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After School ch14: Another Story 2 by Ooshima Tomo and Ooshima Towa released Feb 2 '24 Bath Childhood friends Ecchi Lots of kissing NSFW Romance School girl Tomboy Yuri
Non-chan and Akari ch04: Hair by Neruko Nichinichi released Feb 2 '24 Comedy Horror Romance School girl Supernatural Tsundere Yandere Yuri
False Marigold ch1.5: Volume 01 Melonbooks Bonus by Sasuke released Dec 1 '23 Cross-dressing Disability Height gap Historical Tragedy Yuri
Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected in a Dream ch26.4: Volume 02 Gamers Bonus by Hijiki released Nov 30 '23 Blushing Childhood friends Idiot couple Romance School girl Wholesome Yuri
Toki ch71: Haircutting by Kobayashi Ritz and Mekimeki Oukoku released Nov 6 '23 Official School life Spin-off Sports Subtext
A Love Yet To Bloom ch09 by Fukaumi Kon released Nov 1 '23 Blushing Glasses Public transportation School girl Yuri
How to Break a Triangle ch4.5: Volume 1 Extra Chapter by Kabocha released Oct 25 '23 Age gap Drama Love triangle Mystery Romance School girl Supernatural Yuri
My Girlfriend's Not Here Today ch20.5: Afterword and Extra Pages Volume 4 by Iwami Kiyoko released Oct 21 '23 Big breasts Cheating Drama Ecchi Love triangle Nun School girl Swimsuits Yuri
Virgins' Empire ch277.1: Mini chapter 62: Wha-? by Kishi Torajirou released Sep 11 '23 Comedy Ecchi Full color Hibiki x Midori NSFW School life Slice of life Yuri
Ma Chérie by Sakanaya released May 17 '23 Height gap Player School girl Tomboy Yuri
My Girlfriend's Not Here Today ch00: Prologue (Twitter Extra) by Iwami Kiyoko released Apr 7 '23 Big breasts Cheating Drama Ecchi Love triangle School girl Yuri
Virgins' Empire ch262: That Gorgeous Hair by Kishi Torajirou released Jan 4 '23 Comedy Ecchi Exes Glasses Kaoru x Shizuka Mask x Kaoru NSFW Partial color School life Slice of life Yuri
My Dear Lass ch15.1: Volume 1 Extras by Tracy Hu released Nov 22 '22 Age gap Full color Height gap Long strip Non-moe art Read left to right Romance Slice of life Younger than she looks Yuri
A Cute Person by Maeda Tomo released Nov 17 '22 Aaaaaangst Drama School girl Tomboy Yuri
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ch98.5 by Nanatsu Mukunoki released Sep 16 '22 4-koma 404: Men Not Found Age gap Anime Comedy Lolicon Slice of life Yuri
Stella Record ch01: You're my first. by Shioya Teruko released Jun 24 '22 Childhood friends College Glasses NSFW Yuri
Miss Sunflower ch76 by Sugano Manami released Jun 1 '22 Age gap Comedy Glasses School girl Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
A Story About Doing XX to Girls From Different Species ch28 by Suimin released May 28 '22 404: Men Not Found Animal ears Comedy Monster girl Player School life Supernatural Wholesome Yuri
Miss Sunflower ch49.5 by Sugano Manami released Mar 2 '22 Age gap Comedy Glasses School girl Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
Our 15 minute secret garden by Kumo Suzume released Feb 10 '22 Public transportation School girl Wholesome Yuri
Unravelling Your Magic in 30cm by Yorumo released Jan 31 '22 Age gap School girl Yuri
I Want to Trouble Komada-san ch03: Komada-san Wants to Clean Up Trash by Suzuki Senpai released Jan 5 '22 Big breasts Blushing Comedy Height gap Yuri
A Fruitless Betrothal ch04: Hair Tie by Kao Shitou and Qi Sansan released Dec 9 '21 Adult life Comedy Full color Glasses Long strip Read left to right Yuri
Virgins' Empire ch242.6: Mini chapter 13: Hair Pressure by Kishi Torajirou released Nov 27 '21 Comedy Ecchi Mask x Onibi NSFW School life Slice of life Yuri
Shay’s Haircut by Sleepy Mocha Original Doujin released Nov 14 '21 Dark skin Full color Read left to right Yuri