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@Alvis Those are absolutely the worst. Actually, any fanbase that takes it a level too high is annoying as heck, but >those guys are extra annoying. I guess that living in a country with no interest to manga/anime and other fanbases >does have its upsides.

You must count your blessings Galich

I'm not sure if i should laugh or pity

@ady In this delicate situation, you should definitely pursue both.

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Speaking of weebs, that one youtube guy losing his shit because of the Filthy Frank anime intro that Frank didn't >even make was pretty hilarious.

@Gengar I hate the fact that I've seen this and enjoyed/laughed at it. What I hate, even more than this, is that I've seen the original as well as his vid on weeaboos trash and his song on weeaboos more trash Mercy on my soul... also, I love your music taste.

Awwww.... don't tell me that you wouldn't take the guy on the first picture??? ;)
I mean, he's totemo kawaii desu, no?
And his pillow is absolutely sugoi at that! ^^

@Anon99 I'm going to Falcon Punch you so hard you...*crackles knuckles*

WDTFS fans - off topic 05 Jul 21:10
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Oh, you're from DC? I love that place. Definitely one of my favorite places in the US. I love how clean their subway stations are compared to NYC and how clean their city is in general. Plus the ethnic food is reallyyyy delicious~

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Well, I live in America and anime/manga is very popular here. It's not popular in my particular area (or maybe it is but I don't get out enough to notice) but we get the weird weeaboos who actually want to be Japanese, badly use chopsticks at every meal, and use "desu", "kawaii", and "sugoi" in their sentences....

Like this:


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@Z.Long I added you~

@HypocriticalLiar Oh no! You definitely need more than 15 minutes of game play to get into it. Did you at least get your weapon??

@Nywk Welcome to the thread! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

None of you guys has talked about school. Oh no, you did, but it all happened in the past. Are you guys not going >to school anymore? Any uni student here?

@oliver I am a uni student. It's summer and school is out so it hasn't been on my mind a lot really. What about yourself?



:} Muwahaha. How have you been Gengar? What have you been up to lately? Also I have no idea why Rammstein is so popular here...There are much more deserving German bands >__>

@Galich Good luck with your exam results! I hope you get into your top choice.What is the CAE exam?

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Anime season 30 Jun 16:34
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Why would I look forward to Diet Berserk?

Because its all we get till the game comes out.


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@anon99 at least i watch strawberry panic and its good, maybe i will try nana as well

You should watch Yuru Yuri, it 's probably my favorite shoujo-ai just because it's the funniest one.

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@Anon99 Omg, I am that person to buy a PS4 just to play Bloodborne and any other FromSoftware PS4 exclusives they release.

Lol, I forced myself to watch the first season of SAO and ...I just...I couldn't do it. It was so cringey. When I first saw Berserk, I thought Griffith was waifu material...boy was I wrong. Guts is the ultimate waifu. Also, Dark Souls is heavily influenced by Berserk, so please don't let your copy of Dark Souls get too dusty!
The Fate/Stay Night, the older one was pretty bad because it was released by studio DEEN. The newer one released by ufotable is muccchhhh better. The effects and animations are really cool and very fluid and most of all-consistent. I highly recommend it to you for the Japanese German.
You know, my first inclination was to judge you for One Piece but then I thought about it and was relieved it wasn't Naruto. Muwahah~
I tried watching Index but I just couldn't power through that one..the original Railgun and Railgun S were my favorites. I loved the scientist woman in the first Railgun. <3 <3 <3 I love Accelerator's power more than anything. As someone who studies physics, I must have his power. His power is basically physics. Also, I wiki'd it and I think I should try more actively to watch Index because he is in it.
Lol, I loved Satsuki's eyebrows in Kill La Kill. Her eyebrow game is hella strong and unexpectantly fierce

Aww, well it's fine. I don't want to push your boundaries or make you uncomfortable. :3

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I have no idea about the other thing though xD I'm really bad at this lol. There is a girl in my neighborhood that works in a cafe near my house and she looks like Cara Delevingne. You know what I do? I don't visit that cafe very often now xD Kinda lame I know lol

But speaking of which, it depends on who that girl is, and what the common ground between you two is, so you can find something to start a conversation I guess.

wait what? so you dislike her? '-' I'm confused... I would always be there all the time if I liked someone.
And ummm... we just go to the gym at the same hours >.>

Aww, sounds like you got nervous. I'm a little like that too. Tsundere~

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Wow, you've got a good solid list! I'm relieved to not see Sword Art Online. Also, we have really similar tastes in anime :D My probably Berserk (even though I bawl my eyes out every time) Or Sailor Moon due to nostalgia reasons...Fate/Zero isn't my favorite but it's definitely up there. Have you seen the new Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works? It's really good and it's kind of funny to hear Japanese people speak German. Railgun is so underrated in my opinion. Of all the anime with supernatural abilities, I feel like Railgun is definitely more quality. You're also the only one I've spoken to who even knows about Paradise Kiss; most people just know her most popular work Nana. Kill la Kill is hilarious, I love Mako because she is a coconut head. I am a sucker for romance so I think My Little Monster or Ao Haru Ride are my favorites :3

As for video games, I'm not a huge gamer at all. But the games I do play, I play constantly. I am an avid Dark Souls (1,2,&3) player as well as Bloodborne. I love ingenuity and combat from those games. The game Catherine is ranked pretty high for me because I love the story, the questions, the sheep, and the puzzles! I also love little RPG-Maker games such as The Crooked Man or Always Sometimes Monsters. My problem with a lot of games is that I've heard of the titles but I just haven't played them D: Oh, and Binding of Issac is super fun because of the synergies and each run is different.

