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Also known as College girls and College girl

For stories involving college, college students and the like.

There's nobody who wants to cry by Yukiko released Jan 27 '17 College Creepy Violence Yuri
Upside Down Swing by Chisako released Jan 9 '17 College Drunk Older than she looks Yuri
Associate Professor Tsubaki's Curfew by Fukasaku Emi released Jun 3 '16 Age gap College Robot Student teacher Yuri
Tonight I’ll Fall In Love With You All Over Again by Mikanuji The Idolmaster Doujin released Apr 24 '16 College Rin x Uzuki Yuri
Yours and My Different Meanings by Kanarashi Works released Jan 19 '16 Aaaaaangst College Comedy Drama Glasses Yuri
Junk/Jewel by Takemiya Jin Original Doujin released Dec 15 '15 Age gap College Glasses Office lady Romance School girl Yuri
HonoEli College Cohabitation by Heigun Love Live! Doujin released Jul 25 '15 College Eli x Honoka Yuri
Untitled Korra Comic 2 by yvonnism The Legend of Korra Doujin released Feb 9 '15 Alternate reality Asami x Korra College Read left to right Sequel Tsundere Yuri
Hapide by Bocha Love Live! Doujin released Dec 29 '14 College Comedy Maki x Rin Yuri
A Day in the Life of NozoEli by Ko Usui Love Live! Doujin released May 19 '14 College Eli x Nozomi No text Slice of life Yuri
Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou by Yotsuhara Furiko released Apr 1 '14 Aaaaaangst College Drama Stalking Yuri
My Neighbor Yumeno-san by Mira released Jun 12 '12 Age gap Big breasts College Moderate amounts of sex NSFW School girl Yuri
Gekichu! ~The Prince's Melancholy~ by Hoshina Satoya released Feb 2 '12 College NSFW Yuri
Sweet Emotion by Asatsuki Shinobu released Feb 2 '12 Childhood friends College Drama Yuri
Monologue Love by Shimano Yae released Jan 29 '12 Aaaaaangst College Comedy Romance Yuri
Midnight Gravity by Ohsawa Yayoi released Jan 8 '12 Aaaaaangst Abandonment issues Abuse College Drama Romance Yuri
When You Say "No", I Say "Eek"! by Tanaka Minoru released Sep 21 '11 College Comedy Yuri
Lonely Kagamin by Mountain Pukuichi Lucky Star Doujin released Dec 22 '10 Aaaaaangst College Drama Full colour Konata x Kagami Romance Yuri
My Duckling by Mizutani Fuuka released Sep 14 '10 Childhood friends College Romance Yuri
The Sound of Bells - Encore by Kurata Uso released Jul 24 '10 College Comedy Music Sequel Yuri
Hearing the Sound of Bells by Kurata Uso released Mar 14 '10 Christmas College Drama Music Yuri
Maple Love by Otsu Hiyori released Jun 6 '09 Blushing College Romance Slice of life Yuri
Our Fake Relationship by Matsufuji Junko released Jul 10 '07 Bisexual College Lots of sex NSFW Non-moe art Romance Student teacher Toys Yuri