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Also known as Zombie

Yuri of the Dead by Kawanami Izumi released Jun 5 '20 Creepy Zombies
Unwithering Flower by Shiratama Mochi released Jan 4 '20 Creepy Dark skin Hypnosis Lots of sex Masturbation Rape Supernatural Yuri Zombies
Pure Love Song by Ooshima Tomo Zombie Land Saga Doujin released Dec 13 '19 Ai x Junko Ecchi Yuri Zombies
Ai x Junko Comic by Yuri (miiiiikun0515) Zombie Land Saga Doujin released Jun 19 '19 Ai x Junko Full colour Yuri Zombies
ZLS Manga by gggg Zombie Land Saga Doujin released May 17 '19 Ai x Sakura Biting Cheating NSFW Yuri Zombies
SakiSaku Manga by Azuki Zombie Land Saga Doujin released May 6 '19 Saki x Sakura Yuri Zombies
That Thing That's All the Rage by Soumen It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! Doujin released Apr 30 '19 Comedy Tomoko x Everyone Yuri Zombies
Apocalypse for Two by Takemiya Jin released Oct 31 '18 Drama Horror School girl Yuri Zombies
Notice of Game Service Termination by Ajiichi Original Doujin released Aug 26 '17 Drama Yuri Zombies
GL of the Dead by Mochi Au Lait Original Doujin released Mar 28 '17 Yuri Zombies
Cloth Eating Girl by Mizu Asato Original Doujin released Jul 7 '15 Comedy Food School girl What the fuck am I reading? Yuri Zombies
Girls' Day Out of the Living Dead by Dowman Sayman released Oct 6 '13 Comedy NSFW Violence Zombies