Tag › POV

Also known as Point of View

For when images or doujinshi are shown in 1st person.

Does It Count if Your First Time Is With an Android? ch20 by Yakiniku Teishoku released Jan 30 '24 Adult life Big breasts Blushing Comedy Ecchi Love triangle Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Office lady Robot Romance Roommates Sci-fi Yuri
Sexy House Date with Kouhai-chan by Amedamacon released Jan 27 '24 Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW School girl Threesome Yuri
Virgins' Empire ch283: A Funny Kind of Feeling by Kishi Torajirou released Jan 9 '24 Comedy Ecchi Legs Mariri x Mayuyu NSFW School life Slice of life Yuri
The Catcher Among Tomatoes by Kitaku Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Doujin released Oct 21 '23 Lots of sex Masturbation Miorine x Suletta NSFW Yuri
Kamiina Botan, the Drunken Form is a Lily Flower ch30 by HEY released Sep 4 '23 College Drunk Love triangle Roommates Wholesome Yuri
Virgins' Empire ch276.1: Mini chapter 61: Mark by Kishi Torajirou released Aug 24 '23 Airi x Michiru Comedy Ecchi Legs NSFW School life Slice of life Yuri
Beloved Paintings ch17: Girl with a Pearl Earring [end] by Mimoto Original Doujin released Oct 28 '22 Childhood friends Marriage Yuri
Senpai-Loving Junior Wants To Be Taught ch01 by Makoshi Original Doujin released Aug 16 '22 Butts Ecchi Image set Nosebleed School girl Smell Sports Swimsuits Tanline Yuri
Odaiba date with Setsuna-chan and what awaited after... by Hoenn Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Aug 8 '22 Ayumu x Yu Full color Love triangle Setsuna x Yu Yuri
Chiyomi 2 by Nagomi Kissa Girls und Panzer Doujin released Apr 27 '22 Big breasts Romance Self-insert Wholesome
Shioriko Catgirl Maid by Ryopa Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Nov 16 '21 Animal ears Full color Maid Self-insert
Hourai Fixed-Point Observation Record by Kawayabug Touhou Project Doujin released Aug 1 '21 Action Comedy Hatesex Kaguya x Mokou Keine x Mokou NSFW Text Violence Yuri
Ayumu-chan Ambushing You At Home by Ryopa Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Jul 28 '21 Birthday Full color Self-insert Yandere
I Imagined a Watamote Dating Sim. Just Hear Me Out. by Kotobuki0t It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! Doujin released Jan 19 '21 Comedy School life Self-insert Tomoko x Everyone Yandere Yuri
doctor and closure by DAIISHORI Arknights Doujin released Apr 7 '20 Closure x Doctor Yuri
@Around Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Midnight by Taiyaki released Nov 19 '19 School girl Self-insert Yuri
The Idol Diagonally Opposite Me by Nakatani Nio Touhou Project Doujin released Apr 1 '18 School life Self-insert
Gensokyo’s Epicure Chronicle by Asatsuki Dou Touhou Project Doujin released Jan 26 '14 Food Self-insert
Myon Plus by Mirino Touhou Project Doujin released Nov 24 '13 Het Parody Self-insert
Raison d’Être by Hirasaka Makoto Touhou Project Doujin released Feb 22 '09 Drama Fantasy Philosophical