Hirari Vol 14

Secret of the Princess ch04: Wish of the Princess by Morinaga Milk released Sep 7 '14 404: Men Not Found Comedy Romance School life Tomboy Yuri
Under One Roof ch11 by Fujio released Sep 9 '14 4-koma Adult life Comedy Romance Roommates Yuri
I'm A Fool by Amagakure Gido released Sep 14 '14 Adult life Office lady Yuri
Heartbreak by Yukimura released Sep 18 '14 Abandonment issues Adult life NSFW Yuri
The Forest Where the Goddess Lives by Itou Hachi released Jan 19 '15 Age gap Drama Fantasy Supernatural Yuri
The Real Her ch12 by Imamura Youko released Aug 11 '15 BDSM Comedy Idiot couple Romance School life Tsundere Wholesome Yuri
Out of the Blue! ch03 by Kumichou released Aug 18 '15 Beach Comedy Delinquent Glasses Kuudere Romance School girl Swimsuits Tomboy Yuri
The Day the Cherryfruit Ripens by Isoya Yuki released Jun 3 '16 Age gap Drama Mature School girl Sequel Yuri
Kase-san: Rival and Kase-san by Takashima Hiromi released Jul 2 '16 4-koma Anime Blushing Comedy Couple life Romance School life Tomboy Tsundere Yuri
No Carriage, No Pumpkin, No Prince by Yotsuhara Furiko released Aug 16 '16 Abuse Drama Incest Sequel Tsundere Yuri
The One I Love ch02 by Akuta Fumie released Jul 2 '17 Aaaaaangst College Drama Love triangle Yuri
Pancake Tuesday by Sasayama Aki released Jan 13 '18 Blushing Disability Food School girl Subtext Wholesome
Holy Girl Paradigm ch07 by Morishima Akiko released Jun 14 '18 Comedy School life Yuri
Pink Rush ch12 by Tono released Mar 28 '20 Comedy Idol Player Wishful thinking Yuri
Witch Meets Knight ch14: An Ordinary Secret by Inumaru released Oct 20 '21 Hair Kuudere Lots of ruffling Romance School life Theater Yuri