to what it could have been. Overall character expansion and background information would have improved the overall flow of the story.

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First I'd like to say.

Best Childhood Friend EVAR!

But because she wasn't a potential interest they threw Mika in, though it was done pretty well.

Yandere done to a tolerable degree, or more accurately I guess the manga(though not a credible source for reality) is kind of proving that Yandere's CAN find love and be loved if you deal with their personality properly.

MariAli767 brings up a good point, however usually it's a case of what I call "Wrap It Up". Meaning they didn't really have all that much chapter space allotted to build upon the story, with the end we have to assume they found some sort of middle ground since they managed to stay together for at least 14 years.

Compared to Yankee-kun to Megane-chan where the ending was...."And the hijinks will continue..." I'll take the ending where some issues weren't completely addressed as long as I know they ended up "Married With Children(Child)"

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I found this just by accident and was like 'well i haven't read this let's give it a whirl' and wow.. just wow.. there were a lot of points where I was pretty sure it was going to turn into a horror murder manga. I've never read a yandere series before that I can think of but damn this was a weird welcoming start to the genre. I'm usually somewhat ok with stalking in manga (within reason) but this was extreme insanity.

I guess(?) I liked the ending. It was at least alright but.. Akira should have worked harder trying to "fix" Koharu a little more. Well, maybe he did, it's a shame we didn't get to see more of their life with child.

I found myself cringing and muttering 'wtf' under my breath so many times during this though like whoa man.. whoa..

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After reading this, I found it actually very enjoyable. Koharu's love is absolute and she goes about it totally in the wrong way, but since Akira answers it genuinely, then I guess it's ok.

Also, chapter 23 has one of the most erotic scene I've ever read without any actual sex involved. Kudos.

God she was so creepy. And he was so stupid. Glad no one died though.

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I did not like this.
The yandere tag was a LIE!
With characters this annoying… they… need… to... die… horribly… in… small… bloody… chunks.

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Wish I had someone like mutsuki

Lazy Shrine Maiden
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she's not a stalking him it's just deep love

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Also, chapter 23 has one of the most erotic scene I've ever read without any actual sex involved. Kudos.

I am going to have to agree with you 150% on that line right there, it was more intense than most H-comics I have read with the way he portrayed it. The poser of the first name is real in this series for some people.

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I was told this girl was insane but all I saw was a mildly crazy girl who got set off by a person asking for it. I mean wasn't she told that this girl had issues why would you fight crazy with aggression?

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finally got around to reading this and I'm glad I did.

it was strange at times but, in general, a happy and quite fun story.
(not a favourite but still good -24 chapters :))

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I love this. I wish there were more stories of yandere romance, I just find horror with the yandere playing an antagonistic role

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