Also known as Ultramarinesunset and THERMOSTAT

Citrus Anthology: Ear-nimal pandemic Citrus Doujin released Feb 25 '18 Animal ears Comedy Official Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Yuri
Nasuna and Uri Original Doujin released Oct 22 '19 Biting Monster girl Yuri
Slave-chan and Tentacle-san Original Doujin released Nov 30 '19 Comedy Fantasy Lots of tentacles Monster girl Yuri
Present Day Urban Legend Girls Original Doujin released Aug 22 '20 Comedy Ghost Monster girl
Zombies Becoming Normal Would Just Be Scary released Oct 28 '20 Horror Monster girl School girl Zombies
Original Non-Human Collection Original Doujin released Jan 31 '21 Animal ears Image set Lots of tentacles Spin-off Supernatural