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stay green? released Aug 17 '14 Adult life Yuri
Handmade Resort Original Doujin released Dec 16 '14 Yuri
Love, Heat Haze, End-of-Summer Regrets released Oct 13 '15 Aaaaaangst Drama Sequel Yuri
Chemical Romance released Jan 20 '16 Comedy Delinquent School life Tsundere Yuri
Citrus Anthology: Lovely Party ch03: Variations of the heart Citrus Doujin released Nov 30 '17 Comedy Official Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Yuri
Citrus Anthology: wait for sleep... Citrus Doujin released Mar 14 '18 Comedy Official Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Sleeping Yuri
Itchy released Aug 19 '18 Delinquent No text School girl Sequel Yuri
Can I Get You To Go? released Aug 24 '21 Adult life Comedy Tomboy Yuri