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Hmm, curious that this says completed. In the last chapter of volume 4, the author comments that one more volume is needed to complete the story, though I wouldn't know anything as to whether that was actually published. As the last chapter was released in 2012, perhaps there really is no expectation for further releases? I like the story as is, but especially after the comments in volume 4, would be quite curious to see a conclusion.

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Chapter 3 got me... Ugh...

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(Chapter 2) Really? They didn't notice the flying utensils hovering above the hotpot?

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(Chapter 2) Really? They didn't notice the flying utensils hovering above the hotpot?

I think it's less her being invisible, so much as manipulating their subconscious to not notice her and what she does. That includes the things she's holding. She could cook a meal and nobody would notice it being done, they'd just be "where'd this meal come from anyway?" afterwards.

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Nez has the right of it. Koishi is just another of the million details people don't notice every day.

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Koishi is Santa Claus. I should've known.

Zun's in his heaven, all's right with the world.

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I cant stop laughing when mokou slept while her house is on fire :D

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