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This is an acceptable sort of angst, major fluffiness and warm fuzzies at the end!

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aw, this was sweet. (◡‿◡*) i remember being exactly in rui's shoes with her "what are you and i" angst, and reika's thoughtfulness with the key really made this a cute oneshot!

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Every time I sign in 7Cups, much of what I do is trying to help people avoid this exact scenario.

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This really a great story plot. I taught it will be angst at first. When the person you so in love with suddenly give you a big supprise ask you stay together with her. sweet!
I really hope this fairy tale would happen on me.

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Yea, they need to work on their communication if it's gonna last. I can imagine the pent up feelings, misunderstandings and unnecessary drama if this was to continue.

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I can't get people who get aroused by sleeping people lmao, and take advantage of that. It's like doing a drunken person.

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I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was reading this...

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