Do you have a PSN or Steam account I could add you on? This extends to everyone else too~

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4th season of oitnb had a lot of potential and it startet out well but they screwed it up so badly.

Definitely disagree with the screw up part.

^Same here. I personally don't think they screwed up but it did make me feel uneasy. I think season 4 was definitely the most polarizing season for its audience.

I finished season 4 last night and I totally didn't see Poussey's death coming. Part of me wonders why her specifically but I think the point was that the person for that role is arbitrary. It could've happened to anyone in the prison. Obviously it sucks they chose Poussey ;___;

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"Wochenende" is a neutral-gendered noun, so it's "dein". "Deine" is for feminine nouns. Anime is a masculine noun so it's actually "Ihr". Though "Ihr" is courtesy form so "dein" would fit better.
Point is, German sucks. Like dogs.

Ooooh, you're right. Jeez my German is really rusty. I can read it well enough but speaking/writing it is much more difficult for me. Although, I do find your language cute. Especially how Germans create words such as "die Glühbirne" Tehehe, glowing pear.


Although I have to disagree on the last two remarks: I actually love the German language and I love dogs even more! ^^

@Anon99 I see you are a friend, not a foe unlike some people cough Gengar cough

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Cats are objectively the greatest pets of all the times. Just saying.

@OriginalGengar Oi, fight me. Doggos are so much better >:{

Almost perfect!
Wie war dein Wochenende? Is correct.
Nice… so were did you learn to speak German?

Ah and: Mein Wochenende war ziemlich ruhig. (My weekend was pretty quiet.)

@Anon99 D: Why is "diene" not correct? I took 3 years of German in high school. I never used it again after that...Wait, no. I take that back. In one of my uni classes we were discussing globalization and our professor showed us a Baliwood music scene in Hindi but was subtitled in German. I was really proud because I can read German better than I can speak it so I was the only one who knew what was going on. Are you proud? :3
Ach, Was ist Ihre Lieblings anime und Videospiel?

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@Alvis I know, I had a dog that would act the exact same way. I felt bad about keeping her inside, but I didn't want her to die out there. Though it's nice to have a cat. I find them to be lower maintenance and less dependent on me. However, some of them are rather ungrateful jerks. Luckily for me I have an awesome cat. He's a bit quirky but I unintentionally trained him to obey me.
I live in Alabama. Sometimes I think about cooking eggs outside, but then I realize that I'll have to stay out in the killer heat until they're done.

@Z.Long Finally, someone who has a similar opinion on cats as I do. Most of the time I tend to think they're just dicks with fur. Like, if I have to fight for your affection/attention, I don't want it. I've met some dog-like cats in the past and they were terrific....because they had that dog-eqsue demeanor to them.

@Alvis a little tired cause its past 1am and I've been painting all day but besides that it's all good. And I feEl you all on that heat, especially the part about walking the dog, South Florida isn't cool in the summer either.

@Ari Ohh, do you have any pictures of your work? I love art! I do a bit myself. South Florida...ugh that sounds like the devil's armpit. At least you have an ocean breeze and cool turtles? :D

@ Alvis
I’m from Germany – the county every European seems to love so much lately... (^_^”)
And thanks for the recommendations!
I’ll be sure to check them out when I find the time.

@Anon99 You're from Germany? Oh my god yess maybe now I can put my rusty German skills to work! Wie war deine Wochenende?

@ Alvis i hope at least that your doggy friend is not of a breed similar to huskies or malamutes.. :( a friend of mine >has a samoyed; she is a beauty, but she doesn't support heat very well.. poor thing :(

@BlackKitty She is a mix between a Border Collie and we think her father might have been part chow/pitbull? Most people think she looks like a lab with a curly tail and the neuroticness of a border collie @__@ She has short hair but unfortunately it's also black. This heat is killing her and she still smiles and wags her tail. It's like she wants to die! ;___; I hate saying no to her...

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It's reallyyy hot here in Memphis, but the real kicker is the humidity. My dog is gets so excited every time I get because she thinks she's going on a walk. I can't just let her die of heatstroke, though! ;___;

Where in the states are you from @Z.Long?

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Welcome Ari!
It's really hot here so I'm trying to stay indoors. My dog wants to go on a walk but it's just too hot; I hate saying no to her ;___;
How are you?

Transgender discussion 26 Jun 17:44
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@jtt I love your avatar :D

Also, I always thought transsexual was someone who had gotten the Sex Reassignment Surgery and someone who was transgender had not gotten said surgeries and is living in the sex they were born in, albeit reluctantly.

