Tag › Idiot couple

Also known as Dorky couple and Useless Lesbians

A pair of dumb idiots. Not to be used on dramatic works like Citrus.

Sugar and Salt by Nekomura released Aug 5 '22 Gyaru NSFW School life Yuri
The reason for her sweet tears by Yudepan released Jul 29 '22 Childhood friends School girl Yuri
The Maid Loves the Lady by Noda Nonda released Jun 1 '22 Dark skin Gyaru Maid NSFW Prequel Wishful thinking Yuri
Do You Do Takeout? by Ohsawa Yayoi released May 31 '22 Adult life Comedy Duplicate Tomboy Yuri
The Lady Loves the Maid Too by Noda Nonda released May 23 '22 Dark skin Gyaru Maid Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Sequel Wishful thinking Yuri
ShizuKasu by Dorimi Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Mar 28 '22 Kasumi x Shizuku Read left to right
(YuuPomu) Pants > Skirts by Sosa Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Mar 25 '22 Ayumu x Yu Read left to right Yuri
Love Loop ∞ by Amano Shuninta released Nov 20 '21 Comedy School life Wholesome Yuri
Visiting the Witch of the Forest by nekohariko22 released Oct 31 '21 Blushing Fairy tale Fantasy Romance Wholesome Witch Yuri
Sweets Are Forever by Yorita Miyuki released Oct 30 '21 Comedy Crossover Yuri
OTP order is a touchy subject! by Yuama released Sep 11 '21 Adult life Couple life Drunk Mangaka Roommates Yuri
Can I Get You To Go? by Ohsawa Yayoi released Aug 24 '21 Adult life Comedy Duplicate Tomboy Yuri
Loop Kiss by Kiriga Virtual Youtuber Doujin and hololive Doujin released Jul 29 '21 Full color Kanata x Towa Yuri
It's a dating NakaYoshikawa manga by cetacea kw Hibike! Euphonium Doujin released May 29 '21 Comedy Drunk Natsuki x Yuuko Yuri
Mogyutto LOVE de NicoMaki Chuu! by Yutori-nu Love Live! Doujin released Feb 25 '21 Comedy Maki x Nico Supernatural Yuri
A Senpai Who Can’t Stand Manga Where the Girl Is Considered More Attractive After Changing Her Appearance by Ayano Ayano released Feb 22 '21 Comedy Glasses Wholesome Yuri
A Fuss at the Alumni Party by Gotou Yuuki released Feb 5 '21 Adult life Comedy Drunk Wholesome Yuri
The Power of Alcohol Is Truly Great by Yukio Yuki released Jan 21 '21 Adult life Childhood friends Drunk Yuri
A Drug That Switches Thoughts and Words by Kawauchi released Dec 11 '20 College Comedy Drugs Wholesome Yuri
D!D!D! -DeDe wa Nichijou no Naka de- by Mizu Bonbori Love Live! Doujin released Dec 4 '20 Eli x Nozomi Yuri
Tsukiai hajimete kara Nozomi ga Tsumetai by Kurage Modoki Love Live! Doujin released Sep 23 '20 Comedy Eli x Nozomi Yuri
Ex Girlfriend Right Ahead by Harukawa Haru released Aug 23 '20 Adult life Exes Office lady Romance Yuri
5 Seconds Before Falling in Love with a Witch by Sumiya Zeniko released Aug 12 '20 Age gap Blushing Drugs Fantasy Older than she looks Rivals Sequel Tsundere Witch Yuri
Emotional Instability by Kawayabug Touhou Project Doujin released Aug 1 '20 Kaguya x Mokou Violence
Couple Training by Lesbeanlatte Fire Emblem Doujin released May 13 '20 Byleth x Edelgard Comedy Yuri