Also known as Maki and Yumaki

Negitoro short comic VOCALOID Doujin released Aug 26 '13 Alternate reality Luka x Miku Student x Teacher Yuri
LukaMiku Comic VOCALOID Doujin released Oct 23 '13 Blushing Luka x Miku Yuri
Maki's RWBY Comic RWBY Doujin released Apr 25 '14 Ruby x Weiss Yuri
Starry Sky Love Live! Doujin released Jan 6 '16 Christmas Full color Maki x Rin Yuri
The Gradual Changes In The Room Of a Lousy Neet Who Fell In Love For The First Time Original Doujin released Sep 9 '20 Adult life Full color No text Reversal Wholesome Yuri
A Sleepy(?) JK Resting on an OL on the Train Original Doujin released Jul 18 '21 Age gap Full color Office lady School girl Yuri