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Did some travelling to the mountains with my family this week, yet the car didn't go any faster when i rocked some Eurobeat in the radio, what's the deal with that crap?

It's good to see you in this thread Kyonne! I only ever see you around the gaming thread. Do you have any pictures of the mountains? I bet they were beautiful

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Never knew Catherine Tate was in The Office... Shame on me! Will be looking into that ;)
I know Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen some of that but it was pretty good.
But I gotta admit – never heard of Tina Fey before ^^”
Anything you’d recommend regarding her?

Oh Memphis... a city with a lot of history, truly...
Also music-wise. Very nice!
I wish I had something to share from my hometown... Well... there’s some birds and trees at least o_O That’s it pretty much... But we have a drunk street musician here! Ha! ;)
Looking at a few pictures of Memphis really makes me want to travel... Never been to the US.
Never been to a lot of places if I say it like that (^_^”)

Hey great – you know Super Meat Boy! Perfect!
That game was so much fun!
I died like a million times but the quick reviving without any loading made it less painful ^^

And nice to hear you think this is a good idea.
I just hope more people will take the chance...

If you have Netflix, I'd highly recommend The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or reruns of 30 Rock.
Where are you from? (Sorry if you've answered this one before, I'm assuming England)
I've actually never had a chance to play Super Meat Boy, but I see a lot of allusions to in Binding of Issac, which I suck at :D
I think the main thread is worried about competition between the two threads but honestly, it's just easier to get to know everyone from scratch as opposed to jumping in on a group that knows each other so well and has their own inside jokes.

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@ Alvis

Actually playing yourself is way better than just watching!
I’m just usually a pretty passive person. So that never worked for me. I was always reluctant to join groups – even in real life – so team sports was never a choice for me ^^

And Catherine Tate is one of the funniest people I know.
It’s good if it makes people laugh.

Where are you from by the way?

I loved Catherine Tate in The Office (US), hands down one of my favorite characters in that series. I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler too as far as funny women go.

It is a lot more fun to play than watch, I agree. Working well in groups is not a lot of people's forte but it is an important skill to have. I'm not naturally good with groups either but I've improved. :D

I'm from the Memphis, TN. Where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and Elvis dwelled.
I'm really glad you started this thread btw, for about a month or two I've been in the WDTFS off topic and I love it there but it's kind of hard to get to know people since they all know each other. This is a good chance to start fresh for me :3

Edit: I love the super meatboy icon you've got going on

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Boom, followed. I also stream from Ps4...yeah, there isn't a lot of variety. Mostly Souls games and eventually Binding of Issac Rebirth hopefully. When are you expecting your Ps4?

At the end of august when KoF XIV releases, will only have it and whatever game my brother gets (Probably Uncharted 4 or something similar) until october
Speaking of which is there anyway to tone down the stream quality on PS4? My upload speed ain't exactly the fastest in town

There is I believe. When you hit "Broadcast now" there is a drop down bar that says "high quality" that you can adjust :}

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A while back, someone asked me to post pics when my garden was really underway. The herbs have been doing great, and the veggies are taking hold, but when it comes to visual impact it's the flowers that really have the most impact. So here are a couple of pics.

Forgive the grass being a bit on the brown side, we're in the middle of rather a nasty drought. We've had one day of rain and one brief shower during the entire month of June, and April/May were both pretty dry as well. That plus temperatures well above the norm hasn't been helping matters.

Gorgeous plants! I wish I had such a green thumb :D I love all the nice boxes you have the plants in as well~

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^Edit: Now I see the mention of off-topic in the long thread title. Also, sharp choice. I love Catherine Tate~

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I have a twitch but i haven't streamed anything since my PC died last year, i'll probably do some light streaming when i get my PS4, meaning there won't be much variety aside from King of Fighters XIV, Final Fantasy XV and Yakuza 0, so if you're still interested then by all means join me as i waste time fishing and getting rekt at Mahjong

Boom, followed. I also stream from Ps4...yeah, there isn't a lot of variety. Mostly Souls games and eventually Binding of Issac Rebirth hopefully. When are you expecting your Ps4?

I'm surprised no one has talked about Overwatch yet.

Lol, some guy in my stream told me his favorite game was Overwatch and I just stumbled over words. I said, "O-Overwatch...umm...i-it has a large fanbase.......[extended awkward mumbling] ."

Objectively, it's probably a good game but I'm not much of a fan of MOBAs nor the fanbase.

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I just had crawfish at a bd party. They were so freaking spicey. Have u guys heard of them? They r like small lobters. LA usually have the very good crawfish dishes. pictures

Crawdads are one of my favorite foods! I had no idea LA had them...usually they're prevalent around Louisiana.

I don't watch soccer but I used to play it! I did hear about a match with Mexico where they lost 7-0. I laughed but felt sad for them after...

I do think we should name this thread "Off Topic" or something similar, though. The only reason I joined the WDTFS off topic was because it was the only off topic thread I could find! No intro thread either. Maybe at least make the name obvious it's an off topic thread even if it's not called "Off Topic"