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joined Jan 6, 2015

I always love when Yuuka shows up as a scary-but-teasing big sis type.

joined Nov 26, 2017

Kinda remind me of my bully sistes

joined May 30, 2013

HecaJunko in the background is OK too.

joined Jun 19, 2017

This is adorable

joined Aug 18, 2015

I need more of this comfy domestic SoL stuff. Hecatia and Ms. "Friend" Junko sure seem like good pals! :P

joined Apr 10, 2018

I hope there’s more of this series soon... maybe there should be like some part of the doujin where Clownpiece goes to a kindergarten and makes more friends, that could be really cute!

joined Oct 7, 2017

I HATED fighting Clownpiece in the game, but now I love her and her two moms

joined Oct 7, 2017

seems there's a number of translated pages on danbooru as well. I really hope someone brings the full series over to dynasty, I like this one a lot!

joined Oct 29, 2019

I... Have an odd feeling that Chang'e that died isn't a todd for some reason.

joined Aug 20, 2021

Clownpiece is one of the purest and best parts out of this and no one can tell me otherwise

joined Feb 17, 2019

The style changed quite a bit, but still cute. Glad to see more of the Lunatic family, I really love them-

joined Apr 4, 2017

a random fave gets moar, won't argue!

joined Dec 10, 2020

Clown is just a huggable ball of fluff

joined Jan 2, 2022

Lovely series i wonder if reisen will ever be involved

joined Oct 9, 2023

How can something as cute as this Clownpiece exist?

joined Aug 15, 2023

We are so back

joined Nov 19, 2022

Hi! Don't hit your children/clownpiece! Don't do it as a form of discipline! It is not good! That's all for this short psa!

joined Aug 18, 2015

Nothing better than a bit of HecaJun and their adorable fairy daughter, that's what I say.

joined Jul 10, 2015

didn't think this would be continued, but i'm glad to be wrong

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