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A Story About a Girl Who Cut Her Bangs Too Much and Her Girlfriend Who Fully Supports and Comforts Her by Tsuruse Original Doujin released Oct 20 '21 Full colour Hair Wholesome Yuri
Ise-san and Shima-san ch19 by Tokuwo Tsumu released Aug 19 '21 Adult life Co-worker Hair Lots of ruffling Office lady Roommates Subtext
YouYoshi in the Cold by Aki (m m a) Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Aug 7 '21 Hair Yoshiko x You Yuri
Hot Water Bonding by motako0103 Touhou Project Doujin released Jun 30 '21 Bath Hair Kaguya x Mokou Yuri
Electromagnets by Suan Ringo Love Live! Doujin released Apr 19 '21 Animal ears Full colour Hair Maki x Nico
The One She Admires by Gokuu Touhou Project Doujin released Feb 24 '21 Full colour Hair Meiling x Sakuya Yuri
Silky by Yukiko released Feb 5 '21 Ecchi Hair Yuri
Sunset Rendezvous by Zandoro Girls Frontline Doujin released Jan 8 '21 AK-12 x AN-94 Comedy Full colour Hair
Treatment Time by Mozukuzu released Dec 15 '20 Adult life Hair Yuri
Witches' Marriage (web ver.) ch02 by Team HEADLINE released Sep 27 '20 Age gap Fantasy Hair Marriage Tsundere Witch Yuri
Yuru Yuri - Oomuro-ke ch55 by Namori released Aug 15 '20 404: Men Not Found Comedy Hair Slice of life Spin-off Yuri
Your Pretty Hair by motimotiumauma Fire Emblem Doujin released Jul 4 '20 Depressing as fuck Hair Hilda x Marianne Tragedy
Hino-san no Baka ch55 by Kinniku Tarou released Jun 7 '20 404: Men Not Found Blushing Comedy Delinquent Hair Height gap Idiot couple School girl Yuri
Yuri Yuri 2 ch04: Ema and Midori by Namori released Apr 29 '20 Comedy Drama Hair Romance School girl Yuri
Virgins' Empire ch205: The brush of God by Kishi Torajirou released Mar 16 '20 Comedy Ecchi Glasses Hair Lots of ruffling Mask x Onibi NSFW School girl School life Slice of life Yuri
Tousled Melancholy by Tatunokosso released Jan 16 '20 Age gap Hair Yuri
Kami ★ Ona’ by Homura Subaru Original Doujin released Jan 13 '20 Bath Hair Incest Lots of sex NSFW Sequel Toys Yuri
Hikawa Fluffy by Itomugi-kun BanG Dream! Doujin released Dec 19 '19 4-koma Animalization Comedy Hair Hina x Sayo Lots of ruffling Twins
K-ON! Story Anthology Comic ch12: Light and Fluffy Hair by Imusanjo released Dec 18 '19 Anime College Comedy Hair Spin-off
Hino-san no Baka ch44 by Kinniku Tarou released Nov 11 '19 404: Men Not Found Blushing Comedy Delinquent Hair Height gap Idiot couple Reversal School girl Yuri
Touma-kun ch09 by Amano Shuninta released Sep 30 '19 Hair Player School girl Tomboy Yuri
Mirai no Fuufu Desu Kedo? ch09: Hairstyle by Yuu Nonaka released Aug 24 '19 Childhood friends Hair School girl Tsundere Yuri
Virgins' Empire ch136: Ononana Wipe Wipe / A-chan is Dreaming by Kishi Torajirou released Aug 16 '19 Ai x Chie Comedy Ecchi Glasses Hair Haruka x Kanae NSFW School girl School life Slice of life Swimsuits Yuri
escapism by SYU Love Live! Doujin released Aug 8 '19 Eli x Umi Hair Maki x Nico Maki x Rin Yuri
Yurigurashi ch06: Living With A Yandere by Kurukuru Hime released Apr 11 '19 Adult life Comedy Full colour Glasses Hair Romance Slice of life Yandere Yuri